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Issa: Holder Should Come Before House Judiciary to Clarify Fast and Furious Statement

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Uploaded on Oct 16, 2011

Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, went on CBS News Face the Nation to discuss the ongoing Fast and Furious investigation.


  1. Issa: Holder Should Come Before House Judiciary to Clarify Fast and Furious Statement

  2. 2

    Issa Announces Fast and Furious Subpoenas of Holder and the DOJ

  3. 3

    President Obama on Fast and Furious: "I Have Complete Confidence in Attorney General Holder"

  4. 4

    Gowdy on Fox News: Holder Was "Demonstrably False" on Operation Fast & Furious

  5. 5

    Gowdy: Losing Confidence in Justice Dept: Atty General Holder and Fast & Furious

  6. 6

    Holder vs White House: Who Is Accountable?

  7. 7

    Holder Has Not Been Consistent on Fast and Furious

  8. 8

    Issa on MSNBC: Attorney General Holder Mislead Congress Under Oath on Fast & Furious

  9. 9

    Issa on Fox News: Where is Accountability from Justice Dept on "Felony Stupid" Fast & Furious?

  10. 10

    Fast and Furious: Holder's Story vs The Facts

  11. 11

    Issa on Fox News: Did Attorney General Eric Holder Lie Under Oath to Congress?

  12. 12

    Issa on Fox & Friends: New Documents Show Attorney General Holder Knew About Fast & Furious

  13. 13

    New Fast and Furious Documents Show Holder Knew

  14. 14

    When did Eric Holder actually know about Fast and Furious?

  15. 15

    Issa & Gosar: Fast & Furious Investigation Continues

  16. 16

    Fox News Covers New Evidence of Justice Dept. Stonewalling Investigation of Fast & Furious

  17. 17

    Issa on CNN: Obama Administration Stonewalling Public Accountability for Fast & Furious

  18. 18

    Issa on Fox Biz Gives the Latest on Investigations of Fast & Furious, Obama Admin Green Energy Deals

  19. 19

    Issa on Fox News: Americans Deserve Accountability for Deaths by Operation Fast & Furious

  20. 20

    Fast and Furious: Who In The White House Knew?

  21. 21

    Fox Business: Who Is Ultimately Responsible For Operation Fast & Furious?

  22. 22

    Gowdy on Fox Biz: Update on Fast & Furious Investigation, Grenade Sale "Inherently Illegal"

  23. 23

    Issa on Fox News: Update on DOJ's Operation Fast & Furious, Mexican Grenade Scandal

  24. 24

    Fast and Furious Leads to Firing of Top Obama Justice Dept Official

  25. 25

    Fast & Furious: What's next in the investigation

  26. 26

    Issa: Fast and Furious investigation relied on support of whistleblowers

  27. 27

    Fast & Furious: Obama, Holder & the Department of Justice

  28. 28

    Fast & Furious: How it went down

  29. 29

    Fast & Furious: Brian Terry and the human cost of Fast and Furious

  30. 30

    Fast & Furious: Overview of the Investigation

  31. 31

    Obama Justice Dept. Rejects Fallen Agent's Family as Fast & Furious Crime Victims

  32. 32

    Brian Terry: Semper Fidelis & Honor First

  33. 33

    ATF Agent Shared Fast & Furious Info with White House

  34. 34

    "Operation Fast & Furious: The Other Side of the Border" Part 1

  35. 35

    "Operation Fast & Furious: The Other Side of the Border" Part 2

  36. 36

    "Operation Fast & Furious: The Other Side of the Border" Part 3

  37. 37

    Meehan Getting Answers on Fast & Furious: ATF, ICE, DEA, & IRS Involved in Operation

  38. 38

    Gowdy: Why Didn't ATF Interrogate Straw Purchasers Linked to Operation Fast & Furious?

  39. 39

    Chaffetz: When Did ATF Special Agents Know of Guns Walking Across U.S.-Mexico Border?

  40. 40

    Walking Guns into Mexico: How Was This A Good Idea?

  41. 41

    Issa: Getting to the Bottom of Who Authorized & Knew About Deadly Operation Fast & Furious

  42. 42

    Burton: Pushing for Answers on the Obama Admin's Deadly Operation Fast & Furious

  43. 43

    Rep Gosar Previews Today's Oversight Hearing on Operation Fast and Furious

  44. 44

    Issa: How Much Did Attorney General Eric Holder Know About Operation Fast & Furious?

  45. 45

    Gowdy: Investigating Fast & Furious, Holding Those Responsible to Account

  46. 46

    Fast & Furious: Who Knew What, When at the Top of the Obama Admin?

  47. 47

    Fox News Locates Operation Fast & Furious Straw Buyers

  48. 48

    Issa & Grassley to Justice Department: Turn Over "Smoking Gun" Evidence on Fast & Furious

  49. 49

    Issa on Fox News: Updates on Justice Department's Newest Gun Regulations

  50. 50

    Who in Justice Department is Responsible for Operation Fast and Furious?

  51. 51

    Farenthold on Fox News Covers the Obama Administration's Deadly Operation Fast and Furious

  52. 52

    Issa Updates America on Investigation of Operation Fast and Furious

  53. 53

    Chaffetz: "ATF Head Admits Gross Mistakes in Handling of Operation Fast and Furious"

  54. 54

    Oversight Reveals New Details on Deady Gunrunner Investigation

  55. 55

    Fox News: Involvement of More Obama Administration Agencies in Failed Operation Fast & Furious

  56. 56

    ABC's Jake Tapper Presses White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Operation Fast & Furious

  57. 57

    Fox News: The Latest on the Investigation of Operation Fast & Furious

  58. 58

    President Obama's Non-Answer to Deadly Operation Fast and Furious

  59. 59

    ATF Director Will Soon Share His Fast & Furious Facts w/ Oversight Watchdogs

  60. 60

    The Daily Show: "The Fast & The Furious: Mexico Grift"

  61. 61

    CBS News: Deadly Weapons from Operation Fast & Furious Linked to Deaths in Mexico

  62. 62

    Sen. Grassley: Who in the Obama Administration Authorized Failed Operation Fast & Furious?

  63. 63

    Deadly Fast & Furious: Obama Administration Not Holding Anyone Accountable

  64. 64

    Obama Administration's Fast & Furious Sting Operation was Faulty, Potentially Deadly From the Start

  65. 65

    [Private Video]

  66. 66

    "Operation Fast and Furious: Reckless Decisions, Tragic Outcomes." Panel 3

  67. 67

    "Operation Fast and Furious: Reckless Decisions, Tragic Outcomes." Panel 2

  68. 68

    "Operation Fast and Furious: Reckless Decisions, Tragic Outcomes" Panel 1

  69. 69

    Deadly Operation Fast & Furious Shows This Administration's Tragic Incompetence

  70. 70

    We're Delivering Answers on Deadly Obama Administration Fast & Furious Operation

  71. 71

    Breach of Trust: Who Knew About Operation Fast & Furious? Who Authorized It?

  72. 72

    Farenthold: "Operation Fast & Furious Was a Reckless Failure that Cost American Lives"

  73. 73

    Kelly: "Oversight will deliver answers on the Administration's deadly gunrunner operation

  74. 74

    Issa: Obama Administration's Deadly Gunrunner Operation a Deadly Mistake

  75. 75

    Why Did Govt Let Drug Smugglers Get Guns, Kill US Border Agent?

  76. 76

    Oversight Is Delivering Answers on the Administration's Deadly Project Gunrunner

  77. 77

    Issa on Fox News: Americans Have a Right to Know the Truth About Deadly Project Gunrunner

  78. 78

    White House Continues Stonewalling Congressional Investigation on Project Gunrunner

  79. 79

    Issa: We Are Investigating What Went Wrong With Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast & Furious

  80. 80

    Grassley: Justice Dept Continues Stonewalling Investigation of Project Gunrunner

  81. 81

    Project Gunrunner: Who Is Responsible For Failed Sting Operation?

  82. 82

    Issa Grills Attorney General Holder on Operation Fast & Furious and Project Gunrunner

  83. 83

    Project Gunrunner: Obama Administration's Stonewalling Contradicts Claims of Transparent Gov't

  84. 84

    Chaffetz: American People Deserve Answers about Operations Gunrunner and Fast & Furious

  85. 85

    Chaffetz to Napolitano: What Role Did Homeland Security Dept. Play in Fast and Furious?

  86. 86

    Gowdy to Napolitano: What Did You Know About Fast and Furious?

  87. 87

    Issa Grills Obama Homeland Security's Napolitano on Fast and Furious

  88. 88

    What Did Napolitano Know About Fast and Furious?

  89. 89

    Gowdy on Fox News: Holder Must Come Back To Congress To Answer Questions on Fast & Furious

  90. 90

    Chaffetz on Fox News: How Can DHS Sec. Napolitano Claim U.S. Border Is Safer After Fast & Furious?

  91. 91

    Mack Presses Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Fast & Furious

  92. 92

    Senator Cornyn on Fox News: New Docs from Justice Department Raise More Questions on Fast & Furious

  93. 93

    Fox News on Fast & Furious: DOJ Knew About U.S. To Mexico "Gun Walking" Back In 2010

  94. 94

    Gowdy on Fox Business: "Damning Document Dump" from Justice Department on Fast & Furious

  95. 95

    Fox Business on Fast & Furious Admissions from Justice Department

  96. 96

    Senator Grassley Questions Assistant AG Lanny Breuer on Knowledge of Operation #FastandFurious

  97. 97

    Senator Grassley Grills Assistant AG Lanny Breuer on Fast and Furious

  98. 98

    Issa Stands Up for Second Amendment Rights on Real Time with Bill Maher

  99. 99

    Holder: Fast and Furious Not Involved in Agent Terry's Murder?

  100. 100

    Sen. Mike Lee Grills Holder on Fast and Furious

  101. 101

    Cornyn to Holder: Will You Apologize to Murdered Agent Terry's Family?

  102. 102

    Cornyn Grills Holder on Wide Receiver vs Fast and Furious

  103. 103

    Grassley Grills Holder on Operation Fast and Furious

  104. 104

    Grassley: Who In Holder's Justice Department is Accountable for Fast and Furious?

  105. 105

    Family of Murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Still Seeking Answers from Holder, Obama

  106. 106

    Labrador: Eric Holder Should Resign Over Fast and Furious

  107. 107

    Fast and Furious: Grassley and Issa Won't Stop Until Truth Comes Out

  108. 108

    Gosar: We Will Hold Obama Justice Dept & Eric Holder Accountable for Fast and Furious

  109. 109

    Murdered Agent Brian Terry's Family Speaks Out on Holder, Fast and Furious

  110. 110

    How Can Americans Trust AG Holder & the Obama Justice Dept? #FastAndFurious

  111. 111

    AG Holder Still Refuses to Answer Questions on Fast & Furious

  112. 112

    Fast & Furious Fall-Out: Why Is Attorney General Eric Holder Stalling?

  113. 113

    Issa on CNN: Holding Attorney General Holder Accountable for Failed Operation Fast & Furious

  114. 114

    Attorney General Holder, Does The Buck Stop With You?

  115. 115

    Is the Obama Administration Taking Revenge on Fast & Furious Whistleblowers?

  116. 116

    Megyn Kelly & Bill O'Reilly: The Truth Trickles Out in Latest Justice Dept. Document Dump

  117. 117

    Can We Trust Holder's Justice Dept?

  118. 118

    Ross to AG Holder: You Can Delegate Authority, But You Cannot Delegate Responsibility

  119. 119

    New Reports of Justice Dept Laundering Drug Cartel Cash Disturbing, Like Fast & Furious

  120. 120

    Gowdy Questions AG Holder on Key Players Involved with Fast & Furious

  121. 121

    Issa: An incompetent 'Justice' lets facts fall through the cracks

  122. 122

    Issa Pushes Holder for Truth on Handling of Fast and Furious

  123. 123

    Issa on Fast & Furious: AG Holder and DOJ Continue To Delay Oversight Investigation

  124. 124

    Chaffetz to AG Holder: Where Is Communication B/W DOJ, Obama Administration, & Mexican Gov't?

  125. 125

    Gowdy to AG Holder: Wiretaps for Operation Fast & Furious and Hierarchy of Key DOJ Players

  126. 126

    House Judiciary Committee Hearing "Oversight of Department of Justice" Part 3

  127. 127

    House Judiciary Committee Hearing "Oversight of Department of Justice" Part 2

  128. 128

    House Judiciary Committee Hearing "Oversight of Department of Justice" Part 1

  129. 129

    Issa on MSNBC: Fast & Furious Leadership Yet To Be Held Accountable

  130. 130

    Issa with Jorge Ramos: American People Still Waiting for Answers from Justice Dept on Fast & Furious

  131. 131

    On Fast & Furious: Where Is Transparency & Cooperation from Obama's Justice Department?

  132. 132

    Labrador on Univision: Updates on Holding Justice Dept. Accountable for Fast & Furious

  133. 133

    Gowdy on Fox News: We Don't Have Confidence in AG Holder's Leadership

  134. 134

    CNN: Is Fast and Furious Obama's Watergate?

  135. 135

    ISSA: Holder will be held in contempt if DOJ doesn't comply with Fast and Furious Subpoena

  136. 136

    Issa on Fox News: AG Holder Will Answer for Fast & Furious This Thursday

  137. 137

    Holder Will Answer for Stonewalling Fast & Furious Accountability on Feb 2

  138. 138

    Issa on Fox News: DOJ Official Will Plead the Fifth Next Week at Fast & Furious Hearing

  139. 139

    [Private Video]

  140. 140

    Issa on Fox News: Top AZ Justice Department Official Will Plead the 5th on Fast & Furious

  141. 141

    GOP Oversight Subpoenas AZ Justice Dept. Official Over Operation Fast & Furious

  142. 142

    A Year of Stonewalling from AG Holder: Americans Deserve Better

  143. 143

    Burton to AG Holder: Thousands of Missing Docs, Why Are You Stonewalling Oversight Investigation?

  144. 144

    McHenry to AG Holder: 13 Months After The Fact, What Action Will You Take & When?

  145. 145

    AG Eric Holder's Opening Statement During "Fast & Furious: Management Failures at DOJ"

  146. 146

    Chaffetz to AG Holder: How Will We Solve Problems Within DOJ If There's Communication Lacking?

  147. 147

    Buerkle to AG Holder: You Must Be Held Accountable For Fast & Furious Failure & Agent Terry's Murder

  148. 148

    Desjarlais to AG Holder: Stonewall City - Why Is DOJ Holding Back Information On Fast & Furious?

  149. 149

    [Private Video]

  150. 150

    Gosar to AG Holder: You Can't Just Slap Someone's Hand & Say 'Don't Do That Again'

  151. 151

    Meehan to AG Holder: Getting to the Bottom of Who Knew What & When - Fast & Furious

  152. 152

    How Can Taxpayers Know Fast & Furious Truth If Holder Won't Deliver the Facts?

  153. 153

    Kelly to AG Holder: How Will You Regain Trust of American People After Failed Fast & Furious?

  154. 154

    Farenthold to AG Holder: No One Disciplined, No One Fired - That's Bad Management

  155. 155

    Issa: Documents Show DOJ Discussion of Coordinating Gun Walking Into Mexico

  156. 156

    Gowdy to AG Holder: Here Is Proof Of Main Justice's Knowledge Of Fast & Furious - Part 1

  157. 157

    Ross to AG Holder: As Head Of Top Law Enforcement Agency In U.S., You Are Responsible

  158. 158

    Gowdy to AG Holder: Here Is Proof Of Main Justice's Knowledge Of Fast & Furious - Part 2

  159. 159

    2-2-12 AG Holder Rant to Rep. Labrador

  160. 160

    Lankford to AG Holder: Necessary Reform to DOJ to Avoid Failed Operations, Like Fast & Furious

  161. 161

    Fast and Furious: Management Failures at the Department of Justice - Part 2

  162. 162

    Fast and Furious: Management Failures at the Department of Justice - Part 1

  163. 163

    Issa: DOJ Only Passed Along 8% of 80,000 Pages of Documents to Oversight

  164. 164

    Issa: AG Holder Refuses To Discipline DOJ Officials Responsible For Fast & Furious

  165. 165

    Issa & Gowdy: No One in the Justice Department Has Been Held Accountable

  166. 166

    Fox News: Where is Truth from DOJ? Sealed Wire Tap Applications in Operation Fast & Furious

  167. 167

    AG Holder, the Failure of Fast & Furious is Your Responsibility

  168. 168

    Main Justice Is Not Exempt From Responsibility for Fast & Furious

  169. 169

    Issa: Murdered Agent Zapata's Family Speaks Out, Demands Accountability Fast & Furious

  170. 170

    Fox News Reports -- Most Damning Evidence Yet on Deadly Operation Fast & Furious?

  171. 171

    Catch and Release: Fast & Furious Let Major Suspect Go Free?

  172. 172

    Fox News Covers "Catch & Release" of Fast and Furious Gun Traffickers

  173. 173

    Issa Addresses 2012 NRA Convention -- Updates on Operation Fast & Furious

  174. 174

    Chaffetz on Fast and Furious: "We Can't Just Issue Subpoenas & Have Them Totally Ignored By DOJ"

  175. 175

    Issa on Fast and Furious: We Will Hold DOJ Accountable Until American People Get Answers

  176. 176

    House Cuts Holder Justice Dept Salaries for Fast & Furious Stonewalling

  177. 177

    Holding Eric Holder Accountable for Operation Fast and Furious

  178. 178

    Chaffetz: Holder Ignoring Fast and Furious Subpoena is "Total Embarrassment"

  179. 179

    Goodlatte to Holder: What are Consequences for Senior DOJ Officials Who Knew Abt Fast & Furious?

  180. 180

    Gowdy to Holder: U.S. Attorney General Should Not Be Guided By Politics

  181. 181

    Rep. Poe to Holder: How Many Mexican People Have Been Killed From Fast & Furious Gun Trafficking?

  182. 182

    Chaffetz: Will AG Holder Explain His 'Reasonable' Conclusion From New Fast & Furious Docs?

  183. 183

    Issa to AG Holder: Who Is Responsible for Operation Fast & Furious?

  184. 184

    Issa on Fox Biz: Getting to Fast & Furious Truth, Exposing Obama's 'Green Jobs' Fiction

  185. 185

    Fox News Covers Heated Issa-AG Holder Exchange on Fast & Furious

  186. 186

    Issa on Fox News: Fast & Furious - Not About Contempt, It's About Legitimate Discovery

  187. 187

    Gowdy on Holder Fast and Furious Contempt: It's Way Beyond Politics

  188. 188

    Fast and Furious Whistleblower Breaks Silence

  189. 189

    Issa: Moving Forward with Holder Contempt for Fast And Furious

  190. 190

    Cummings: On Fast and Furious - "I Shall Not Rest Until All of That Is Addressed"

  191. 191

    Issa Finds DOJ "Serious Wrongdoing": Holder Contempt Vote

  192. 192

    "Who Knew About This?" -Rep. Burton on Fast & Furious Contempt

  193. 193

    "Our Job is to Find Out What Went Wrong" -Rep. Mica on Fast & Furious

  194. 194

    "Justice Department Continues to Withhold" -Rep. Connie Mack on Holder Contempt

  195. 195

    "Show Us What You Have" -Rep. Chaffetz to Holder on Fast & Furious

  196. 196

    Holder's Compromise Offer is "Impossible" - Rep. Walberg on Fast & Furious Contempt

  197. 197

    "Who Will be Held Responsible?" -Rep. Lankford on Fast & Furious Contempt

  198. 198

    "Deliver the Facts to the American People" -Rep. Buerkle

  199. 199

    Fast and Furious was "Fatally Flawed" -Rep. Meehan on Holder Contempt

  200. 200

    "No One is Above the Law" -Rep. Gosar on Holder's Contempt


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