1. The Original Spider-Man, Animatronic/Make-Up Hybrid Test- Tom Woodruff Jr.-"The Green Goblin" ADI

  2. Various Creature and Make-Up Designs from Alien 3 to Jumanji to Wolverine ...

  3. Animatronic Rodents, Some Cute, Some Drunk, Some Horny...

  4. Tremors- Design and Creation of "Graboids", Fabrication and Puppetry on Set with Team ADI

  5. Academy Award Nominated For Best Visual Effects On "Starship Troopers", Behind The Scenes ADI

  6. The Making of the Mullock Creature- Fire City Films with ADI

  7. The Thing- Behind the Scenes, Tom Woodruff Jr. (THING) Full Body Burn Ouchy!

  8. Alec Gillis and Our Interns at ADI- Artist Profiles

  9. I Am Legend Make-Up Designs, Alec Gillis And Tom Woodruff Jr. ADI

  10. Tom Woodruff Jr. and Our Senior Mechanical Designer/Supervisor, Dave Penikas!

  11. MORTAL KOMBAT- "Goro" 120LB. Animatronic Suit With Lip Synch Playback

  12. Meryl Streep Animatronic Head in Academy Award Winning Film, "Death Becomes Her"

  13. Robin Williams of "Jumanji" Riding Our Animatronic Crocodile Underwater/On Surface

  14. HOT Catherine Bell As Oscar Winner, Meryl Streep's Body Double in "Death Becomes Her"

  15. Alien Resurrection- Alien Egg: Silicone, Cable Mechs, Bladders and "Yanky-Pully Stuff"...

  16. Alien 3- "Bambi Burster" Test of The Unfinished Rod Puppet ADI

  17. Spider-Man Green Goblin- Hybrid Animatronic/Make-Up Performed by Tom Woodruff Jr.

  18. Jumanji- Tom Woodruff Jr. As "The Lion"- Animatronic Lion, Behind the Scenes

  19. Deadpool- Ryan Reynolds' Surgery Head Make-Up and Animatronics

  20. Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, AvP:R- Pred-Alien- Sculpting Hybrid Predator With Alien

  21. Aliens vs Predator, AvP- Animatronic Shoulder Cannon Tests

  22. AVP- Tests Of 1/3 Scale Puppet Queen

  23. The Thing - Full Sized Animatronic Rod Puppet, Building The Pilot ADI

  24. Alien 3 Behind The Scenes, Alec Gillis-Camera and Tom Woodruff Jr. Performing Suit Test

  25. Alien 3 -Test Shoot with Sigourney Weaver and Queen Chestburster Rigs

  26. Sigourney Weaver Behind The Scenes With Alec Gillis And Tom Woodruff Jr., Alien Resurrection

  27. Aliens vs Predator:Requiem, AvP:R- Animatronic Predator Head "Wolf" (WIthout Skin)

  28. Alien Newborn Death- Behind the Scenes Tests, Skull Shattering and Spilling Guts

  29. Aliens vs Predator: Requiem- AVP:R- Splatter of Brains for Quick Death

  30. Mortal Kombat "Goro"- Mechanical Head Test Without Skin at ADI

  31. Spider-Man (Hard Version) Green Goblin Mask for Actor, William Dafoe

  32. Santa Clause 2 and 3- Lip Synced Animatronic Reindeer Head Without The Skin

  33. Puppet "Lizard King" for Cinematographer, Dean Cundey ("Death Becomes Her")

  34. Predator Invades ADI

  35. Deadpool Design- Variations of Deadpool ADI

  36. X-Men "Blob" Make-Up Design

  37. Deadpool- Ryan Reynolds' Make-Up Test

  38. The Thing- Two Versions of the Pilot ADI

  39. Wolverine Origins Life-Casting "BLOB" Actor, Kevin Durand at ADI

  40. Footage of Alec Gillis BTS for Ron Howard's Cocoon...Semi-Naked and WET

  41. The Thing, The Unused (Rejected) Mummified Pilot from THE THING 2011

  42. Animatronic Test of Creepy Puppet in The Vampire's Assistant/"Cirque du Freak"

  43. Spider-Man Suit Test with Tobey Maguire

  44. The Thing, Edvard's Arm Thing and Jonas' Face, Sculpture Phase

  45. The Thing, First Test of the Ice Block Thing , Performed by Tom Woodruff Jr.

  46. "Wolf" Dilating Eye Mechanism for Wolf's Eyes, Narrated by Tom Woodruff Jr.

  47. Alien vs Predator, AvP Full Scale in the ADI DIsplay Room

  48. Spider-Man, The Making of the Spidey Suit for Tobey Maguire

  49. AvP:R, Wolf Predator Maquette Collectible- Part 1

  50. Joe Comes to Life-Thanks for your support!

  51. AvP:R Wolf Predator Maquette Collectible, Part 2- Final Master

  52. Blob Mechanical Suit Test (Creating Movement) for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  53. Kevin Yagher's "Old Man Makeup Test" on Alec Gillis

  54. Ironclad of Warmachine Replica

  55. Jack Nicholson Vs Deer

  56. Sigourney Weaver Dummy

  57. Whose Stunt Is This - On The Set of WOLF

  58. Sigourney As Ripley 7 On Set

  59. BTS footage of Bruno Mars Cover Shoot, HOT Gorilla with a HOT Model! "Unorthodox Jukebox"

  60. Santa Clause 2 Animatronic Reindeer Test

  61. Thing Jonas Makeup On Set

  62. Puppet Legs Test

  63. Alec Gillis/ADI Kickstarter Launch is Here!

  64. Worlds: A Mission of DIscovery

  65. Oz the Great and Powerful Concept Designs-ADI

  66. Donnalyn Bartolome Visits ADI!

  67. Harbinger Down Behind the Scenes - Part One

  68. Harbinger Down Teaser Behind the Scenes - Part Two

  69. Harbinger Down Behind the Scenes - Part Three

  70. Grifters Throat-Cut John Cusack Test - Part Two


  72. a pep talk from lance

  73. a message from our spiritual leader, lance

  74. Alien 3 Practical Effects Practical Jokes Part 1

  75. Alien 3 Practical Effects Practical Jokes Part 2

  76. Spider-Man Vs Green Goblin Behind The Scenes

  77. words to the tribe

  78. Grifters Throat-Cut John Cusack Test - Part One

  79. Creating Ice Block "Thing"

  80. Thank You!

  81. Creating The Blob Suit Wolverine X-Men Origins

  82. Creating Autopsy Thing

  83. AVPR Designing Wolf Predator

  84. X-Men First Class- Creating Beast

  85. Creating the Griggs Thing

  86. AVPR Building the Predator Med Kit

  87. Alien Resurrection: Testing Ripley 7 Clone

  88. ALIEN 3 Armwrestle Match

  89. THE THING: On Set With Griggs

  90. Jon Heder and 'The Visitant' Tour ADI!

  91. X-Men First Class Beast Make-Up Test

  92. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (Polyphemus Head Test)

  93. AVPR Designing Wolf Predator Mask

  94. Fire City!

  95. Meet the Batmobile!

  96. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - Designing Tyson

  97. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters The Oracle On Set Rehearsal

  98. AVP Building The Mini Queen

  99. Harbinger Down Receives Additional Funding From Dark Dunes Productions!