1. Elvos If I get home on christmas day

  2. René (El) Vos- Wish you a merry X-mas

  3. Elvis Presley -Viva Elvis Suspicious Minds 2010 Fireworks Hyde park London.

  4. René (El)Vos- Dock of the bay.

  5. René (El)Vos - I'm walking.

  6. René (El)Vos- Slow Hand.

  7. René (El)Vos - In The Ghetto.

  8. René (El)Vos - You'll Think Of Me.

  9. René (El)Vos - Big Love ,big heartache

  10. René (El)Vos - I got lucky.

  11. René (El)Vos -Give Me The Right.

  12. René (El)Vos As recorded in 1992 Burning Love Live..avi

  13. René (El)Vos- Beach boy blues.

  14. René (El)Vos - Always On My Mind. to EbFan 41.

  15. René (El)Vos -The last farewell.

  16. René (El)Vos - Just call me lonesome.

  17. René (El)Vos - Promised Land.

  18. René (El)Vos - I feel that i've known you forever.

  19. René (El)Vos-You don't know me.

  20. René (El)Vos- I need you so.

  21. René (El)Vos - It's your baby you rock it.

  22. René (El)Vos - My little friend

  23. René (El)Vos-In your arms.

  24. René (El)Vos sings-Young dreams& New Orleans

  25. René (El)Vos-You're cheating heart.avi

  26. René (El)Vos-Never ending.avi

  27. René (El)vos sings King of the road..avi

  28. René (El)Vos -Baby I don't care

  29. René (El)Vos - Is it so strange.avi

  30. René (El)Vos-The girl i never loved.

  31. René Elvos- Mona lisa lost her smile.

  32. René (El)Vos sings Elvis-All I needed was the rain.

  33. René (El)Vos sings -Stand by me.

  34. René (El)Vos sings Elvis Lonely Highway - Don't cry daddy.

  35. Glen D Hardin and Elvos.avi

  36. All Mamma's Children - The Gitarama's

  37. Elvis Presley -I've got a thing about you baby.(alt Take 1)

  38. Mean woman blues-Elvis Presley all mixed up.

  39. Elvis Presley Wishing All A Merry Christmas-Come all ye faithful-short edit.

  40. When the rebel comes home- The King is Back!

  41. Elvis Army Induction montage.

  42. Young and Beautiful as sung by René (El)Vos,

  43. Angel-As sung by René (El)Vos

  44. Soldier Boy as sung by René ( El)Vos.

  45. A mess o blues- As sung by Rene (El)Vos.

  46. Do You Know Who I Am? -As sng by René (El) Vos.

  47. As long as i have you- As sung By René (El) Vos. Home recorded.

  48. Memories-Elvis Presley- Tribute montage!

  49. Elvis Presley-The twelfth of never Re Make

  50. Alive Michael Jackson Different Ambulance Footage. Legends Live Forever.