1. Dying But Not Dead - Mike Rimbaud

  2. Stairway To Heaven- Mike Rimbaud

  3. Funkyshima-Mike Rimbaud

  4. Ballad of Anthony Weiner- Mike Rimbaud

  5. Learning More About Less -Mike Rimbaud

  6. Walking On Art

  7. Slow Down To Get Ahead- Mike Rimbaud

  8. Teacher's Got a Bad Mouth- Mike Rimbaud

  9. Big Bad Bully-Mike Rimbaud

  10. Rainbow Tonight- Mike Rimbaud

  11. You Can't Do That

  12. Sandy Must Be Crazy- Mike Rimbaud

  13. Dark Money Can't Buy Her Kisses- Mike Rimbaud

  14. "When A City Blacks Out, You Remember"

  15. Katrina Comes Again -Mike Rimbaud

  16. Jackhammer Jones- Mike Rimbaud

  17. Mamma, Say Something Nice- Mike Rimbaud

  18. Everyone Needs a Daddy- Mike Rimbaud

  19. Dance With A Mermaid- Mike Rimbaud

  20. Robin Hood in Reverse- Mike Rimbaud

  21. One Way Ticket To A Vicious Circle- Mike Rimbaud

  22. Wild Laser Love-Mike Rimbaud

  23. Stimulus Baby(Live)- Mike Rimbaud

  24. Blue Grasshopper (Live) -Mike Rimbaud

  25. Dance with a Mermaid (Live)-Mike Rimbaud

  26. Saving Up To Go Bankrupt (Live) Mike Rimbaud

  27. Fashion Gangster-Mike Rimbaud

  28. First Class Booby Trap- Mike Rimbaud

  29. I'll Follow Your Sidewalk- Mike Rimbaud

  30. Funeral Lover- Mike Rimbaud

  31. Greedy,Greedy Baby- Mike Rimbaud

  32. Girl Swimming In My Brain-Mike Rimbaud

  33. In The Dark Room - Mike Rimbaud

  34. You Make Love Like War- Mike Rimbaud

  35. Battery Apple-Mike Rimbaud

  36. I Don't Want to Spoil The Party-Mike Rimbaud

  37. Hey Bulldog- Mike Rimbaud

  38. Self Portrait In The Dark

  39. One Percent Feeling Lonely- Mike Rimbaud

  40. Saving Up To Go Bankrupt -Mike Rimbaud

  41. Burning The Night Out Early- Mike Rimbaud

  42. Star Spangled Banner in Chinatown, NYC

  43. Mike Rimbaud- Don't You Love This City?

  44. Stimulus Baby

  45. "My Cave Girl" live-Mike Rimbaud

  46. Dirty Little Bomb-Live in NYC

  47. Searching for Yourself- live in New York

  48. Monkey Fever-live in NYC

  49. Mike Rimbaud: Miami High

  50. Miami High-Mike Rimbaud

  51. All The Presidents Song

  52. Girlfriend Lost and Found- Mike Rimbaud

  53. The Cheekster

  54. Monkey Fever cartoon

  55. Meet the Chimpsters