1. Identity Festival 2012!

  2. Omarion Dance pt. 1

  3. 6 8 12(cover)-Brian Mcknight

  4. Neighbors Know My Name(Cover)-Trey Songz

  5. Ebon Coast(Cover)-Andy Mckee

  6. A Song for Momma(Cover)-Boyz II Men

  7. Lets play guitar! (lesson 1)

  8. NFL Concussions and the Effect on The Brain

  9. My Cherie Amour(cover)-Stevie Wonder

  10. Sweetest Love(tutorial)-Robin Thicke

  11. Fa la la(cover)-Justin Bieber

  12. 38th Annual Convention Trip

  13. Good times in Pittsburgh

  14. Tender Love(tutorial)-Mishon

  15. "What Your Name Is"(Cover)-Mario

  16. Lost Without You(tutorial)-Robin Thicke

  17. Share My Life-(cover) Kem

  18. Lets Just Be- Miguel/Neyo (Cover)

  19. Psalm 51(Cover)-Chan

  20. Christmas Eve(cover)-Justin Bieber

  21. This Christmas(cover)-Donny Hathaway

  22. Jingle Bells(cover)-BeBe&CeCe Winans

  23. Jingle Bells(tutorial)-Gabe Bondoc version

  24. With You In Mind (cover)-Don Ross

  25. Forever My Lady(tutorial)-Jodeci

  26. This Christmas(tutorial)-Donny Hathaway

  27. "Previous cats"(Tutorial)- Musiq Soulchild

  28. Up 2 you-Chris Brown (cover)

  29. Jesse Powell-you(cover)

  30. (tutorial) Rnb Love- Sammie

  31. One last Cry- Brian Mcknight (cover)

  32. Don't Change-Musiq Soulchild(cover)

  33. Don't change (tutorial)- Musiq Soulchild

  34. Fall Again- Glenn Lewis (cover)

  35. R&B Love- Sammie (Cover)

  36. All I do- B5 ( Tutorial)

  37. Burn- Usher (short cover)

  38. All I do- B5(cover)

  39. My Love Don't Stop- Craig David (cover)

  40. Like Me Real Hard- Mario (Cover)

  41. Tyrese - Lately (cover)

  42. How to play Beautiful- IMX

  43. How to play Half of my Heart- (Gabe Bondoc Cover)

  44. Why I love you -b2k (cover)

  45. Till' Sunset- Isiah Kendall

  46. Beautiful- IMX (Cover)

  47. Harry Potter Theme (cover)

  48. My Confession- Josh Groban (Cover)

  49. Gots to be- B2K (cover)

  50. How to play "Today"- Musiq Soulchild

  51. "Thank you In Advance"(Cover)- Boyz ll Men

  52. Selena-Dreaming of you (Cover)

  53. Pendulum- Isiah Kendall

  54. Can't Be Friends (Cover) -Trey Songz

  55. Pirates of the Caribbean (Cover)

  56. Rehearsal of "Africa"- Toto (Cover)

  57. (Titanic) My Heart Will Go On

  58. "I Cant Make You Love Me"(Cover) Nina

  59. Ribbon in the sky (cover) -Stevie Wonder

  60. Open Mic Night at WSU

  61. "Sun Star" (Cover) - Jesse Boykins III

  62. How to Play "Sun Star" Jesse Boykins III

  63. "Someone" -Musiq Soulchild (Cover)

  64. "Knocks Me Off My Feet" (Cover)- Stevie Wonder

  65. "Greatest Love" (Cover) -Musiq SoulChild

  66. "Today" - Musiq SoulChild (cover)

  67. How to Play "Thank you in Advance" Boyz II Men

  68. How to play "The Christmas Song"- Nat King Cole

  69. The Christmas Song (Cover) -Nat King Cole

  70. How to play "End of the Road" Boyz II Men

  71. PT. 2 How to play "What your name is"- Mario

  72. Pt. 1 How to play "What your name is"- Mario

  73. How to Play "That Girl" Marques Houston

  74. Pt. 2 How to play "Someone to Love" John b. & Babyface

  75. Pt.1 How to play "Someone to Love" John b. & Babyface

  76. How to Play "At night i think of you" (My Boo) Ghost Town DJ

  77. How to play "On top"- Trey Songz

  78. How to Play "Cant Be Friends" Trey Songz

  79. "Happiness" (Cover) - Heronymusic

  80. How to Play "One Last Cry" (Pt. 3 of 3) Brian Mcknight

  81. How to Play "One Last Cry" (Pt. 2of 3) Brian Mcknight

  82. How to Play "One Last Cry" (Pt. 1 of 3) Brian Mcknight

  83. How to play "6,8,12" (Pt. 2) Brian Mcknight

  84. How to play "6,8,12" (Pt. 1) Brian Mcknight

  85. How to play "Let it Rain" -Amanda Marshall

  86. How to play the F# m7 chord (**Request**)

  87. How to Play "Back at One" (song Pt. 1) Brian Mcknight

  88. How to Play "Back At One"(song Pt. 2) Brian Mcknight

  89. "Other half" (original)- Isiah Kendall

  90. How to Play "Back at One" (Intro) Brian Mcknight Pt. 2

  91. How to play "Back at One"(Intro) Brian Mcknight Pt. 1

  92. How to play "On Bended Knee" Boyz 2 Men Pt. 2

  93. How to play "On Bended Knee"- Boyz 2 Men Pt 1

  94. How to play "Georgia On My Mind"-Ray Charles

  95. Musiq Soul Child- "Love" (Cover)

  96. Love-Musiq Soul Child (cover)

  97. Haiti Relief Benifit Concert

  98. How to play "Burn" by Usher

  99. Beauty and the Beast- Tale as old as time (Cover)