1. Terranea Drea

  2. Terranea Scuba Diving

  3. Malaga Cove Horn Sharks

  4. malagaHero3

  5. Acoustic Guitar and Reason

  6. Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue on KTLA.mov

  7. Lobster Hunt at Malaga Cove

  8. Compositing Reel for Scott Hale

  9. big bat ray, Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes

  10. Bat Rays at Pt. Dume Pinnacle, Malibu, scuba diving

  11. Anacapa Sea Lions

  12. Corral State Beach, Malibu Scuba Diving

  13. Redondo Rays

  14. Night Scuba Diving Redondo Beach with Baby Octopus.

  15. Tweety rocking out to LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem

  16. Angel Shark in Malibu

  17. Casino Point Scuba Diving in Catalina.

  18. TheTheta Project 2002 (Full Resolution)

  19. Unidentified Squid worm, Night Dive, Malibu Rd.

  20. Jellyfish Family - Escondido Beach Scuba Diving

  21. The Creatures of La Jolla Shores

  22. Scuba Escondido Beach

  23. The Secret of White Point

  24. Cockatiel in flight

  25. Meddlin' Animation

  26. I hate monkeys (Full Resolution)

  27. 2D Animation reel

  28. The Spirit of Alaya video game

  29. Xtraterrestrials Xposed X-Talk (Censored for TV)

  30. Scott Hale's Special FX reel

  31. How To Make A Gourd Drum

  32. Foul

  33. En Movimiento

  34. Kung Futon Documentary Part 1

  35. Alien Arts - Tattoo Artist Profile: Clay McCay

  36. SydBarretHereIGo

  37. Home Alone re-cut (Spoof Trailer)

  38. The Theta Project

  39. Experimental Animation

  40. Respect Your Elders

  41. I Hate Monkeys

  42. You're Late!