1. Creating a Faculty Demo Folio in Taskstream

  2. Saving and Publishing Folios in Taskstream

  3. Your Taskstream Folio after Graduation

  4. Directed Response Folios (DRF) in Taskstream for Students

  5. Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) Directed Response Folio (DRF) in Taskstream

  6. Creating a Showcase Folio in Taskstream for Students

  7. How to Quickly Reduce the File Size of Your Video on a Mac

  8. How to Quickly Reduce the File Size of Your Photo

  9. Using Post 'Em

  10. Transferring Files Between Drop Box and Resources

  11. Faculty Excellence Awards 2011

  12. Introducing Taskstream - ePortfolios for Ithaca College

  13. ITS Student Employee Spotlight Video Fall 2012

  14. Information Security Awareness Video and Poster Contest

  15. Cap'n Caps Lock talks Internet Security

  16. Entering a User ID in a Turning Technologies NXT clicker

  17. Adding Text to Lesson Builder In Sakai

  18. Managing Resources in Lesson Builder on Sakai

  19. Managing Assignments in Lesson Builder (Sakai)

  20. Adding Lesson Builder to Sakai

  21. Creating Forums in Sakai

  22. Managing Tools in Sakai

  23. Managing Access in Sakai

  24. Using the Sign Up Tool in Sakai

  25. Accessibility in Sakai

  26. Using Sakai's Gradebook

  27. Using the Announcment Tool in Sakai

  28. Creating Forums

  29. Using Turnitin for Assignments in Sakai

  30. Building And Using Profiles in Sakai

  31. Publishing Assesments in Sakai

  32. Creating & Manging Groups in Sakai

  33. Creating Question Pools in Sakai 2011

  34. Creating Quiz in Sakai Using Markup 2011

  35. Grading An Assessment in Sakai 2011

  36. Managing Sakai Particpants 2011

  37. Creating a Single Course Site in Sakai 2011

  38. Creating a Grouped Course Site in Sakai 2011

  39. Using Question Pools in Sakai

  40. Taking A Quiz in Sakai

  41. Transferring Files from Blackboard to Sakai on Windows

  42. Transferring Files from Blackboard to Sakai on the Mac

  43. Understanding My Workspace

  44. Sakai Project Sites

  45. Sakai Resources

  46. CyberDuck on Mac

  47. CyberDuck on Windows

  48. Blackboard to Sakai on the PC

  49. Blackboard to Sakai on the Mac