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[]You Belong With Me[] Chapter 28 - JB love story

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Published on Jul 15, 2012

Hey! Sorry it's been way too long since we last posted this :S Hopefully, this makes up for it. My collab partner, theregirockz left to go on vacation, so it's harder to write more for this story! but we'll try :)
Chapter 28-You Belong with Me

Written by: Theregirockz(:
Video by: Imabelieberxo94(:

11:30 pm.

Ren's POV:

Everyone was asleep and so was I. Well at least I was supposed to be, it's just that I...can't sleep. Too much was on my mind, I guess we all have those kinds of days. I tried calling my mom three times in the past three days but she hasn't seemed to be answering and when I call the hospital they always say that she's sleeping. *sigh* I shouldn't be over reacting; I know she'll be fine. Now what really bothered me was what I've done to my friendship with Layla. I've never shouted at her like that and I'm seriously not that happy that I've started this. I should've just not let her eat. No. I did the right thing she shouldn't be so hung over a guy. What am I saying? It's Justin Bieber I don't think anyone can get over it. I guess it's just because it's Layla. She's like full girl power and it just so shady to see her like this. Let me just tell you this, you probably don't know this about her she's like a Disney princess she always wishes for something enchanting, in other words she kind of pulls a Taylor Swift without showing it. Haha funny right?

Tonight was a full moon and it looked beautiful as ever. I tried closing my eyes but I always end up opening them where my mind wanders off into these random situations. I just couldn't sleep. I tried blanket. No blanket. Side ways.No pillow. With pillow. I just can't sleep! After having thinking what can happen this late at night I decided I needed some air.

I tiptoed slowly across Layla's bed. Everything was going fine till I banged into the stupid door. Did I mention it freaking hurt! I seemed to not woken anyone up so I continued. I went down to the lobby straight out the door to a very floral garden where it says "no trespassing" I shrugged and decided to pass and that's when I heard....this beautiful sound, I followed it that led to a bench next to a small pond. I was mesmerized.The way his fingers strummed the guitar so gently, the way his voice stole my heart away, the way he stared at the moonlight when he sang. It was breathtaking.
I stood behind the bush as he sang:

"Don't just stand there girl I gotta know
Say somethin' if your feeling the vibe
Say somethin' baby don't be so shy
Say somethin' cause youre all in my head like
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah yeah"

Until a squirrel came out of nowhere and scared the life out me! I fell down stright into the bushes like a klutz I am...
"Oww" I loudly whispered. I heard footstep and tried to scurry off but I was too late.
"Ren is that you?"
I stood up embarrassingly and said, "Yeah." I tried to smile.
"W-what are you doing here?" He tried to cover his guitar which I laughed inside my head of course.
"I couldn't sleep so I thought I catch some air..."
"Ohhh"is all he could say. There was small pause.
"A-Austin I'm so sorr—"
"Save it. I'm glad you're here." He grinned.

It was silent all we heard were the crickets all around us and the moon shining down on us. We stood arms length away with my sweating hands in my pocket (way to stay cool Ren) and with him holding his guitar. As much as it was a remarkable moment it was intensely awkward. I felt like a total idiot I should've just stayed in bed. Why do I get myself into this? But how could I not? I couldn't lay my eyes off him. To tell you the truth HE was one of the reasons why I couldn't sleep. I never really liked someone throughout my whole life because I had more important things on my mind and did I mention that guys in my school are so shallow. But after all these years of being friends with Layla how did I not realize him. Austin. The one that gave me butterflies in my stomach. The one who saw me at my worst and yet still stood beside me. The one. The one who is my best friend. I paused. Nothing more. I tried to think. I can't have love get in the way I have other things to worry about I know he would never like me I'm his sister's friend that's just so typical. Until...

He took my hand and at that moment I was paralyzed. He looked at me straight in the eyes and asked,
"D-did you like the song?"
Hope you liked!(: 5 comments?

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