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3 Brothers, 3 Friends, 1 Love: Chapter 41 Part 1

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Uploaded on Oct 14, 2008

^^^^^^^^^CLICK THIS LINK FOR A SONG^^^^^^^^^^

Joe's POV

I finally had Carson all to myself. We were together and that was my birthday wish. I had gotton everything I wanted. I couldn't help but be happy, but nobody seemed irritated by my sudden cheeriness. Everybody congradulated me on finally getting the girl, Carson didn't seem phased by the attention but then again, she never did get embarrassed.

"I'm so happy you guys are together." Hayley gushed. "Now it's like one big happy family." she smiled.

I saw her give Kevin a knowing glance but I didn't think anything of it.

"Excuse me but I need to go to the bathroom to freshen up." she stated before walking away.

Kevin stared after her until she was completly out of sight.

Hayley's POV

This had been a busy night, and I was so tired. I had to make a trip to the bathroom to freshen up; I didn't want to drop asleep and miss the party. I walked through the patio doors; through the gardens and to the smaller building which had the restrooms. I walked past a tree and I swear it said something, but I put my irrational behaviour down to my tiredness.

"Pssst. Hayley!"

Okay now the tree deffinetly said my name. I may be tired but I wasn't delusional. Was I?

"Hello?" I asked.

A shape came out from the darkness. They walked towards me and as the light from the trees twinkled off their face I instantly recognised the person.

"Brad?" I half shouted.
"Hi Hayley. Woah! You look great."
"Thanks!" I smiled. "WAIT! What are you doing here?"
"I had an ephiphany!" he stated proudly.
"And this ephiphany brought you to New Jersey."
"Yes. Well...not exactly. It brought me to you, and you just happened to be in New Jersey."
"Visiting my boyfriend." I reminded him.
"Yeah. Your parents mentioned that."

I thought for a moment. Brad Young, the boy I had been avoiding all summer had now appeared in the last place I had expected to see him. What was he playing at?

"Brad. Why are you here?"
"For you. I know you've been avoiding me all summer."
"Trying." I corrected him.
"You can hide from me Hayls but you can't hide from your feelings." he stated. "I know you still love me. I see it in your eyes babe. I came here for you, and I'm not leaving without you."

The last part knocked my breath out of me. Did he just say he loved me? This couldn't be happening. My ex turns up at my boyfriends brothers party, and claims he loves me. And in the same night, my boyfriend practically admits he thinks were gonna get married, and have children together. I stood frozen and then before I could register what was happening, Brad had started kissing me. I was so out of it for a moment that I began kissing back. Only for a moment. I snapped back and immediatly pushed him away, and also gave him a good slap.

"How dare you kiss me?" I yelled.
"I thought you wanted me to." he stuttered.
"I love Kevin! Not you Brad. Our chance left when you left. It's over."
"I'm not giving up that easily. I know I can convince you."
"Go home Brad. Leave me alone!"

I stormed into the ladies restroom. I was crying by now, good job nobody else was in here. I let the tears flow freely, before pulling myself together. Get a grip Hayley. Sort yourself out and go have fun! I re-applied my make-up and smoothed out my dress. I was perfect once again.

I left the restroom and was so busy concentrating on what had happened that I didn't see Joe heading straight towards me.

song: Jonas Brothers - Sorry

Okayy, I haven't uploaded in a couple days (try 3) but I decided I should write more before uploading, else you will be waiting longer. I didn't bother uploading the song because most of my music seems to be getting rejected STUPID YOUTUBE!

I gave you the link but, do you mind if I just add links to vids or do you need me to upload the song?


P.S: My classic movie for english is gonna be DIRTY DANCING! I love the movie and it's so easy to report on, plus I get to say pelvic thrusts and grinding!

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