1. Detectives Looking for Burglary Suspect

  2. Tampa Police Arrest Suspect in the 2009 Murder of UT Student Ryan McCall

  3. The_Quarter_At_Ybor_Condos.avi

  4. Undercover Detectives Catch Unlicensed Contractors Red-Handed

  5. Robbery suspects

  6. Law Office Partners with TPD to Keep Bicyclists Safe

  7. TPD Employees Spruce Up Elderly Woman's Home

  8. Store Owner Arrested in What She Claimed was a Stand Your G

  9. Detectives Searching for Person of Interest in Murder Investigation

  10. trollyrobbery2

  11. TrollyRobbery

  12. Police Searching for North Tampa Armed Robbery Suspects--Both Suspects Identified and Arrested

  13. Officer Roy Paz Named Tampa Bay Lightning's Boldest of the Bay.wmv

  14. BB&T Robbery Video

  15. Senate Finance Committee

  16. Be the Badge 2012--Tampa Police Recruitment Video

  17. Tampa Police Recruitment Video

  18. Red Light Camera Runner.AVI

  19. 2012 Black History Program Spotlight Segment.mpg

  20. Corporal Robbie McKendree-Tampa Bay Lightning Boldest of the Bay.wmv

  21. UT PSA 2012

  22. Near Miss School Bus

  23. BOTB_TPD Sean Mahabir.wmv

  24. TPD Det. Sonja Wise Singing the National Anthem

  25. Community Partners Pitch in to Makeover TPD Headquarters for RNC

  26. Tampa Robbery Video

  27. Boldest of the Bay - Barrett.wmv

  28. TPD Gaspirlla 2012

  29. Tampa Bay Lightning - Boldest of the Bay

  30. sweetbayrobbery2.avi

  31. Sweet Bay Robbery

  32. richday2

  33. Hillsborough Avenue Restaurant Burglary

  34. Underprivileged Children Receive Lesson in Giving for the Holidays

  35. Stop on Red

  36. La Luz burglary

  37. Public's Help Needed to Identify Armed Robber

  38. Bomb operation Center News Conference

  39. Armenia Avenue Corridor Robberies (Vince's Grocery)

  40. Officers Catch Cigarette Thief near Burglarized Convenience Stores

  41. Police Working to Identify Armed Suspects in Wig Shop Robbery

  42. Police Searching for Suspect in Two Convenience Store Robberies

  43. 22nd Street Robbery

  44. Detectives Searching for Auto Burglary Suspect

  45. City of Tampa Launches Picture Perfect Plan to Keep Drivers Safe

  46. Tampa Police Seek Public's Help to Identify Homicide Suspect-Color Video.wmv

  47. Tampa Police Seek Public's Help to Identify Homicide Suspect-B&W Video .wmv

  48. Police Searching for Burglary Suspect

  49. JL Young Apartments Arson

  50. JL Young Apartments Arson

  51. Discount Tobacco and Food Thief

  52. Credit Card Thief.mpg

  53. Monaco Burglary exterior

  54. Monaco Burglary

  55. Person of Interest in TPD Homicide

  56. 2nd suspect

  57. suspect at register

  58. Detectives Searching for Three Robbery Suspects

  59. 2suspectstogether

  60. Operation Rain Maker News Conference Part 3

  61. Operation Rain Maker News Conference Part 2

  62. Operation Rain Maker News Conference Part 1

  63. richcamp2011final.mpg

  64. South Tampa Burglary Pattern

  65. South Tampa Burglary - Kalupa's Bakery

  66. South Tampa Burglary - Datz

  67. Bank of America Robbery

  68. Detectives Searching for Armed Robber

  69. Operation Summer Heat Targets Violent Felons

  70. Burglary Pattern in South Tampa

  71. campday3

  72. campdaytwo

  73. RICH House Graduation

  74. Couple Sought in Louis Vuitton Theft

  75. Detectives Searching for Jewelry Thieves

  76. Noa Noa Robbery

  77. Tampa Police Officers Searching for Man Suspected in Three Burglaries

  78. 6-30-11 Chevron Gas Station Burglary.avi

  79. CVS Robbery

  80. News Viewer Helps Police Catch Gas Station Robbery Suspect

  81. Howard Johnson Robbery

  82. Burglary Suspect Targets Cash Registers in Local Businesses

  83. Tampa's Homicide Arson Unit Arrest Suspect--Video 2

  84. Tampa's Homicide Arson Unit Arrest Suspect--Video 1

  85. Family Dollar Robbery 5-19-11.mpg

  86. Candle light vigil in Washington DC

  87. Unity Tour Arrival

  88. Tampa Police Officers Arriving in Washington DC

  89. TPD Releases Independent Review of the Dontae Morris Manhunt

  90. On Duty with Chief Jane Castor

  91. Mercantile Bank Robbery

  92. Detectives Searching for Bank Robbery Suspect

  93. Tampa Police Detectives Searching for Farm Store Armed Robbery Suspects

  94. Detectives Searching for Seafood Thief

  95. Suspect Charges Over $12,000 with Stolen Credit Card Information

  96. Detectives Searching for Publix Robbery Suspect

  97. Detectives Searching for Publix Robbery Suspect

  98. stolen credit card.wmv

  99. Gasparilla 2011_TPD_Legal Alcohol Zone.wmv