1. Improving relationships with external suppliers and internal colleagues

  2. What is GAPPS?

  3. Beyond Presentations: Speaking to Inspire- what participants think?

  4. Beyond Presentations: Speaking to Inspire

  5. BGP cohort July 2012

  6. CPO leadership initiative: Avoiding blind spots in procurement

  7. Next best content: campaigns go personal at Guinness

  8. Sky and online engagement: are we there yet?

  9. Why CRM fails and how to fix it

  10. Customer Experience: Are we measuring the right things?

  11. 2012 Olympics: Delivering the Legacy

  12. Talent Management in Practice

  13. Managing Production Outsourcing Risks in China's Apparel Industry

  14. Investigating customer value as it arises from holistic customer experience

  15. Building KAM in Tetra Pak

  16. High Performing Teams

  17. Strategic Choices for Success

  18. Cranfield on Corporate Sustainability

  19. Develop a Strategy

  20. Best Practices

  21. Exploring the roles of performance measurement systems

  22. Perceptions of Industrial Design

  23. Employee Voice

  24. The language of profit: a different perspective on the supply chain

  25. Managing Global Sourcing Risk

  26. Retail Reverse Logistics

  27. Exploring the motives of company-backed and self-initiated expatriates

  28. Leadership: Managing Diverse Agendas

  29. Outcomes of e-HRM

  30. Generational Differences in Work Values

  31. Ed O' Keefe (Synergy) - How mining companies can address challenges to community relations

  32. Leadership and the Monarchy

  33. Performance Measurement: Where to start

  34. Successful Change Management 10 Steps

  35. Key Process Steps to Identify and Mitigate Risks

  36. Managing Risk through Agile Partnerships

  37. CO3 - Collaboration Concepts for Comodality

  38. Anglo American Case Study

  39. Connecting with social media

  40. From Cranfield School of Management to...

  41. RI Communication Channels 2010 Election

  42. BGP Cohort, Jan 2012

  43. The Future of Privatisation

  44. Releasing the power of social media

  45. Strategy and change at the University of Leeds

  46. Customers Behaving Badly

  47. Leadership and Political Marketing in the Republican Primaries

  48. How do data visuals influence sense-making?

  49. Enhancing the B2B customer journey at RS components

  50. Embedding social media in marketing practice: Reflections and insights

  51. Enjoying each other's company: Social gaming at Rank

  52. Creating and capturing value through social media

  53. Supply Chain: The key to business success

  54. Benefits of membership to the Business Performance Roundtable

  55. Embracing New Skills for IT Managers

  56. Business Innovation with Information Technology

  57. Benefits Management

  58. Strategy Execution

  59. Leadership Role of the CIO

  60. Applications Portfolio

  61. Launching a Brand

  62. From Cranfield School of Management to...

  63. Introduction to the Cranfield MBA

  64. Davies Report: Follow up

  65. Innovation in Justice

  66. The future for value selling

  67. Emerging trends in value co-creation and negotiation

  68. High performance coaching to change performance

  69. Making Strategies Work

  70. The impact of the relationship between the CEO and the R&D function on the culture of innovation

  71. Discussing risk at governance level

  72. The decision process in the financial services industry

  73. Lessons from negotiating with retailers

  74. Delivering your customer strategy: The role of engagement and communication

  75. Maximising the return on multichannel marketing at IBM

  76. Talent recruitment and retention at Tesco

  77. Reflections and challenges facing procurement recruitment during the recession

  78. The Key Account Management Best Practice Club at Cranfield School of Management

  79. Maximising the return on multichannel marketing across sectors

  80. Segmented Supply Chain Strategy at BAT

  81. How BT is dealing with risk in connection with the Olympics Programme

  82. What makes your firm special?

  83. Cranfield does Movember 2011 - The Big Shave Off

  84. Meet past participants from the 2011 BGP

  85. Leadership: What you know or who you know?

  86. How to sustain Lean initiatives in the public sector

  87. Who's wearing the trousers? Serving the autonomous customer

  88. The journey from products to experiences

  89. Successful offshore delivery models within the IT services industry

  90. Collaboration for the Cross Cultural study of Contemporary Careers

  91. Public Sector Advertising: A cut too far?

  92. CRM: Making it work

  93. Global Car Industry: What Next?

  94. Business Performance: Over-emphasis on financials?

  95. Who is on the front foot -- the Buyer or Supplier? The Supplier's perspective

  96. Cranfield School of Management Research Clubs

  97. Open Innovation: Harnessing Assets

  98. Supply Chain Management Key Challenges

  99. Towards great conversations at Sainsbury's