1. Russell Westbrook would like his high five, KD

  2. Kendrick Perkins with a slick behind-the-back pass to Kobe

  3. Kevin Durant beasts Earl Clark

  4. Kendrick Perkins leaves Hasheem Thabeet hanging

  5. Kevin Durant soars for a dunk against the Wizards

  6. Kevin Durant crosses Trevor Ariza and throws down lefty

  7. Kevin Durant crosses DeMar DeRozan twice

  8. Kevin Durant goes lefty on the 76ers

  9. Thunder slip play

  10. Thunder fan is grossed out after touching Kris Humphries

  11. KD flashes the 3 goggles

  12. Reggie Jackson goes behind the back for a dunk

  13. Nick Collison postgame interview

  14. Russell Westbrook Eurosteps the entire Rockets roster

  15. J.J. Barea flops on Kevin Durant

  16. Kevin Durant makes wild and-1 off the top of the backboard

  17. Kevin Durant puts Kyle Korver on skates

  18. Kevin Durant stuffs Josh Smith and then draws and-1 dunk on him

  19. Russell Westbrook hammers against the Hawks

  20. Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant backdoor lob

  21. Wade Boggs dancing at a Thunder game

  22. Russell Westbrook double-pump reverse jam

  23. Serge Ibaka denies Paul George

  24. Kevin Durant spins and finger rolls against the Nets

  25. Kevin Durant throws down against the Hornets

  26. Serge Ibaka with a big putback dunk against Boston

  27. Kevin Durant swats Brandon Knight into oblivion

  28. Russell Westbrook throws the ball off Brandon Knight for a layup

  29. Serge Ibaka blows in Russell Westbrook's ear for some reason

  30. Eric Maynor swishes a three-quarter court buzzer beater

  31. Scott Brooks blows Kendrick Perkins' mind with his coaching

  32. Hasheem Thabeet threads the needle between Matt Bonner's legs

  33. Kevin Durant alley oops Russell Westbrook

  34. Russell Westbrook with a big block against Argentina

  35. Kevin Durant throws down with two hands against Brazil

  36. Kevin Durant lights up the Dominican Republic

  37. Reggie Jackson soars for a dunk in Summer League

  38. Thunder speak to the crowd after returning to the airport

  39. Good Job Good Effort Kid tries to pick up the Heat after Game 5 loss

  40. Chris Bosh makes a face in Game 4 against the Celtics

  41. Kevin Durant scores 16 straight points against the Spurs in Game 5

  42. The Thunder Alley experience in Game 5 against the Lakers

  43. An arrest is made after shooting in Bricktown following Game 5 against the Lakers

  44. Metta World Peace and Russell Westbrook scuffle in Game 3

  45. Kevin Durant does not agree with Craig Sager that Metta World Peace defended him well

  46. Kevin Durant's Doodle Jump game winner against the Lakers in Game 2

  47. Thunder fans greet the team at the airport after sweeping the Mavs

  48. Russell Westbrook tells reporter, "No more questions for you, bro"

  49. The Clippers' 28-3 run to beat the Grizzlies in Game 1

  50. Metta World Peace levels James Harden with an elbow

  51. Thabo Sefolosha with a sick reverse against the Bucks

  52. Kevin Durant posters Roy Hibbert

  53. Russell Westbrook third quarter buzzer beating 3 against the Lakers

  54. James Harden called for an offensive foul for shooting and KD a technical for not talking

  55. Serge Ibaka stops Nicolas Batum at the rim

  56. Nick Collison's clutch game-tying screen against Minnesota

  57. The Thunder's pregame handshake routine

  58. Kevin Durant goes up and under against the Clippers

  59. Oklahoma City gives Derek Fisher a standing ovation in his debut

  60. Jamaal Tinsley nutmegs Nazr Mohammed

  61. Daequan Cook injures right leg against the Jazz

  62. James Harden with a dunk and then a gorgeous no-look dish against the Jazz

  63. Russell Westbrook either passes out or trips walking to the Thunder bench

  64. Russell Westbrook shows out with the double-clutch reverse against Denver

  65. Kevin Durant with a monster and-1 against Denver

  66. James Harden running point for the Thunder

  67. Kevin Durant crosses Marvin Williams

  68. Dwyane Wade's no-look alley oop to LeBron against the Blazers

  69. Russell Westbrook oops to Kevin Durant against the Magic

  70. The ultimate Nick Collison mix

  71. Russell Westbrook dances while playing defense against the Kings

  72. Russell Westbrook throws down on the Sacramento Kings

  73. Serge Ibaka tries to eat a basketball

  74. Block or goaltend? Kevin Durant ties the game against Portland

  75. Kobe Bryant passes Shaq for fifth on all-time scoring list

  76. All 10 of Serge Ibaka's blocks against the Mavericks

  77. Blake Griffin completely posterizes Kendrick Perkins

  78. Clippers hit four straight 3-pointers in 45 seconds against the Thunder

  79. Two pass fast break for the Thunder results in Kevin Durant alley pop

  80. Nate Robinson breaks Reggie Jackson's... knees

  81. Nate Robinson hits half court shot against the Thunder

  82. Serge Ibaka denies Deron Williams at the rim

  83. Nazr Mohammed tries a halfcourt shot with five seconds left

  84. Eric Maynor suffers knee injury

  85. Russell Westbrook in-and-out and dunks on Dallas

  86. ESPN's skycam comes crashing down during the Insight Bowl

  87. Serge Ibaka and Vince Carter have an altercation

  88. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook argue on the bench against Memphis

  89. Oklahoma City chants Russell Westbrook's name

  90. Kevin Durant's game-winner against the Mavericks from the crowd

  91. The Thunder's new crunchtime offense

  92. Russell Westbrook yells at Thabo Sefolosha to shoot the f------- ball

  93. Kevin Durant talks about Russell Westbrook after altercation versus Memphis

  94. Kevin Durant with a filthy up-and-under

  95. Russell Westbrook completely breaks Luke Ridnour's ankles

  96. Perk leads fast break and oops to Kevin Durant

  97. Kevin Durant 108-yard interception return for a touchdown

  98. Adam Silver explains philosophical difference between players and owners

  99. Billy Hunter addresses media after players' meeting