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  1. Pakistan: Rampant Killings of Shia by Extremists

  2. Kenya: Factory Poisons Community

  3. Syria: Armed Groups Send Children into Battle


  5. MADE IN THE USA: Child Labor & Tobacco

  6. [Private Video]

  7. China: Address Enduring Legacy of Tiananmen Massacre

  8. Bahrain: A System of Injustice

  9. Yemen: Migrants Held at 'Torture Camps'

  10. Philippines Death Squad Killings -- Interview with Former Hitman

  11. US: "Don't Call 911"

  12. Malaysia: Court to Rule on Transgender Rights

  13. Japan: Children in Institutions Denied Family Life

  14. Bangladesh: Elections Scarred by Violence

  15. India: Marginalized Children Denied Education

  16. Florida: Teens in Adult Justice System

  17. US: Send Detainees Home to Yemen

  18. Nepal: End Crackdown on Tibetans

  19. UK: Domestic Workers Trapped and Abused

  20. Confronting Evil: Genocide in Rwanda

  21. Senegal: Stop Forced Child Begging


  23. North Korea: Accounts from Camp Survivors

  24. Россия: Олимпиада на фоне гомофобного насилия

  25. US: For-Profit Probation Tramples Rights of Poor

  26. Russia: Gay Men Beaten on Camera

  27. Uganda: Rights at Risk in New Mining Region

  28. Ukraine: Police Attacked Dozens of Journalists, Medics

  29. Kyrgyzstan: Police Torture Gay Men

  30. Syria

  31. Russia: Village Cut Off by Sochi Olympic Construction

  32. Lebanon: Syrian Conflict Increases Tensions in Tripoli

  33. Dirty Needles Spike AIDS Epidemic in New Orleans

  34. Cambodia: Drug Centers Detain, Abuse 'Undesirables'

  35. Zanele Muholi, Visual Activist

  36. Iran: Protect Afghan Refugees and Migrants

  37. Zimbabwe: Water and Sanitation Crisis

  38. Senegal: Cancer Patients Suffer Needlessly

  39. Signs for a Good Education

  40. End Military Use of Schools

  41. Colombia: Victims Threatened for Reclaiming Land

  42. Yemen: End Child Marriage

  43. Russia: Discrimination Against People With Disabilities, Despite Sochi

  44. Azerbaijan: Crackdown on Civil Society

  45. Children's Lives at Risk in Tanzania's Gold Mines

  46. Egypt: Mass Attacks on Churches

  47. Egypt: Excessive Lethal Force

  48. Egypt: Deaths, Chaos as Security Forces Clear Protests

  49. Egypt: Government Must Avoid Using Force With Protestors

  50. Bangladesh: Security Forces Kill Protesters

  51. Egypt: Arrests of Syrians Raise Deportation Fears

  52. World Bank: Ducking Human Rights Issues

  53. Turkey: Unlawful Use of Teargas

  54. Egypt: Epidemic of Sexual Violence

  55. China: End Involuntary Rehousing, Relocation of Tibetans

  56. Tanzania: Police Abuse, Torture, Impede HIV Services

  57. Morocco/Western Sahara: Dubious Confessions, Tainted Trials

  58. Greece: Abusive Crackdown on Migrants

  59. Syria: Agencies Should Send Aid Where Most Needed

  60. Governments Should Ratify Domestic Workers Treaty

  61. Syria: Attacks on Schools Endanger Students

  62. Syria: Bodies in Aleppo's River

  63. Libya: Seize Chance to Protect Women's Rights

  64. Mozambique: Protect the Rights of Farmers Resettled for Coal Mines

  65. US: Left Out of Immigration Reform

  66. 2013 New York Film Festival

  67. Syria: Visit Reveals Torture Chambers

  68. Lebanon: Tit-for-Tat Border Kidnappings

  69. US: Raised on the Sex Offender Registry

  70. Syria: 84 Dead in Unlawful Aleppo Attacks

  71. Uganda: No Justice for April 2011 Killings

  72. Turkey: Justice Central to Kurdish Peace Process

  73. Tightening the Screws: Clampdown on Russia's Civil Society

  74. Syrian Air Force Bombing Civilians

  75. DR Congo: Victims, Activists Respond to Warlord's Surrender

  76. Cameroon: Abuses in 'Homosexuality' Prosecutions

  77. Dignity Overdue: Decent Work for Domestic Workers

  78. Child Marriage: South Sudan

  79. Yemen: Juvenile Offenders Face Execution

  80. Indonesia: Violence Against Religious Minorities

  81. Sri Lanka: Rape of Tamil Detainees

  82. Syria: Missiles Kill More Than 140

  83. Film Festival Trailer London

  84. Cameroon: Stop Threats to Lawyers

  85. Justice Trailer

  86. Yemen: Unpunished Massacre

  87. Russia Sochi: People & Power


  89. India: Sexual Abuse of Children

  90. Human Rights Watch World Report 2013 [full version]

  91. US: DC Police Fail Rape Victims

  92. Italy Sends Kids Back to Bad Conditions in Greece

  93. Palestinian Rockets Unlawfully Targeted Israeli Civilians

  94. Israel: Unlawful Attacks on Palestinian Media

  95. Ukraine: Attacks on LGBT Protest

  96. UN: Ban Ki-Moon Condemns Homophobia

  97. Iran: Activists Flee Harassment, Prison

  98. Sudan: Civilians Killed, Injured

  99. Israel/Gaza: Israeli Airstrike on Home Unlawful

  100. Pull the Plug on Killer Robots

  101. Egypt: Impunity After Deadly Protests

  102. Napalm, White Phosphorus & the Case to Ban Incendiary Weapons

  103. Syria: More Cluster Bomb Attacks

  104. Libya: Bloody Vengeance in Sirte

  105. Cluster Bombs Dropped in Syria

  106. US: Teens in Solitary Confinement

  107. Bangladesh: Toxic Tanneries

  108. Gaza: Arbitrary Arrests, Torture, Unfair Trials

  109. Ghana: Abuse of People with Disabilities

  110. Bangladesh: Discriminatory Marriage Laws

  111. Libyans Tell of Torture, Rendition by US

  112. Syria: Scores Killed in Bakery Attacks (***VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

  113. Syria: Bombing Kills More Than 40 Civilians

  114. HRW's Anna Neistat in Aleppo

  115. Russia: Disability Rights Activists

  116. Burmese Security Forces Target Muslims

  117. One Billion Forgotten

  118. Cops Arrest Sex Workers for Carrying Condoms

  119. Child Migrants Detained in Malta

  120. Xenophobic Violence in Greece

  121. UN Secretary General Addresses LGBT Rights

  122. Syria's Torture Centers Revealed

  123. Libya: Abu Salim Prison Massacre Remembered

  124. Philippines: Abuses Go Unpunished

  125. Ethiopia: Indigenous People Forced From Land

  126. Egypt: Elections and Human Rights

  127. US: Farmworkers Face Sexual Abuse

  128. Peru: Disability Rights

  129. Thailand: Two Years After Crackdown, No Justice

  130. Libya: Unacknowledged Deaths

  131. Yemen: Detained, Tortured, and Disappeared

  132. Azerbaijan and Eurovision: Behind the Propaganda

  133. Syria War Crimes

  134. Bringing Charles Taylor to Justice

  135. Sudan: Blue Nile Attacks

  136. Webby Awards 2012

  137. Bosco Ntaganda - Wanted for War Crimes

  138. Syria: Extrajudicial Executions

  139. John Meletse - Deaf HIV Activist

  140. Syria: Army Uses Residents as Human Shields

  141. Syria: Army Planting Banned Landmines

  142. Landmines in Libya

  143. Azerbaijan: Forced Evictions

  144. Somalia: Child Soldiers

  145. Palestinian Residency Control

  146. World Report 2012, Q & A - Cairo

  147. World Report 2012 - Cairo


  149. Human Rights Watch Film Festival Trailer

  150. Tyranny Has a Witness

  151. Facing Power

  152. Schools As Battlegrounds

  153. Film Festival: New York, June 2011

  154. Eyewitness

  155. Youth Producing Change London 25-26 March, 2011


  157. World Report 2011

  158. Youth Producing Change 2010

  159. Dignity Overdue - Decent Work for Domestic Workers

  160. Youth Producing Change London 19-20 March 2010

  161. World Report 2010

  162. Tim Hetherington: In His Own Words

  163. Youth Producing Change 2009

  164. Red Hand Campaign

  165. Central African Republic: Rogue Chadian Peacekeepers Facilitate Armed Leaders' Movement

  166. Russia: Blind Commuter Faces Obstacles Every Day

  167. 2014 New York Film Festival