1. Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning

  2. Working with JHR in Tanzania - the inside scoop!

  3. Stories take flight: JHR in Northern Ontario

  4. Middle East Video Diary

  5. JHR success in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  6. Thank You for supporting JHR

  7. JHR's work in Liberia

  8. cic

  9. Elections in Sierra Leone

  10. Sierra Leone Elections Drive

  11. Journalists for Human Rights: changing the world, one news story at at time.


  13. THE HOLLEROFF - Hollering Against Sexual Violence in the DRC

  14. Stop Rape in the DRC

  15. Ghanaian Journalism Students Exhibit a Multimedia Project on Refugee Rights

  16. Monkey Business

  17. Basic Twi For Obrunis

  18. Malawi protest: the day after

  19. Funeral of Kumasi's late Chief of Imam

  20. Do the Adowa!

  21. Know Your Rights!

  22. Kapital Radio: The Heart of Music

  23. A Traditional Muslim Wedding Shower

  24. Going to school in Bolgatanga

  25. Behind the Scenes at Kapital Radio

  26. Happy Birthday Kapital Radio!

  27. Lessons on Human Rights Reporting

  28. Children's Rights and Youth Empowerment

  29. Elephants, Crocodiles, Warthogs and More

  30. Republic Day Lake Jam

  31. Abortion and Safe Sex in Ghana

  32. jhr interns visit Operation Hand in Hand

  33. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

  34. Remembering a Revolution

  35. Doomsday Prophecy

  36. Ghanaian Rain Showers - Beauty and Power

  37. How to Make Fufu!

  38. Michael Cooke at the Ghana Institute of Journalism

  39. Dancing to the beat of Kete drums (Pt. 2)

  40. Dancing to the beat of Kete drums (Pt. 1)

  41. Ghanaian Semi-Pro Football

  42. Touring Kapital Radio in Kumasi

  43. Kips in Malawi

  44. Popular Restaurant in Blantyre, Malawi collapses

  45. Charcoal for Sale

  46. Obama biscuits empower autistic adults in Accra

  47. Child labour in Malawi

  48. Bridging The Gap: A jhr workshop in Accra

  49. It's time for HollerDay!!

  50. Malawi's Democratic Crisis

  51. Malawian Media Say New Law a Threat to Democracy

  52. Media in the Congo

  53. Journalists for Human Rights


  55. Best of the Governor General's State Visit to Africa


  57. Jefferson Sackey: a jhr success story

  58. Ben with DRC Country Director Obul

  59. Journalists in Danger

  60. Awareness is the first step.

  61. Journalism Contracts in the DRC

  62. Action Philanthropique du Congo (French)

  63. Empowering Journalists in Liberia

  64. Passionate Local Liberian Journalists

  65. Journalism Students in Liberia

  66. Hearing from Aspiring Human Rights Reporters

  67. Inside Look at a Human Rights Reporting Workshop

  68. The fight against water pollution in Liberia

  69. Journalism Student in Liberia

  70. Learning about Rights Media in Vancouver

  71. AIDS in Sierra Leone

  72. Witches in Sierra Leone

  73. Women on the Mic

  74. Day in the Life of a jhr Trainer

  75. Stolen Spirit (Part 3)

  76. Stolen Spirit (Part 2)

  77. Stolen Spirit (Part 1)