1. Say It, Just Say It - The Mowgli's cover - Julia Nunes

  2. Once Upon A Dream - Cover - Julia Nunes

  3. Lullabye, Ben Folds Cover, Julia Nunes

  4. Wild Child, Brett Dennen Cover By Julia Nunes

  5. Christmas, Baby Please Come Home

  6. Royals by Lorde (cover)

  7. Bloopers from For Emma with Chris Dodgen

  8. I Think You Know, Living Room Show


  10. A Great Big World and Julia Nunes cover "Mirrors" (Justin Timberlake)

  11. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond Cover

  12. O Come, All Ye Faithful (from the road)

  13. Nothing's That Great and Tour talk

  14. As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber AND BACKSTREET BOYS

  15. Stay Awake Unplugged

  16. When I Fall In Love, Nat King Cole

  17. Stay Awake, Julia Nunes


  19. I Wasn't Worried, Julia Nunes

  20. I'll Be Back Beatles Cover

  21. PIZZA

  22. Run Around Sue by Dion and the Belmonts

  23. He Is Mad

  24. ANSWERS part 6

  25. Help Me Make an Album

  26. Baby, Justin Bieber + The Supremes

  27. My trip to Bangkok, Thailand

  28. What's This, Nightmare Before Christmas

  29. Ben Kweller and Julia Nunes are GOING ON TOUR

  30. Sunny D and Rum with ARG

  31. The Debt - Julia Nunes

  32. Michael Jackson - The Love You Save (Jackson 5)

  33. PARAMORE- The Only Exception

  34. on my way to Bonnaroo

  35. It Don't Have To Change, John Legend

  36. I think you know, JULIA NUNES (me)

  37. BINOCULARS music video!!!

  38. Wanna Be In A Music Video??

  39. Tubthumping, with JAKE and AMIR!

  40. Answers part 5


  42. dont trust me, 3oh!3

  43. Bar on A, Greg Holden

  44. Do you believe in magic, the lovin' spoonful

  45. Band of Horses, The General Specific

  46. Gone, Julia Nunes WITH BEN FOLDS

  47. ANSWERS to questions PART 4

  48. A Walk Through Hell, Say Anything

  49. L-O-V-E , sung by Nat King Cole

  50. Baby it's cold outside

  51. London part 1

  52. baby, now that i've found you, the foundations

  53. goodbye hat

  54. Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End (the Beatles)

  55. (P4A) The Office theme song

  56. Maybe I Will, Julia Nunes (me)

  57. You're my best friend, Queen on ukulele

  58. CDs

  59. Tell Her This- Del Amitri

  60. That Green Gentleman, PATD cover

  61. ANSWERS part 3 (The post Ben Folds experience)

  62. All My Loving, The Beatles

  63. The Conversation, Motion City Soundtrack

  64. It's The End Of The World As We Know It, REM

  65. Flagpole Sitta, Magnificent Tracers or harvey danger?

  66. Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard from Once

  67. Balloons (Original Julia Nunes)

  68. accidentally in love, counting crows

  69. Sunburnt Hand (original, Danny Tieger)

  70. Build Me Up, Buttercup on ukulele

  71. ANSWERS to your questions PART 2

  72. Jesus Walks, Kanye West

  73. Bubbly, Colbie Caillat

  74. August (Original Julia Nunes) circa 2004

  75. Underdog, SPOON

  76. Gone, Ben Folds

  77. Say It To Me Now

  78. ANSWERS to your questions

  79. Odd (original Julia Nunes)

  80. Alive with the glory of LOVE, Say Anything

  81. I love you, new uke

  82. Her Majesty, The Beatles on ukulele

  83. First Day Of My Life, Bright Eyes

  84. 1000 SUBSCRIBERS!(and my CD)

  85. Into The Sunshine (original)

  86. Regrets (original Julia Nunes)

  87. i got tagged, 5 facts

  88. Bushman world ukulele contest review

  89. WOE , Say Anything

  90. It's raining men, the weather girls

  91. 200?!?!

  92. Weezer Keep Fishin on ukulele

  93. Survivor Destinys Child on Ukulele

  94. Short and Sweet (Original Julia Nunes)

  95. God Only Knows, Beach Boys on ukulele

  96. Mr. Brightside, the killers on Ukulele

  97. Leonard and his young friend

  98. bye bye bye played on UKULELE

  99. Roles Reversed (Original)