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  30. Fiji conducts aerial assessment after Cyclone Evan

  31. Samoa, Fiji begin clean-up from Cyclone Evan

  32. Fijians flee to evacuation centres as Evan arrives

  33. Thousands in evacuation centres as Cyclone Evan bears down on Fiji

  34. Fiji battens down as Cyclone Evan approaches

  35. Fiji tracks Cyclone Evan as it moves through the country

  36. Samoa struggles after Cyclone Evan

  37. Fijians urged to seek shelter from Cyclone Evan

  38. Samoa recovery efforts continue after deadly cyclone

  39. US mourns victims of school shooting

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  42. Cyclone Evan 'dangerous and scary' in Samoa

  43. Australia and China celebrate 40 years of diplomatic ties

  44. Urban buzz about beekeeping

  45. Brunei marks 50 years of state of emergency

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