1. Why We Were Defeated

  2. Georgia Judge Malihi Under Siege

  3. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #72

  4. Barbara From Harlem

  5. Measure Your Life

  6. My God Shall Supply Your Trust

  7. Newt Gingrich is to Mitt Romney The Morning After Pill

  8. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #71

  9. Miki Booth Memoirs of a Community Organizer From Hawaii Released

  10. Doug Vogt's Mega Neutron Bomb On Obama's Eligibility

  11. Prayer Wheel Pt. 2

  12. Rush Limbaugh: Michael Steele An Uppity Negro

  13. Allen West tells Obama to go to Hell

  14. Prayer for Jobs #68

  15. The Book of Mormon Conspiracy

  16. Dr. Manning Interviews Michael Master

  17. All Things True

  18. Newt And Nancy Were Lovers

  19. Satan Pays Extremely Well

  20. Is Newt Gingrich A Closet Birther?

  21. The Birther's Victory In Atlanta Court

  22. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #65

  23. Imus Rips Dr. Manning

  24. Ghetto Bastards

  25. Obama Ignores Etta James

  26. One More Hour of Prayer and Fasting

  27. Carl Swensson Takes Obama To Court For Real

  28. State of the Union Speech Analysis

  29. I am a Pastor of God's People; Don't Call me Uncle Ruckus or Ignorant

  30. Judge Orders Obama to Court, Media Conspiracy

  31. A Righteous Man's Miracle

  32. Understanding Affirmative Action and Dred Scott Racism

  33. Don't Tick Off Newt Gingrich

  34. The Lord Will Make A Way

  35. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #62

  36. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #61

  37. We Need Your Prayers

  38. Ron Paul Ain't Got Nothing to Lose

  39. A Word of Wisdom to Jay Carney

  40. The Presidential Debate Between Manning and Obama

  41. Rick Perry's Defining Moment

  42. Ignorance is as Ignorance Does: The Young Turks

  43. Pastor Manning on the Jimmy Kimmel Show: Newton Leroy McPherson

  44. Fireworks in South Carolina

  45. What is the Similarity Between Newt Gingrich and Muhammed Ali?

  46. Thy Word

  47. The Theology of Theophany

  48. Do Not Pursue Romney's Eligibility

  49. Who are The Young Turks Anyway?

  50. Huntsman Gives 10 Votes to Obama

  51. The 23rd Psalm Blessing

  52. Obama Usurps Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  53. The 2012 Global Power Grab at a Glance

  54. Measuring the Temple

  55. Rush Works for Mitt Romney

  56. Mr. and Mrs. Snake

  57. Dr. James David Manning Interviews 2012 Presidential Candidate Dr. Wiley Drake

  58. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #56

  59. The Obama Effect

  60. Freedom is Popular

  61. The Upcoming Bloody Civil War

  62. Beauty for Ashes Pt.2

  63. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #53

  64. Larry Sinclair - White House First Lady

  65. The 6 In 1 Candidate

  66. Dr. Manning Interviews Michael Master, Author of Rules for Conservatives

  67. Beauty for Ashes

  68. The Miracle of Jobs - Day 51

  69. Does Obama Know he is Satan's Son?

  70. The Word of God to Dr. Laurie Roth

  71. No Winner Last Night

  72. I Challenge This Unjust Law: NDAA

  73. The Prayer Wheel

  74. Time to Obsolete Big Government: Re-Instate Our Constitution

  75. Hillary for VP

  76. Investigate MF Global

  77. The Strait of Hormuz: Political Ploy

  78. The Whole Painful Liberating Truth

  79. Gingrich: Victory or Death

  80. Did Muhammad Ali usurp Malcolm X as favorite son?

  81. Dr. Manning Interviews 2012 Presidential Candidate Dr. Laurie Roth

  82. The Sixth Day Again

  83. Appeal to the Israelites

  84. The Long Distance Runner

  85. Third Report On The Second Civil War

  86. Stand With Me, Stand With The Truth

  87. Racism in the Republican Tea Party

  88. Get A Job

  89. Michael Steele: A Good Use of Racism

  90. Is Ron Paul A Racist?

  91. I Am A Hamite

  92. Investigate MF Global and Solyndra

  93. The Christmas Event of The Year

  94. Son of Satan Your Kingdom Is Coming Down

  95. Las Vegas World Series On Capitol Hill

  96. White Men on Welfare

  97. Newt Gingrich is Newton Leroy McPherson

  98. Prayer for 10,000 Jobs #41

  99. Mike McQueary Testifies