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  1. En Pie By El Sie7e Jamlegend Cover!!!!!

  2. Carpe Diem(Old Recording) By O.M.T

  3. Auld Lang Syne (New Year's Eve Rock) 2010 Jamlegend Cover

  4. Pokka Face(Lady Gaga Cover) by Superpowerless Jamlegend!!

  5. Super Mario Bros Theme!!!! Jamlegend Cover by Video Games

  6. Jingle Bells!! Jamlegend Cover By Christmas at the Devil's House

  7. My X-Tasy Jamlegend By Top Johnny!!!!

  8. how to use your guitar hero or rock band guitar on your computer

  9. Brain Damage.

  10. [Private Video]

  11. [Private Video]

  12. [Private Video]

  13. [Private Video]

  14. [Private Video]

  15. McDonalds Tourettes Prank

  16. Asian Restaurant Fire Prank

  17. Man Almost Dies.

  18. Birds Say F*ck You!

  19. Cell Phone Love.

  20. Santa Attacked.

  21. The World's Going to End.

  22. Teeth Ripped Out.

  23. Chinese Guy gets a HAIRCUT


  25. Spiderman Climbs Skyscraper

  26. The Saltwater Room by Owl City With Lyrics

  27. Owl City - Vanilla Twilight ~ with LYRICS

  28. Peter Chao LOVES Nice Bathrooms!

  29. Peter Chao on the Guy that Rubbed his Crap on a Building

  30. The Arka Teks - Hypnotized

  31. is MILEY CYRUS still JAILBAIT!?!?

  32. Skitzo - The PSA

  33. You're Not Funny.

  34. A Man Cuts Off His Crazy Hand! (Full Story in Description)

  35. FLuffee Takes it Off!

  36. Crazy ride 909 ft above the ground

  37. Balls Ripped Off.

  38. Chinese Guy's MOM is a B*TCH!

  39. [Deleted Video]

  40. Mexican vs. Racist Angry white minutemen

  41. Squirrel Attacks Dog!

  42. What we HATE about Each Other

  43. My Dad is NOT a DILF

  44. Girl Rapes Man.

  45. Chinese Guy vs. Robert Pattinson & Hot Mudabitch!


  47. Chinese Guy doesn't understand Facebook

  48. Chinese Guy FAIL BLOG VIDEO

  49. Chinese Guy HATES YouTube Haters

  50. Give into Rape.

  51. Addicted to D*CK

  52. SPIT on ME PLEASE? I'll PAY.

  53. Scarecrow Shoots Himself.

  54. Counter-Strike: Source Skins from FPSBanana 2

  55. [Deleted Video]

  56. Yamakasi