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  1. Interview with David Guetta: "Music is not facing any difficulties" — MIDEM 2011

  2. Interview with Zoe Keating part 1: "Communicating with fans IS selling" - midem 2012

  3. Interview with Zoe Keating part 2: On streaming & artists getting paid - midem 2012

  4. Interview: Imogen Heap on her first ever crowdsourced song

  5. Amanda Palmer | The Dresden Dolls | MIDEM Interview

  6. Radiohead's Ed O'Brien interview | Part 1 | MIDEM 2010 exclusive

  7. Radiohead's Ed O'Brien interview | Part 2 | MIDEM 2010 exclusive

  8. Radiohead's Ed O'Brien interview | Part 3 | MIDEM 2010 exclusive

  9. Interview with Facebook's Dan Rose: 5 billion songs shared... what next?

  10. Interview with Alicen Schneider, NBC Universal: "The biggest value sync brings is exposure"

  11. Interview with Steve Savoca, Domino: "It's about being one year ahead"

  12. Dan Southern, Contagious: Managing music & brands' expectations

  13. Interview with James Vincent McMorrow: "Everything I've done has been DIY"

  14. Interview with Dave Haynes, Soundcloud and Matt Ogle, Echo Nest

  15. Interview with Adrian Pope, PIAS — MIDEM 2011

  16. Interview with Michael Behm, Premier Publishing: "Things are normalising" - MIDEM 2011

  17. Interview with Martyn Davies, Universal, at MIDEM Hack Day

  18. Interview with Mark Mulligan, Forrester Research: finding industry's bright SPARC

  19. Interview with Ariel Publicity's Ariel Hyatt: helping artists leverage social media

  20. Interview with Virginie Berger, Don't Believe the Hype: "We must think differently"

  21. Saul Klein interview: Investing in the new generation of music companies

  22. Steve Purdham | We7 | MIDEM 2010 Interview

  23. Barnie Cho | DFSB Kollective | MIDEM 2010 Interview

  24. U2 manager Paul McGuinness Interview | Part 2 | MIDEM exclusive

  25. U2 manager Paul McGuinness Interview | Part 1 | MIDEM exclusive

  26. Paul Degooyer | MTV | MIDEM 2010 Interview

  27. Elizabeth Schimel, Nokia | MIDEM Interview

  28. Emily White, Whitesmith Entertainment | MIDEM Interview

  29. Pete Watson, BlackBerry | MIDEM Interview

  30. John Rudolph, Bug Music | MIDEM Interview

  31. Mathieu Drouin, Crystal Math Management | MIDEM Interview

  32. Noush Skaugen, artist | MIDEM Interview

  33. Gerrit Meier, Clear Channel Radio | MIDEM Interview

  34. Jonathan Klein, Getty Images | MIDEM Interview

  35. Michael Gudinski, Mushroom Group of Companies | MIDEM Interview

  36. Henrik Rasmussen, Roskilde Festival | MIDEM Interview

  37. Emmanuel Seugé, The Coca-Cola Company | MIDEM Interview

  38. Adrian Pope, PIAS | MIDEM Interview

  39. Interview with Emily White: "Building the business around the artists," without labels

  40. Interview with Soundcloud's Alexander Ljung: How streaming, apps & APIs made our year

  41. How Startups can impress investors: An interview with Ventech's Audrey Soussan

  42. NFC is the new QR code - a midem 2012 videoblog by @iancr

  43. Emily Gonneau interviews Martin Frascogna, Entertainment Attorney in the USA

  44. Emily Gonneau interviews Jacky Sung of FNC Artist Management, Seoul, South Korea

  45. Emily Gonneau interviews Stephen Garvan, IMMF Director of Global Communications

  46. midemlab winner category 3: Christoph Thür, Ovelin (D2C Sales & Content Monetisation)

  47. midemlab winner category 2: Tim Ganschow, Crowdsurfing (Marketing & Social Engagement)

  48. midemlab winner category 1: Rahul Powar, MPme (Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation)

  49. Emily Gonneau speaks to Nis Bogvad of Music Sales Group Scandinavia, Copenhagen Denmark

  50. Emily Gonneau speaks to Zeng Yu of Pilot Records, China

  51. Neil Tinegate, OpenEMI: interview part 2 - midem 2012

  52. Neil Tinegate, OpenEMI: interview part 1 - midem 2012

  53. Gerd Leonhard interviews Techdirt's Mike Masnick

  54. Ian Rogers interviews Rich Bengloff of A2IM

  55. Ian Rogers interviews Ralph Simon and Shamal Ranasinghe at midem

  56. Ian Rogers interviews Dmitry from StoryAmp

  57. Ian Rogers speaks to Olivier from Webdoc

  58. Martyn Davies: midem hack day 2012 is go!

  59. Interview with The Ting Tings: "Doing it all ourselves is our identity"

  60. Interview with exfm's Marshall Jones: Your favourite mp3 blog tunes, in the cloud

  61. Dan Southern, Contagious: Managing music & brands' expectations

  62. MidemNet Lab 2011 winners 2 months later

  63. Interview with Alex White, Next Big Sound: leading the way for music startups

  64. Interview with Vevo's Rio Caraeff: "Music is one of the few things that can engage billions"

  65. Interview with Tim Heineke, Simplicity is key for music startups

  66. Interview with Discovr's David McKinney: "Companies get noticed when they make great things"

  67. Why DIY doesn't mean going it alone: Ian Rogers & Emily White

  68. What is audience engagement? YouTube, Paul van Dyk, AKQA, Contagious & more reply

  69. Artist Zoe Keating and Dave Haynes, SoundCloud talk music

  70. Talking about artists' careers, with Alex White, Next Big Sound

  71. Talking artists' remuneration with Patrick Walker, formerly of YouTube

  72. Talking artists, brands, tech & content with Joe Belliotti, Coca-Cola

  73. Talking music and brands with Jon Cohen, Cornerstone

  74. Talking bands, brands and revenues with Future Music Coalition

  75. How music embraces new technologies, with Nick Bailey, AKQA

  76. Talking music and brand partnerships with Olivier Robert-Murphy, Universal Music

  77. Talking direct-to-consumers and audience engagement with Paul Van Dyk

  78. Who needs labels? Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite answers

  79. Talking music, brands and content monetisation with Will Sansom, Contagious