1. Drop it Low

  2. have you forgotten your place?

  3. Here and Now

  4. Is it over now?

  5. I won't blackout.

  6. I'm Falling

  7. Live it up [preview]

  8. There Will Be a Revolution [MEP]

  9. Lets Recap

  10. It's His Fight Now

  11. Don't give up on me, baby

  12. It's gotta be the best.

  13. burn it up

  14. Complete Focus Studios results

  15. I'm never letting go.

  16. You know I can't come home till they're singing...

  17. we ain't stoppin'! [promo]

  18. Will it be you? [CFS 2nd auditions CLOSED]

  19. She's gotta love like woe

  20. Blow

  21. I'm Fading

  22. Crush

  23. Did you forget? [that should be me...]

  24. Rain

  25. The War is Over (Mesh)

  26. Fade to the Blackness- Collab with XxkorichanxX- The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

  27. still here

  28. Merry Christmas from Complete Focus Studios! (MEP 2)

  29. Us against the world! [Complete Focus MEP 1]

  30. Complete Focus Studio RESULTS!!!!

  31. Get Sexy Right Now

  32. Complete Focus Auditions [closed]

  33. gone away vs. oliviaheehah2

  34. what if..

  35. Teenage Dream [HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA!!!!!]

  36. No Reason Left to T R Y

  37. Beware of the Red Eyes

  38. Matching Genes Studios Element Worm

  39. be my H E R O....

  40. Complete Focus

  41. don't fade A w a y....


  43. Tik Tok [Happy B-day Ina!]

  44. S C R E A M! matching genes studios [2nd MEP]

  45. {SoL Studio} The Real Emotion Project Promo

  46. F A I L U R E S of the P A S T

  47. [Toradora AMV] B R E A T H E

  48. The Comeback [preview]

  49. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!

  50. Watch Out, Here I Come! [Hacked]

  51. Lets Do This

  52. In Too D e e p... [Merry Christmas!!]

  53. Milow

  54. Until the E n d... [Vs. SakiraChan]

  55. Dear Angel *Sweet Complications 1st MEP*

  56. I'd hate to be you... [Matching Genes Studios] (MEP 1)


  58. Too Good to be T r u e * Sweet Complications Contest* [OPEN][EXTENDED]

  59. Stop R u n n i n g...

  60. He Wants to Die, Too...

  61. I'll eat you up...

  62. lovegame [Games Contest entry Group 1][lost :(]

  63. One Step at a Time *preview*

  64. This Changes Everything

  65. the office

  66. Unforgivable Sins

  67. S o r r y. [vs. KairiLightInsideSora][lost :(]

  68. matching genes studios auditions [C L O S E D] RESULTS ARE UP!

  69. Cat and Mouse [vs ryanroxas123][lost :(]

  70. thriller wns worm

  71. let it rock

  72. P A I N

  73. tagged..twice...again

  74. part 8

  75. for you only [ccs worm]

  76. Anthem of Yunas Dying Day

  77. C O M P L E T E

  78. S H A T T E R E D v.2

  79. Heartless Angel Studios (H.A.S) Yuffie's Story