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Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Full length

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Published on Aug 27, 2012

Youth Communication reporters investigate Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's platforms on the economy, health care, gay rights, reproductive rights, and education.
See the story and lesson that accompany this video at http://www.ycteenmag.org/topics/elect...

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  1. 3

    Teens Tell Staff How to Talk About Sex

  2. 4

    Street Harassment: Why Guys Do It

  3. 5

    Nonfiction stories to improve teens' reading and writing skills

  4. 6

    From the Author: Otis Hampton's Letter to His Parents

  5. 7

    Managing Transitions for Teens- Get Tips to Run Your Workshop

  6. 8

    Managing Transitions for Teens - Hear from Workshop Participants

  7. 9

    Nowhere to Go: From Adoption to College to Homelessness

  8. 10

    Youth Communication Program Highlights 2012

  9. 11

    From the Author: Chimore Mack on Losing Cynthia and Larry

  10. 12

    Yusef Salaam Speaks Out on the Central Park Jogger Case

  11. 13

    Youth Communication on Capstone Digital

  12. 14

    Definition of Family

  13. 15

    Let "Gay" Mean Gay

  14. 16

    From the Author: Surviving Child Abuse

  15. 17

    What Makes a Great Teacher?

  16. 18

    Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Education

  17. 19

    Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Reproductive Rights

  18. 20

    Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Gay Rights

  19. 21

    Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Health Care

  20. 22

    Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Economy

  21. Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Full length

  22. 24

    Why Should We Vote?

  23. 25

    Mi Vida in Photographs

  24. 26

    What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

  25. 27

    2012 Awards for Youth in Foster Care

  26. 28

    Fightin' All Day in the RTC

  27. 29

    Women in the Media

  28. 30

    From the Author: Breanna King on College

  29. 31

    Otis's Second Chance

  30. 32

    Q&A with ACS Commissioner Ronald Richter

  31. 33

    Q&A with ACS Commissioner - teaser

  32. 34

    2011 Youth Communication Program Highlights

  33. 35

    Youth Occupy Wall Street

  34. 36

    Gang Life: The Grime Beneath the Glamour

  35. 37

    Nothing Glamorous about Going to Prison

  36. 38

    Does Reading Make You a Nerd...or Make You Heard?

  37. 39

    Teens: Why Do You Read?

  38. 40

    New Morning Show

  39. 41

    Youth Occupy Wall Street

  40. 42

    Activism: Online vs. In-Person Protest

  41. 43

    The Gowanus Canal: A Legacy of Pollution

  42. 44

    YCteen's Toxic Products Slideshow

  43. 45

    New Yorker of the Week

  44. 46

    Rodrick Michaels on Real Men: Urban Teens Write About How to Be a Man

  45. 47

    From the Author: Meaning of Life by Percy Lujan

  46. 48

    From the Author: Writing Poetry by Ashunte Hunt

  47. 49

    From the Author: "Fighting Words" by Margarita Martinez

  48. 50

    From the Author: Bullying by Christian Pimentel

  49. 51

    From the Author: Dirty Dancing by Janill Briones

  50. 52

    From the Author: Janill Briones on the First Amendment

  51. 53

    Youth Communication: The Writing Process

  52. 54

    From the Author: "Crack Baby" by Antwaun Garcia

  53. 55

    From the Author: Anger by Natasha Santos

  54. 56

    Youth Communication: Relevant stories for struggling learners

  55. 57

    Youth Communication: Improve teens' academic performance

  56. 58

    Youth Communication: Promote character education with relevant, nonfiction stories

  57. 59

    Youth Communication: Stories that inspire teens to read and write

  58. 60

    Youth Communication: Engage hard-to-reach teens

  59. 61

    The Write Way to Graduation

  60. 62

    Youth Communication on Independent Sources

  61. 63

    Awards for Youth in Foster Care 2008 (10th Annual)

  62. 64

    Join the Teen Writing Staff of Youth Communication

  63. 65

    Rosie O'Donnell: How art can draw attention to social issues

  64. 66

    Rosie O'Donnell: The Making of America (the movie) Pt 2

  65. 67

    Rosie O'Donnell: The Making of "America" (the movie) Pt 1

  66. 68

    Rosie O'Donnell: Foster Care Reform

  67. 69

    Rosie O'Donnell: Becoming a foster parent

  68. 70

    Poetry Brought Out the Performer In Me

  69. 71

    Excerpt from Hot Girl by Dream Jordan

  70. 72

    Bum-Rushed by the Past

  71. 73

    My School Is Like a Family

  72. 74

    Alonzo Mourning - Awards for Youth in Foster Care

  73. 75

    True Stories by Teens 2 (Pt 2)

  74. 76

    True Stories by Teens (PT 1)

  75. 77

    Changing Lives, One Story at a Time [PT 2]

  76. 78

    Changing Lives, One Story at a Time [PT 1]

  77. 79

    My Crushing Secret

  78. 80

    Bum-rushed By My Past

  79. 81

    They Called Me 'Crack Baby'

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