1. Acton, James Turrell

  2. Angel of the Resurrection

  3. Untitled (Mylar), Tara Donovan

  4. Bottle, Sue Ware

  5. Tesi Table, Mario Botta

  6. Evening Dress, Christian Lacroix

  7. Wun Hunnit, Bret Slater

  8. The Pigeon Girl, Brenda Putnam

  9. Robert Indiana and Andy Warhol at the opening of Americans 1963

  10. The "Little Liber" prints

  11. The Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture Movement

  12. female figure, Fang people

  13. Shango food bowl (covered)

  14. Shango, god of lightning and thunder

  15. staff for Sande association

  16. Staff, Dogon people

  17. Mounted Horseman

  18. Spirit Protecting Orphans

  19. The Law Givers

  20. Oklahoma (The Station), Thomas Hart Benton

  21. Design Discussion on Philippe Starck

  22. Design Discussion on Marc Newson and Ole Jensen

  23. Design Discussion on Marc Newson and Maarten VanSeveren

  24. Design Discussion on Jerszy Seymour and matali crasset

  25. Magbo helmet mask for Oro association: Secret Society

  26. Magbo helmet mask for Oro association: Imagery

  27. Boh Boh (Vastness) series

  28. A Stag at Sharkey's: George Bellows

  29. A Stag at Sharkey's: What is a stag fight?

  30. Human Head

  31. Helmet Mask

  32. Royal Headress

  33. Human Figure

  34. Window into a World

  35. Sense of Motion

  36. Daruma: Kawanabe Kyōsai

  37. Daruma

  38. Fine Wind, Clear Morning (Gaifū kaisei)

  39. Fine Wind, Clear Morning (Gaifū kaisei): Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji

  40. Robert Indiana

  41. Numbers

  42. Floor

  43. Möbius Ship

  44. bowl with two violet spots

  45. ritual wine container

  46. ritual wine server (guang)

  47. The Mirror in the Green Room (La Glace de la Chambre Verte)

  48. An Apache Soldier, or Scout

  49. Tasayac, Half Dome, 4967 Ft., Yosemite

  50. Tent, California and Cabin, California

  51. Brian McCutcheon's Shop (2011) and Cruise (2011)

  52. Brian McCutcheon's Capsule (2011) and Orbit (2011)

  53. Details of motion in Body in Flight (Delta)

  54. Kate Gilmore: Break Of Day, 2010

  55. Valentine typewriter

  56. Lexikon 80 typewriter

  57. Spencer Finch on The Seamstress

  58. Spencer Finch on Chestnut Leaves

  59. Spencer Finch on ritual object in ax head form

  60. dancing Krishna

  61. throne leg

  62. Artist Julianne Swartz on El Anatsui's Duvor (communal cloth)

  63. Artist Julianne Swartz on Fred Sandback's Untitled, 1989