1. ARPN-Managed Virtual Primary Care Comes to Campton

  2. Mobile Telemedicine Unit

  3. A Quick Comparison

  4. 2056

  5. A Decade of Telemedicine With Dr. Alan Dappen

  6. ARPN-Managed Virtual Primary Care Comes to Campton

  7. Talk to Doc

  8. Telemedicine and the Working Parent's Dilemma

  9. As Close As Your Nearest Hospital

  10. With Telemedicine, You Can

  11. Why do you need Telemedicine?

  12. Why I Believe in Telemedicine

  13. Avoid It All

  14. Wasting Time?

  15. The Telemedic

  16. Today's Medicine in Palindrome

  17. TruClinic Introduction

  18. Tip to Moms

  19. Come on, buddy

  20. That's Telemedicine

  21. Telemedicine: It's a No Brainer

  22. Telemedicine: Bridging the Gap

  23. Telemedicine Saves Time, Money, and Lives

  24. Telemedicine... Where You Need It the Most

  25. Telemedicine on Demand: Working Together to Avoid an Unnecessary ER Visit

  26. Telemedicine Really Works!

  27. Diagnose The Difference

  28. Diagnosticar la diferancia

  29. Telemedicine is...

  30. Telemedicine Inception

  31. Telemedicine in Typography

  32. Telemedicine in Living Color

  33. ER Telemedicine

  34. Telemedicine Healthcare at Home

  35. Telemedicine at the Minnesota State Fair for the Past Decade...In the Beginning

  36. Telemedicine at Nationwide Childrens Hospital

  37. Expect Teleconsultations Because They Work for Everyone

  38. Telemedicine as the Gold Standard for Healthcare

  39. Telemedicine - IT WORKS!

  40. Telemedicine - Because It Works

  41. TELEINTUBATION for Emergency Airway Management

  42. Telehealthcare

  43. EXPECT Telemedicine...The FUTURE of Health Care!

  44. Gente Real Soluciones Reales-Real People Smart Solutions

  45. Telehealth & Integrative Healthcare

  46. [Deleted Video]

  47. Telehealth Technologies--The Tools for 21st Century Health Care

  48. Telehealth on Vancouver Island

  49. Telehealth is The Way of The Future

  50. Teleconsultation Using Mobile Devices

  51. How Telehealth is Addressing Healthcare Costs

  52. Tele-endoscopy

  53. Iggy a Telemedicine story

  54. Star Trek Telemedicine

  55. Spelled Out

  56. Smart Phones for a Smarter Medicine

  57. Save time, Save money

  58. Save Money, Save Transport, Save Patient

  59. Sankara Nethralaya Mobile Teleophthalmology Unit

  60. Rural Mississippi Emergency Care Utilizing Technology

  61. It May Shake Me, But It Can't Break Me

  62. Improving Access, Improving Lives 1

  63. Improving Access, Improving Lives 2

  64. It's That Easy

  65. Telemedicine to "Connect the Dots" in a Prehospital Care Context

  66. Jennifer's Story A Telemedicine Tale

  67. Provider Experiences Drive Telemedicine Adoption and Use

  68. Pediatric Online Care

  69. Night Nurse Pediatric Triage

  70. Demand Telemedicine Today!

  71. Preserving Vision: Telemedicine Makes it Happen

  72. Expect Telemedicine

  73. Have No Fear Mrs. Smith

  74. Sick Day

  75. Telemedicine Network

  76. School-Based Telemedicine: A Shorter Road to Health

  77. La Salud llega a Mamá

  78. [Deleted Video]

  79. The Internet and Telemedicine