1. The Coffee Equation

  2. What Your Idea is Worth

  3. What is the Best

  4. What's in it for Me?

  5. Just Don't Lie to Yourself

  6. Perfectionists are Cowards

  7. What Would You Do?

  8. Real TCO

  9. Don't Count the Money Till it's in the Bank

  10. Everyone Likes a Nice Tie

  11. Interns and Free Help

  12. Tech Consultant vs. Tech Businessman

  13. Computer Repair Business in 2011

  14. Business Networking

  15. Beware of Carpet Baggers (Edited)

  16. Beware of Carpet Baggers

  17. Employees are like Women

  18. Your Stress Theshold

  19. The Proper Way to Enjoy Spam

  20. Sir... Yes, Sir..!

  21. Business Partnerships

  22. Show Me the Money

  23. Listening

  24. Free Labor is too Expensive

  25. Picking Up Dog Poop, and Other Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

  26. Barstool Sales Pitch

  27. Embrace Your Mercenary Roots

  28. A Word on Fear...

  29. Easy is in the Eye of the Beholder

  30. Knocking on Doors

  31. Don't Buy Your Own Hype

  32. Lesson #555 on Why the Computer Repair Business is Dead

  33. Sales is a Numbers Game

  34. Reselling Products

  35. Profit is Patriotic

  36. It's OK to Fire Clients

  37. You Can Lead a Geezer to Technology, But You Can't Make Them Drink...

  38. When to Run and When to Plod

  39. The NOW of Our Profession

  40. Now What..?

  41. Be Confident and FIX the Problem

  42. The Friends and Family Discount

  43. The Persons in a Role is not the same as the Person

  44. The Metaphor of the Segway vs. the Used Bike

  45. Buy Good Parts

  46. Keep Your Personal Problems Personal

  47. Tell The World What You Want

  48. Upsell or Die

  49. What is Good Enough?

  50. Determining Your Labor Rate

  51. Rabbit Hole to Hell

  52. If You Don't Have Time to Fix it Right the First Time...

  53. Introduction

  54. Power of Poetry

  55. The First Rule of Hack Club is....