1. Internet Freedom Fellows - Geneva Program 2013

  2. Human Rights Council Action on the Crisis in Syria

  3. HRC 22 One of Most Significant Human Rights Council Sessions

  4. Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution on North Korea

  5. Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution on Sri Lanka

  6. The Power of Empowered Women February 26, 2013

  7. The Power of Empowered Women

  8. 2012: Our Year in Photos

  9. Assistant Secretary Michael Posner Speaks to Media following Forum on Business and Human Rights

  10. U.S. Commits Additional Funding for Syrian Humanitarian Relief Efforts

  11. Internet Freedom Fellows 2012

  12. Garden Charter - Slideshow (english & french)

  13. The MagLev Chiller - Slideshow (english & french)

  14. Solar Power System

  15. The MagLev Chiller

  16. Community Garden - Slideshow (english & french)

  17. Rockefeller Reading Room Dedication

  18. Youth Employment Dialogue

  19. Dr. Ariel Pablos-Mendez - USAID Assistant Administrator for Global Health

  20. Americans Abroad: Theresa Hitchens, Director of UNIDIR

  21. Americans Abroad: Rolando Gomez, Information Officer for the Human Rights Council

  22. Americans Abroad: Mr. Michael Elkin, ILO

  23. Americans Abroad: Ms. Vijaya Souri, IOM

  24. Meet Anatole Krattiger, Director of the Global Challenges Division at WIPO

  25. Jo Ann Pickens performs jazz and gospel to celebrate Black History Month

  26. Americans Abroad: Alan Datri, WIPO

  27. Americans Abroad: Dr. Reuben Granich, WHO

  28. Americans Abroad: Mr. Tom Bombelles, WIPO

  29. Americans Abroad: Ms. Kira Glover Kruglikova

  30. Americans abroad: Dr. Steven Goldfarb

  31. Americans Abroad: Doreen Bogdan-Martin

  32. Americans Abroad: Barbara Ryan, WMO

  33. Ambassador Betty E. King Launches New U.S. Mission Video Series -- Americans Abroad

  34. Medical Musical Group - Healing for the Nations

  35. UN Holiday Tree for the International Year of Forests

  36. Eddy L. Harris - Ecrivain Américain

  37. Africa, Mother of All Peoples

  38. Bicycle Diplomacy: U.S. Mission's New Fleet of E-Bikes

  39. Ambassador Stephen Bosworth after US-DPRK Talks in Geneva

  40. Nadia Weinberg and her Orchestra

  41. Human Rights Council Discusses Yemen, Libya, Syria Sept. 19

  42. Internet Freedom Fellows

  43. Ambassador Donahoe on HRC Adoption of Syria Resolution

  44. Donahoe Speaks Out on Syria Ahead of HRC Special Session

  45. Indigenous Peoples Celebrated in UN Exhibit

  46. Internet Governance

  47. Press Stake out with U.S. Ambassador Eileen C.Donahoe on June 17, 2011

  48. Recycling Labyrinth Art Installation at the UN

  49. Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook

  50. Recycling Labyrinth

  51. Human Rights Council Special session on Syria - U.S. Ambassador Donahoe

  52. Greening the Grounds - The U.S. Mission Plants an Indigenous Prairie Meadow

  53. NASA Astronaut Steven Smith Visits the U.S. Mission

  54. Entrepreneurship and the Green Economy

  55. Quilt Challenge: Women, Peace and Security

  56. Astronaut Steve Smith Visits Geneva

  57. Ambassador Donahoe Speaks With Press After Adoption of Iran Resolution

  58. Susannah Sirkin remarks on Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, Geneva March 17th, 2011

  59. Radhika Coomaraswamy remarks on Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, Geneva March 17th, 2011

  60. Michael Posner: Openess of Internet Must be Preserved

  61. Facebook's Richard Allan at U.S. Mission Sponsored Panel on Internet Freedom

  62. Google's Peter Barron: An Important Crossroads in the Development of the Internet

  63. Brett Solomon, Access, Speaks at US Mission Sponsored Panel on Internet Freedom

  64. International Year of Forests - 2011 - Art of Trees at the UN in GEneva

  65. Randa Kuziez Interfaith Activist, Geneva February 2011

  66. Rashad Hussain Obama's Special Envoy to the OIC

  67. Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy: Press Round Table - Geneva, January 20, 2011

  68. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Members of UN Women's Guild Talk About King's Impact on Their Lives

  69. Amb. Michael Punke Talks About Chances for a DOHA Trade Deal in 2011

  70. Ambassador Betty E. King, Human Rights Council Special Session on Cote d'Ivoire

  71. Ambassador Betty E. King, Human Rights Council Special Session on Cote d'Ivoire


  73. Color in Freedom - Art Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland

  74. Every Minute of Every Day a Child is Born with HIV

  75. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Press Conference - May 18, 2010

  76. Maria Otero, Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, Press Conference in Geneva

  77. Mr. Salam Sabih al-Marayati's opening remarks at U.S. Mission Geneva (part 2)

  78. Mr. Salam Sabih al-Marayati's opening remarks at U.S. Mission Geneva (part 1)

  79. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano at Press Conference at IATA in Geneva

  80. Courage to Lead: Andrea Romero Rendon - A Voice from Argentina

  81. Amy Imoniwhera Oyekunle (- KIND - Kiridat Initiative for Democracy)

  82. Courage to Lead: Aida Conuelo Bonnelly (Spanish) - a Voice from the Dominican Republic

  83. Courage to Lead: Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons

  84. Courage to Lead: Sohini Chokwabati - A Voice from India

  85. Courage to Lead: Dora Byamukama - A Voice from Uganda

  86. Courage to Lead: Zaina Nyiramatama (French Language) A Voice from Rwanda

  87. Courage to Lead: Benedicta Chiwokwo Agusiobo

  88. Courage to Lead: Marie Claire Dieudonnee Nseng-Elang - A Voice from Cameroon

  89. Courage to Lead: A Voice from Montenegro - Natasa Medjedovic

  90. Courage to Lead - Liliana de Olloqui de Montenegro - A Voice from the Domenical Republic

  91. Courage to Lead: Angela Daniel - A Voice from Nigeria

  92. Courage to Lead Summit: Patricia Viseur-Sellers

  93. Courage to Lead Summit: Kruba Kollie, Deputy Foreign Minister, Liberia

  94. Courage to Lead Summit: Mu Sochua Receives Eleanor Roosevelt Award

  95. Courage to Lead Summit: Cindy Dyer, Senior Director for Human Rights, Vital Voices

  96. Courage to Lead: Kyung-wha Kang, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights

  97. (Part 2) Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher: Address to States Parties of the BWC

  98. Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher: Address to States Parties of the BWC (Part 1)

  99. The Courage To Lead - Allida Black, Director of the Eleanor Roosevelt Project