1. Newton Faulkner Live 2012 - Against The Grain

  2. Newton Faulkner Live Highlights - London Acoustic Guitar Show

  3. Newton Faulkner Coming Soon

  4. Newton Faulkner & Friends Jam at the London Acoustic Guitar Show

  5. Newton Faulkner & Friends Dressing Room Jam at the London Acoustic Guitar Show – Take 3

  6. Newton Faulkner & Friends Dressing Room Jam at the London Acoustic Guitar Show – Take

  7. Newton Faulkner Live Coming Soon

  8. Marcus Deml - Interview

  9. L'dia - Interview

  10. Kenny Logins: Why Elixir® Strings

  11. Dominik Kraemer Interview

  12. Gregor Meyle Interview

  13. Hellmut Hattler Interview

  14. Gregor Meyle interview: The ingredients of great sound

  15. Peter Bursch interview: Recording with Elixir® Strings

  16. Chris Woods interview: Slap-grooving with Elixir® Strings

  17. Peter Bursch interview: The art of blues guitar

  18. Yolanda Charles Masterclass: Singing and Playing Bass Guitar

  19. Marcus Deml interview: Tips for aspiring musicians

  20. Elixir® Strings Live at Musikmesse 2012: The Best Bits

  21. François Delacoudre interview: Testing Elixir® Strings New Stainless Steel Bass Strings

  22. Alvin Mills interview: The Elixir® Strings sound

  23. Eric Bibb Performs Saucer 'n' Cup Exclusively for Elixir Strings

  24. Sunrise Avenue Interview

  25. John Paul White, The Civil Wars, talks about his old Martin and much more.

  26. Yolanda Charles talks about how she got into the bass, her favorite bass guitars and her main influe

  27. John Paul White, The Civil Wars, talks about the great feel and sound of ELIXIR Strings.

  28. Yolanda Charles talks about why she loves the new Elixir® Bass Strings.

  29. Nicht alle beschichteten Saiten sind gleich

  30. No todas las cuerdas recubiertas son iguales

  31. Las ventajas de unas cuerdas con protección

  32. L’avantage d’utiliser des cordes gainées

  33. Die Vorteile beschichteter Saiten

  34. Toutes les cordes avec revêtement ne se valent pas

  35. Eric Bibb Provides Advice and Playing Techniques for Budding Blues Guitarists

  36. Eric Bibb talks with Elixir Strings about his sound, song writing and the Blues

  37. Elixir Strings Up Close With Eric Bibb

  38. Why Eric Bibb Plays Elixir Strings Exclusively

  39. Eric Bibb Talks About Performing With Elixir Strings

  40. Guitar Restringing -- The Locking Technique with Mark Bailey of Bailey Guitars and Elixir Strings e

  41. Eric Bibb Performs Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad Exclusively for Elixir Strings

  42. Elixir Strings Presents Clive Carroll Live from London

  43. Using a Banjo Capo on an Acoustic Guitar Presented by Elixir Strings together with David Mead and Ma

  44. Elixir Strings Presents Martin Taylor Live from London

  45. Elixir Strings Presents Chris Woods Live from London

  46. Elixir Strings Up Close with Chris Woods - Clive Carroll - David Mead & Martin Taylor

  47. Elixir Strings Present Chris Woods - David Mead - Jade Gallagher - Martin Taylor Live from London

  48. Jazz Guitar Techniques - Martin Taylor & The Martin Taylor Guitar Academy

  49. Using a Banjo Capo on an Acoustic Guitar

  50. Why Martin Taylor plays - Elixir Strings Exclusively

  51. ELIXIR Strings - The Tone Life Leader

  52. POLYWEB® and NANOWEB® Coatings

  53. Not All Coated Strings Are Created Equal

  54. The Advantage of String Protection

  55. David Mead and Martin Taylor - Unplugged Jam

  56. Why Gus G Uses Elixir® Strings Exclusively

  57. Interview mit Revolverheld

  58. Taylor Guitars (Interview)

  59. Ruokangas Guitars (Interview)

  60. Carvin Guitars (interview)

  61. Gregor Meyle (German)

  62. Gregor Meyle (German)

  63. Ali Neander (German)

  64. Hellmut Hattler (German)

  65. CA Guitars Interview

  66. Sascha Neuhardt (German)

  67. Cleaning Your Bass Electronics

  68. Setting Up Your Bass Guitar: Intonation Adjustment (Step 4 of 4)

  69. Setting Up Your Bass Guitar: Nut Action Height Adjustment (Step 3 of 4)

  70. Setting Up Your Bass Guitar: Bridge Action Height Adjustment (Step 2 of 4)

  71. Setting Up Your Bass Guitar: Adjusting The Truss Rod (Step 1 of 4)

  72. How to restring your bass guitar with John Carruthers

  73. How To Repair a Strap Button

  74. How To Repair a Broken Jack

  75. Cleaning Your Bass Guitar

  76. Interview mit Dave Goodman

  77. Flamenco Slap Bass Techniques Sascha Neuhardt

  78. Bass Exercises: Good Groove Dominik Kraemer

  79. Bass Guitar Pick Techniques Hellmut Hattler

  80. Yolanda Charles and Phil Gould: Bass Syncopation Exercise

  81. Melissa Etheridge: Why Elixir® Strings?

  82. Dan Lutz: Why Elixir® Strings?

  83. Bob Taylor: Why Elixir® Strings?

  84. Dan Tyminski: Why Elixir® Strings?

  85. Elixir Strings Visits the Visitors at Musikmesse 2011

  86. Elixir strings, Messe Artists and Stands

  87. Live with Yolanda Charles and Philip Gould

  88. Checking Out Musikmesse

  89. Musikmesse 2011 Build Up

  90. Musikmesse 2011 Live 01

  91. The Vibe at Musikmesse 2011

  92. Bob Taylor: Why Elixir® Strings?

  93. Kenny Loggins: Why Elixir® Strings

  94. Ibanez Guitar - Brief History of the Brand

  95. Bass Guitar Lesson: Replacing Strings

  96. Bass Guitar Lesson: How to Tune a Bass Guitar

  97. Interview with Hussain Jiffry

  98. Comment entretenir une guitare (2ème partie)

  99. Die Gitarre reinigen und pflegen (Teil 2)