1. (Preview) Congressional Briefing on Sikhs in the U.S. Military

  2. Congressional Briefing on Sikhs in the U.S. Military

  3. 3rd Annual Bay Area 5K for the 5Ks

  4. 4th Annual NYC Bowlathon

  5. 2013: A Year of Impact

  6. Support the Sikh Coalition [Punjabi]

  7. The Junior Sikh Coalition: Moving the Panth Forward

  8. Major Kalsi Recognized at Congressional Diwali Celebration

  9. [HD] Dr. Prabhjot Singh, Columbia Professor Hospitalized After Hate Crime

  10. Prabhjot Singh, Columbia Professor Hospitalized After Hate Crime

  11. Sikh Advocate Academy 2013

  12. Fresno Hate Crime - Community Meeting (Fresno, CA)

  13. Introduction to the Sikh Coalition's Advocacy Work

  14. How to Deliver a Sikh Awareness Presentation [HS/Adult Audience]

  15. How to Deliver a Sikh Awareness Presentation [Elementary School Audience]

  16. Sikh Advocate Academy Graduate Speaks About Her Experience

  17. [Video Blog] Hate Crime Tracking Progress

  18. Scences from Oak Creek Wisconsin - 8/7 Vigil

  19. New York City Remembers Oak Creek, WI

  20. "Neel" by David Woo

  21. Sign the Petition - Final Push for AB 1964

  22. "I Will Stand Up" by Jasleen Kaur

  23. "Let it Out" by Gulshan Singh

  24. Sikh Coalition Discussing FlyRights on CTV

  25. California Sikhs Testify in Support of Equal Opportunity

  26. Combating Profiling - The TSA's Findings

  27. Sikh Coalition Volunteers Making a Difference in Congress

  28. 2011 Year in Review

  29. Non-Sikhs Learn About Sikhi - Education Program Area

  30. 2nd Annual Bowlathon NYC 2011

  31. Congresswoman Judy Chu on TSA Sikh Screenings

  32. Donate Today - NYC Sikh Coalition Bowl-A-Thon 2011

  33. Sikh Coalition NYC Bowl A Thon - 2011

  34. First Annual 5K For The 5Ks

  35. Sikh Youth of New York on Bullying

  36. Rep. Judy Chu Condemns Racial Profiling

  37. Diversity Video Competition 2011

  38. Sikh Advocate Academy 2011

  39. NYC Council Hearing on Workplace Religious Freedom Act

  40. Sikh Coalition Bowl-a-thon in Houston, TX

  41. Spare change for change this Vaisakhi!

  42. CA State Legislature Stands Against Hate

  43. Gurwinder's DC Experience

  44. Oberoi Press Conference Slideshow 1

  45. Oberoi Press Conference Jan 25 2011

  46. You Cannot Judge A Book By Lookin At The Cover.wmv

  47. The Elephant In The Room.avi

  48. 2010 Year In Review

  49. Bowl-a-thon in New York City, 2010

  50. A Sikh Boy

  51. Sikh Coalition Testifies Before Congress

  52. Sikh Presenters Course

  53. Texas Sikhs Call for Inclusion in State Curriculum

  54. Why do you support the Sikh Coalition?

  55. Sikh Coalition 2009 Year in Review

  56. Shop For Your Rights: Sikh Coalition at Kenneth Cole in NYC

  57. Shop For Your Rights: Sikh Coalition at Kenneth Cole in NYC

  58. The Story of One in a Million

  59. The Power of the Youth Don't Stop: NYC students rally for the Student Safety Act

  60. Sikh Youth Activists Receive Youth Leadership Award

  61. Sikh Coalition Conducts Sikh Awareness Presentations in New Jersey

  62. From the Classroom to the Capitol: The Sikh Coalition

  63. Bay Area Sikh Needs Assessment Project

  64. SikhCo Outreach

  65. Sikh Americans in the U.S. Army

  66. AB 504 - CA Senate Public Safety Committee Hearing

  67. Youth & Advocates Demand an End to Bigotry in Schools

  68. Behind the Scenes: Prepping the 6/30 Youth Press Conf & Rally

  69. Interfaith Retreat on Social Justice

  70. MTA "Turban Branding" Press Conference

  71. Sikh Coalition on Capitol Hill working to end Army discrimination

  72. Cpt. Kalsi Speaks about the Army Campaign

  73. 2009 API Policy Summit Gala

  74. Northeast Turban and Personality Competition

  75. Amar introduces Capt. Kalsi

  76. Captain Kalsi on Capitol Hill

  77. News Conference: Challenging the Army's Turban Ban

  78. Neha Introduces the News Conference challenging the U.S. Army

  79. Amar Speaks About the Coalition's Program

  80. Captain Kalsi Speaks About His Desire to

  81. Welcome to D.C.: Preparing for our Fundra

  82. NY Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform

  83. Introduction to CA Sikh Community Meeting

  84. U.S. Military Rejects The Sikh Identity

  85. Sikhs Speak Out About Their Experience To

  86. Lobbying for AB 504: Kirpan Education fo

  87. Richmond Hill Sikh youth speak out on harassment in schools

  88. Welcome to the Sikh Coalition Blog

  89. Trenton South Asian Advocacy Day

  90. 2008 Year in Review

  91. In Your Words

  92. NYC Sikh Civil Rights Survey and Agenda

  93. Become a Sikh Coalition Summer Intern!

  94. This Is Why Sikhs are Hot (from the Sikh Coalition)

  95. Sikh Coalition on AALDEF Voting Panel

  96. Sikh Coalition NYC Civil Rights Survey

  97. Coalition Launches Library Project

  98. Sukhvir Kaur Speaks About Discrimination

  99. Gagandeep, Mansheel Discuss Work With Sikh Coalition