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Start A Mumford Band! Key of Awesome #71

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Published on May 20, 2013

The Key of Awesome gang shows you how to channel your inner hipster and start a Mumford band!
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Mark Douglas
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Todd Womack
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Grab every single one of your friends
And start a Mumford band
Take a Mumford stand
Ya don't need a drummer in a Mumford Band
Ya just stomp your feet and ya clap yer hands
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Pack yer bags. We're goin' to mumford land
We got our own spoonman
Scuse me sir I'd like to know where is this Mumford land?
It's somewhere between Limmerick and Williamsburg Brookland
So pull up your suspenders, chug another jug of wine
Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1899
We strum on our guitars so hard, we break our strummin' hands
We use the toaster filter when we post on instagram
We used to be the house band for The Antiques Roadshow
Someone sound the trumpets now lets do some hey's and ho's
Ho's and Hey's
Hey's and Ho's
3 cheers for the Lumineers
They're a Mumford Band
And Phillips Phillips
He's a Mumford man
Well he's more of a Mumford kid.
We saw "Oh Brother Where art Thou"
And said lets start a band right now
Our clothing and our songs are hand me downs (spoon solo)
They way we play is pure and honest
bordering on weird and Amish
Technology is what we abolish in Mumfordland
Cus we're a Mumford band
The oldest latest fad
Laddie plays the washboard, Wendel plays the fipple flute
Bare Knuckle boxing's How they settle band disputes
Emmet plays the jews harp and Bill plays his own mustache
Thaddeus the barkeep and he makes us cocktails in a flash
Joe scratches the victrola like an old timey DJ
Jill's on social media she twitters from the stage
We've got too many members now the stage is cavin' in
Can't tell where the audience ends and where the band begins
Hey mumford fans
We need an ambulance

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