1. Fancy Dress Balls: All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

  2. Off to the Klondike! The Search for Gold

  3. Exploration in the Canadian Arctic

  4. From Pemmican to Poutine: Eating in Canada

  5. The Art and Technique of Inuit Clothing

  6. The Innu Language of the Forest

  7. The Huron-Wendat Craft Industry

  8. The Dirty Thirties

  9. All in a Day's Work: Lumbering in New Brunswick

  10. The Lions Gate Bridge

  11. Silver and Gold: Bennett and the Great Depression

  12. Crowding the Parlour

  13. Straitlaced: Restrictions on Women

  14. A Consuming Passion

  15. Brand New and Wonderful: The Rise of Technology

  16. Montreal 1850-1896: The Industrial City

  17. Moodyville: Legend and Legacy

  18. John McCrae in Flanders Fields

  19. Pastimes of Yesteryear, 1867-1896

  20. Maritime Girls in the Late 19th-century

  21. Continuing Negotiations: First Nations and the State

  22. Milk: A Matter of Life and Death

  23. A Bourgeois Duty: Philanthropy, 1896-1919

  24. A Changing World: Education in New Brunswick

  25. A Year to Remember: 1904 New Brunswick

  26. Go West! Settling Canada's Prairies

  27. Happy Birthday, Miss Fanny! A 19th-Century Toy Story

  28. Cures and Quackery: The Rise of Patent Medicines

  29. Window on the World: The Rivers of New Brunswick

  30. Last Resort: Hospital Care in Canada

  31. Clothes Make the Man

  32. Wanted! 500, 000 Canadians for WW I

  33. Funny and Moody: The Best of Chapleau's Cartoons

  34. Lethbridge: Coal City in the Wheat Country

  35. White Gold Pioneers: Asbestos Mining

  36. Wilderness on the Doorstep: Vancouver's Mountain Playground

  37. Instant Memories

  38. Getting Down to Business: Canada, 1896-1919

  39. Digging for Treasure: Mining in Canada

  40. Montreal 1896-1914: The Canadian Metropolis

  41. Pastimes of Yesteryear, 1896-1919

  42. Funny and Moody: The Best of Aislin's Cartoons

  43. Disasters and Calamities, 1840-1867

  44. Winds of Change: Reforms and Unions

  45. World War II Through Cartoons

  46. Safe Passage: Aids to Navigation on the St. Lawrence

  47. Forging the National Dream

  48. Pastimes of Yesteryear, 1840-1867

  49. The Acadian Renaissance

  50. Tradition, Change and Survival: Mi'kmaq Tourist Art

  51. Evangeline

  52. Here a scandal, there a scandal: More fodder for cartoonists

  53. Living Words: Aboriginal Diplomats of the 18th Century

  54. Once a Politician, Always a Butt

  55. The birth and torment of Miss Canada and Johnny Canuck

  56. Growing Up Healthy in the 20th Century

  57. Standardbearers of Acadian Identity

  58. Operator. May I help you?: Bell Canada's 125 Years

  59. A Riveted Community: North Vancouver's Wartime Shipbuilding

  60. Out of Ireland

  61. The Golden Age of Sail

  62. In the Eye of the Camera, 1840-1867

  63. Disasters and Calamities, 1867-1896

  64. Confederation: The Creation of Canada

  65. The National Policy and Uncle Sam's Chagrin

  66. The Aftermath of the Rebellions

  67. The splendour and misery of urban life