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  1. Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center

  2. Season of Grass: The Prairie Rejuvinated after a Prescribed Burn

  3. Feeding the World: Collaboration with Australia

  4. Australians visit Kansas State University to learn about eXtension

  5. Early Weaning Calves

  6. David Everitt, John Deere President on Feeding a Hungry World

  7. Oakley CL Wheat Variety

  8. Farm Succession Planning

  9. Global Food System

  10. Steps of No Till Yield with Randy Anderson

  11. Chemical Weed Control Publication

  12. Beta Agonist Research Update

  13. Heat Tolerance Wheat Research

  14. New Breed of Canola

  15. Hybrid Wheat Agreement With Bayer Crop Science

  16. Chris Reinhardt on Beta - Agonist

  17. World Food Day

  18. Environmental Impact on Cattle

  19. How Can Your Stocker Operation Fit

  20. Farm Safety with Kerri Ebert

  21. Zambia Value Chain Vincent Amanor Boadu

  22. Life Expectancy of The Ogallala

  23. Wheat Genetics Resource Center at K State

  24. Sonny Ramaswamy on Feeding The World by 2050

  25. Dave Lalman, Match Production to Environment

  26. Grafting Tomatoes: Overview

  27. Tomato Grafting: The Process

  28. Grafting Tomatoes: Healing Chamber

  29. Grafting Tomatoes: Controlling Disease

  30. Tomato Grafting: Greenhouse Design

  31. Wheat Harvest in Kansas 2013

  32. Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in Swine

  33. Cattle Worm Control

  34. Canola in Kansas

  35. Alfalfa Weevil

  36. Feed Options For Cow Calf Producer During Unusual Spring

  37. Drought Adjustments for Cattle on Pasture

  38. Museum of Wonder, K-State Animal Sciences and Industry

  39. Museum of Wonder, K-State Department of Agronomy

  40. 1863 Wheat Variety, Kansas State University

  41. Cattle Supplements During Drought

  42. Women Managing The Farm Conference with Vincent Amanor-Boadu

  43. Bale Feeders Minimize Hay Waste

  44. Omega 3 in Ground beef

  45. Bob Larson, Poor Winter Forage Alternatives

  46. High Tunnels: Overview

  47. High Tunnels: Designing

  48. High Tunnels: What to Plant

  49. High Tunnels: Basic Management Considerations

  50. High Tunnels: Intensive Management

  51. High Tunnels: Resources

  52. Row Cover Research for Strawberries

  53. Meat Quality Study with John Gonzalez

  54. Cold and Drought causing stress on winter wheat

  55. K-State Research on Serecia Lespedeza

  56. Swine Genome Sequencing

  57. Kansas State Agronomy 2012 Kids Field Day

  58. Replacement Heifers

  59. Erick Dewolf Wheat Disease Loss for 2012

  60. Tool for Measuring Optimum Market Weight

  61. Anita Kobuszewski Author, Food, Field to Fork

  62. Three Methods for Controlling Trees and Brush

  63. Ammoniating Low Quality Forages

  64. McCarty Dairy: Environmental Stewardship

  65. McCarty Dairy: Making an Impact with Community Development

  66. How to Test Your Pond for Blue-green Algae

  67. O H Kruse Feed Tech and Innovation Center

  68. Summer Time Cow Calf Health Management

  69. Ammoniating Wheat Straw

  70. Rural Grocery Store Summit 3

  71. John Fellers Wheat Rust DNA Research

  72. Soil Testing Lab at Kansas State University

  73. Starting a Rural Grocery Store

  74. Barry Flinchbaugh on 2012 Farm Bill

  75. Doug Jardine Corn Nematodes

  76. Sunset Over Kansas Wheat

  77. USDA Wind Erosion Lab Dedication

  78. Walt Fick Early Pasture Burning

  79. E- Coli Grant Announcement

  80. Cellulosic Biofuels Research

  81. Irrigating Above The Ogallala Aquifer

  82. Dr. John Floros, Future Dean K-State College of Ag

  83. Scott Staggenborg

  84. Bikram Gill and Wheat Genetic Genomic Resource Center

  85. Project Good Neighbor

  86. Eye on Agriculture Today: Well Safety Check

  87. Summer Crops Schools--Weed Identification

  88. Beef Quality Assurance: More Strategies for Reducing Disease Transmission

  89. Beef Quality Assurance: Reducing Disease Transmission

  90. Wheat Field Day--Stress Physiology

  91. Wheat Field Day--iWheat Preview

  92. Ammonia Applications on Wheat: Knife Spacings and Spring Topdressing.

  93. K-State Cattle Feeders College

  94. One Class Two Countries

  95. Soil Profiling: Color

  96. Soil Profiling: Structure

  97. Soil Profiling: The Proper Tools

  98. Eye on Agriculture Today: Soybean Genetic Sequencing Technology

  99. Eye on Agriculture Today: Increasing Soybean Yields

  100. Sally Brown Interview

  101. Eye on Agriculture Today--Trichomoniasis

  102. Eye on Agriculture Today--Preventing Trichomoniasis

  103. Ag Innovation Center

  104. Jason Hartman, Smoke Management

  105. Jerry Hatfield Alumni Fellow

  106. Walt Fick Smoke Management

  107. Jeff Davidson on Smoke Management Plan

  108. Anatomy of Prairie Burning

  109. Eye on Agriculture Today: Controlling Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp

  110. Grassland Fire Management

  111. Eye On Agriculture Today: Broadleaf Weed Control in Roundup Ready Corn

  112. Eye on Agriculture Today: Comparative Mapping of Vegetative Growth (Part 2)

  113. Eye on Agriculture Today: Comparative Mapping of Vegetative Growth (Part 1)

  114. Eye on Agriculture Today: Vertical Tillage

  115. Agricultural Development Team 3

  116. Eye on Agriculture Today: Beef Stocker Day 2010

  117. Eye on Agriculture Today: Soil Texture By Feel

  118. Eye on Agriculture Today: Insect Field Research

  119. Eye on Agriculture Today: Change in the Beef Industry

  120. Testing Endophyte Infected Tall Fescue

  121. Ag Tech Field Day

  122. Buhler School Research Vegetable Garden

  123. Beef Cattle Institute

  124. Eye on Agriculture Today: 2010 Wheat Performance Test

  125. Dupont Grain Sorghum Herbicide Field Tour

  126. Eye on Agriculture Today: Toxic Weeds in Hay and Pastures

  127. Eye on Agriculture Today: Cattail Caterpillars

  128. Eye on Agriculture Today: Root Lesion Nematodes in Corn

  129. Temple Grandin Speaks

  130. What's Agronomy?

  131. A Day in the Life of an Agronomy Student

  132. Crop and Soil Judging Competition Teams

  133. Farmers Market EBT Program in Kansas

  134. Grains for Hope

  135. "Preventing Pullorum Typhoid: It's Everyone's Responsibility" (Part 1)

  136. "Preventing Pullorum Typhoid: It's Everyone's Responsibility" (Part 2)

  137. Kansas Wheat Plot Tour

  138. Heat vs Chemical Treatment in Flour Mills

  139. Improvements in Wheat Genetics Research

  140. Jeff Whitworth Cattail Caterpillar

  141. Naomi Oreskes: "Merchants of Doubt" (Part 6 of 6)

  142. Naomi Oreskes: "Merchants of Doubt" (Part 5 of 6)

  143. Naomi Oreskes: "Merchants of Doubt" (Part 4 of 6)

  144. Naomi Oreskes: "Merchants of Doubt" (Part 3 of 6)

  145. Naomi Oreskes: "Merchants of Doubt" (Part 2 of 6)

  146. Naomi Oreskes: "Merchants of Doubt" (Part 1 of 6)

  147. NACAA 2011

  148. Farmers Market

  149. K-State PhD Recipient Recognized For Innovative Dissertation

  150. K-State Agronomy Kids Field Day 2011

  151. Kansas State Beef Stocker Field Day

  152. Stretching Forage In Winter

  153. Climate Change: Gene Takle Presentation

  154. Climate Change: J. Arbuckle Presentation

  155. Windbreak Renovations

  156. Sow Gestation Stalls

  157. Crop Quality Control with Plant Analysis

  158. Peterson Brothers and Family on Ag Today

  159. Erick Dewolf Wheat Disease Loss for 2012

  160. ASA 2013 Annual Meeting Promo

  161. Swipe Out Hunger Announcement 2012

  162. Sericea Lespedeza

  163. Museum of Wonder, K-State Department of Agronomy

  164. Written vs Oral Lease

  165. DDG's For Hogs

  166. [Private Video]

  167. Wheat Seed Quality for Next Year's Harvest

  168. Wheat Variety Disease Insect Ratings

  169. Basics of Terrace Maintenance

  170. Drought Tolerant Corn Randall Nelson

  171. Pakistani Businessmen Visit K-State for Khapra Beetle Training Program

  172. 2012 Swine Day - Wheat Midds and Soyhulls

  173. 2012 Swine Day - The Role of Host Genetics for Improved Resistance to PRRS

  174. 2012 Swine Day - Feed Processing, Improvest and Marketing

  175. 2012 Swine Day - Feed Additives

  176. 2012 Swine Day - Vitamin D Update

  177. 2012 Swine Day - DDGS

  178. 2012 Swine Day - Vitamin E and Carnitine/Chromium

  179. 2013 Swine Profitability Conference - The Changing Landscape of the U.S. Swine Industry

  180. 2013 Swine Profitability Conference - 5 Key Changes to Modern Management Practices

  181. 2013 Cattlemen's Day - Keeping Your Farm in the Family for the Next Generation

  182. 2013 Cattlemen's Day - Cattle Market: Short-Run Output and Long Term Prospective

  183. 2013 Swine Profitability Conference - Keeping a Swine Business Going for the Long Haul

  184. 2012 Swine Day - Wheat Midds and Soyhulls

  185. 2012 Swine Day - The Role of Host Genetics for Improved Resistance to PRRS

  186. 2012 Swine Day - Feed Processing, Improvest and Marketing

  187. Animal ID - Swine Hair Collection Instructions

  188. Animal ID - Sheep and Goat Hair Collection Instructions

  189. Animal ID - Cattle Hair Collection Instructions

  190. Six Past U.S. Secretaries of Agriculture at Landon Lecture

  191. Shiga Toxin Research

  192. Alternative Crop Rotations

  193. Rick McNary Feeding a Hungry World

  194. Specialty Crop Insurance Advice

  195. Women Managing Farm Conference

  196. Global Center for Grain Based Foods

  197. K-State Engagement Symposium

  198. IPCC Report on Climate Change with Dr.Chuck Rice

  199. Radio Interview with Dr. Chuck Rice on Climate Change

  200. Anhydrous Ammoniated Straw with Wet Distillers Grain