1. Circles-Zephrah Soto [Original]

  2. White Christmas - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  3. You-The Pretty Reckless (cover)

  4. Can't Be Friends-Trey Songz (Cover)

  5. Make Me Wanna Die-The Pretty Reckless (Cover)

  6. Not Tomorrow-Silent Hill (Piano Cover)

  7. California Gurls (Remix)-Katy Perry

  8. World of Chances-Demi Lovato (Cover)

  9. Stay-Miley Cyrus (Cover)

  10. Imagine-John Lennon (Cover)

  11. Si me vers avaient des ailes - Reynaldo Hahn

  12. What's Wrong-Zephrah Soto [Original]

  13. How Would You Feel?-Zephrah Soto [Original] NYCLU Entry

  14. Camp Rock 2-Can't Back Down-Demi Lovato (GMA Summer Series Concert)-Crowd View

  15. Dreaming With A Broken Heart-John Mayer (Cover)

  16. Butterfly Fly Away-Miley Cyrus (Cover)

  17. Empty Frames-Davion Farris (Piano Cover)

  18. Angel-Zephrah Soto [Original]

  19. Breakeven-The Script (Cover)

  20. Remember December-Demi Lovato (Cover)

  21. Love Just Is-Hilary Duff (Cover)

  22. Never Say Never-The Fray (Cover)

  23. Already Gone-Kelly Clarkson ; Halo-Beyonce Medley (Cover)

  24. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

  25. Voice In Salem-Zephrah Soto [Original]

  26. To Zanarkand-Final Fantasy X (Piano Cover)

  27. Long Time Sun-Snatam Kaur

  28. Frulingsglaube by Franz Schubert [G Major]