1. USS Guardian Change of Command

  2. Sasebo Halloween Festival

  3. Sasebo's First Special Olympics

  4. Command Financial Specialist Training

  5. AFN Sasebo Spooky News

  6. Emergency Vehicle Operators Course

  7. Countermeasure Washdown System

  8. Commander, Pacific Fleet Visits CFAS

  9. CNFJ Fire Department Teaches Fire Safety

  10. Clear Horizon 2012

  11. CFAS Celebrates Navy's Birthday

  12. USS Patriot Conducts Minesweep Exercises

  13. Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

  14. "Tour de Sasebo"

  15. Auxiliary Security Force Academy

  16. Warrant Officer Pippen's Commissioning Ceremony

  17. CFAS Promotes Traffic Safety

  18. Firefighter Confined Spaces Drill

  19. September Month in Review

  20. U.S. Embassy Visits USS Guardian

  21. PSD Helps Sailors Advance Their Careers

  22. Bomb Threat Evacuation Drill

  23. CFAS Upgrades Movie Theater

  24. Typhoon Sanba Hits CFAS

  25. CFAS Chief Pinning

  26. View of Typhoon Sanba from the roof of AFN Sasebo

  27. Commander, Navy Installation Command Visits CFAS

  28. Change Of Command Ceremony for Mine Countermeasures Squadron-7

  29. 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

  30. Energy Conservation Tip

  31. CFAS Chaplains support Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

  32. Imagination Movers Visit CFAS

  33. Naturalization Ceremony, CFAS

  34. Predeployment Brief And Picnic

  35. Energy Conservation Tip

  36. August Month in Review

  37. Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs holds All Hands Call in Sasebo

  38. Sailors use development tools

  39. Energy Conservation Tip

  40. CFAS Security Dispatch Keeps the Base Safe

  41. Navy Entertainment Brings Music to CFAS

  42. CFAS Sailors attend Retirement Transition Assistance Program

  43. Seabees "Can Do" in Sasebo

  44. The Lights are On, But Nobody's Home!

  45. Firefighters and Germantown Sailors conduct shipboard drills

  46. LCAC Proficiency Training

  47. Sasebo Chief Selectees COMREL

  48. Weekly Energy Conservation Tip

  49. Seventh Fleet Band performs for Sasebo

  50. Commissioning Ceremony For Naval Beach Unit Seven

  51. Sailors join Japanese Motorcycle Police for safety course

  52. Sasebo Community Enjoys Annual Seaside Festival

  53. This week's energy tip: Unplug it!

  54. Sailors onboard USS Avenger run CBR drills

  55. Kyushu Explorer: Saikai Pearl Sea Resort

  56. Energy Conservation Press Tour

  57. Sasebo's Newest Chief Selects

  58. Sailors from USS Avenger hold a picnic in Nimitz Park

  59. Weekly Energy Conservation Tip

  60. Navy College Graduation for Sasebo Sailors

  61. On the Hunt...the hunt for mines!

  62. July Month in Review Newscast

  63. Sailors on USS Avenger perform Sea and Anchor Detail

  64. Sports Day 2012

  65. Energy Conservation Tip

  66. CFAS Conducts ITT Drill

  67. Enginemen Keep USS Guardian Moving Towards the Fight

  68. Energy Conservation Tip

  69. CFAS Energy Conservation

  70. CFAS Strives for Energy Conservation

  71. USS Patriot has a change of command ceremony.

  72. The Navy Munitions Command Works with Japanese Master Labor Contractors

  73. Chiefs celebrate Year of the Chief Bowling Tournament

  74. CFAS Open Base: 4th of July

  75. Rolling Blackouts for the Kyushu Area

  76. USS Germantown's Homecoming

  77. Change of Command Ceremony

  78. June Month in Review Newscast

  79. Chief Plant's Retirement

  80. Sailors from Port Operations prepare CFAS for typhoon

  81. CFAS Sailors Learn to Make Positive Life Choices

  82. Sasebo Got Talent show

  83. CFAS Sailors Celebrate Hospital Corpsman Birthday

  84. Seabees Help Clean Up CFAS

  85. Jack N. Darby students showcase talents for classmates

  86. CFAS, Frocking

  87. CFAS Sailors Participate In Community Relations Project

  88. USS Bonhomme Richard Sailors adjust to new equipment

  89. Kyushu Explorer: Food Edition

  90. New 7th Fleet Commander makes first visit to Sasebo

  91. Military Spouse Appreciation Day

  92. Summer Safety Fair

  93. May 2012 Month in Review

  94. CFAS holds Open Base at Yokose for Saikai Citizens

  95. CFAS Participates in Sasebo's Soto Dam Memorial Ceremony

  96. Phil Fraser, Education Services Director, Helps CFAS Sailors

  97. US and Japan Friendship Concert

  98. Community Day at Hario

  99. Personal Readiness Summit Comes to Sasebo