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Election 2012

  1. The 2012 campaign in two minutes

  2. CNN Explains: The Electoral College and your vote

  3. Why Democrats have an Electoral College advantage

  4. Swing state counties to watch in the 2012 election

  5. Obama gets emotional during final speech

  6. Romney calls out Obama's 'revenge' voting

  7. David Gergen: Obama getting 'hurricane lift'

  8. Jay-Z: '99 problems but Mitt ain't one'

  9. Aging in Oval Office: Who did it best?

  10. Cast your vote for president with gum

  11. Obama, Romney spent over $300 million on ads

  12. What if there's a an Electoral College tie?

  13. Paul Begala: Romney can't win without Ohio

  14. How the battle for Senate will impact your life

  15. Rep. John Boehner says Romney will win Ohio

  16. CNN election night flashback

  17. Video game industry takes on politics

  18. Grading the campaign coverage: Not enough attention to issues

  19. Washington eateries play politics with candidate-inspired promotions

  20. Candidates get one more jobs report to spin

  21. CNN: Mitt Romney offers debt ceiling solution

  22. Santorum: Obama 'snobbery' on college

  23. Romney: U.S. must be firm with Iran

  24. Gingrich: Obama is "food stamp pres."

  25. Ron Paul's view on abortion

  26. Huntsman spoofs himself on 'SNL'

  27. CNN: Rick Perry: Let states decide Social Security

  28. Jon Huntsman on foreign policy

  29. Huntsman: 'I believe in civil unions'

  30. John King, USA - Hoffa: You can't deal with the tea party

  31. Jon Huntsman talks China, speaks Chinese

  32. Jon Huntsman: Obama 'failed us'

  33. Rick Santorum on gay marriage debate

  34. CNN: Herman Cain explains stance on Muslims

  35. CNN: Herman Cain 'New Tea Party favorite'

  36. Palin For Gingrich V.P.?

  37. Gingrich 'dogs' Romney with web video

  38. Newt Gingrich on his religion

  39. Gingrich and Perry not on Virginia ballot

  40. Newt Gingrich heckled in Iowa

  41. CNN Red Chair Interview: Newt Gingrich

  42. CNN: Newt Gingrich announces 2012 bid

  43. Paul: Don't get involved in Syria

  44. Ron Paul on dropping out of the race

  45. Ron Paul on Mitt Romney's recent comment

  46. Rand Paul talks Iran, liberals

  47. CNN Official interview: Ron Paul 'Bin Laden raid not necessary'

  48. CNN Official interview: Ron Paul 'Abolish FEMA... Why not?'

  49. CNN: Reps. Michele Bachmann and Alan Grayson debate health care

  50. CNN: Inside the Michele Bachmann campaign

  51. Bachmann: 'Obamacare flat out unpopular'

  52. CNN: Is Romney running in 2012?

  53. Rick Perry: 'Newt's the real deal'

  54. Perry defends verbal attacks on Turkey

  55. Perry messes up on U.S. voting age

  56. Perry's 'brain freeze' supreme

  57. Perry urges students to trust in God

  58. Rick Perry to run for president

  59. Praying away the bad economy

  60. Mitt Romney reacts to the health care ruling

  61. CNN Explains: Conventions

  62. Storm brewing for GOP as abortion issues linger

  63. Priebus: RNC not giving any money to Akin

  64. A look into Romney's religion, Mormonism

  65. Ryan attacked for women's rights stance

  66. Todd Akin: Rape comment 'Ill conceived, wrong'

  67. Obama responds to Rep. Todd Akin's comments on rape

  68. Comparing candidates' business resumes

  69. Paul Ryan: "Mom you did build that" about her small business

  70. What did Paul Ryan pay in taxes

  71. Man heckles Ryan, rips sign

  72. Romney, Ryan make religious history

  73. Paul Ryan's fitness guru talks politics

  74. Ex-SEALs slam Obama over leaks on Osama bin Laden

  75. Romney's summer home a family retreat

  76. Third Party Candidates Talk Politics

  77. Ryan on Romney's abortion "flip-flop"

  78. The most expensive election ever

  79. The American Dream belongs to all of us

  80. Romney: Obama broke promise to vets

  81. Trump on Romney's "47 percent" remarks

  82. Romney attacks Obama 'redistribution' stance

  83. Romney defends his '47%' comment

  84. Jimmy Carter's grandson helps distribute Romney tape

  85. CNN's John King: We were on food stamps

  86. Obama: President has to work for everybody

  87. Romney defends hidden camera remarks

  88. Mitt Romney explains controverisal fundraiser video