1. Mick Foley/Mankind/Cactus Jack tells a funny Al Snow story

  2. Nature Boy Ric Flair introduces a funeral

  3. Kid gets hit with a barbed wire baseball bat for half a bottle of alcohol

  4. Guy gets knocked out attempting a snowboarding back flip

  5. AJ Styles

  6. GG Allin breaking laws (Stealing, fighting and destroying property)

  7. Creepy superhero from the 70's

  8. How to deal with casualties after a disaster

  9. GG Allin gets medical attention

  10. GG Allin in hot tub

  11. GG Allin in Las Vegas

  12. Dwarf Tossing gets out of control

  13. Michael Elgin in a drunken wrestling match

  14. GG Allin Overdose Announcement

  15. Guy gets owned from kickback of huge gun

  16. Robin is really upset and she doesn't know what's she's going to do...she has all these pills

  17. Preacher punches a woman outside of church

  18. Richard Pryor comments on Steve Martin (Classic Outtake Footage)

  19. The Strange American Backyard Wrestling Subculture - Documentary

  20. Mean guy kicks another dude down the bleachers at a game

  21. Stupid dog is stupid

  22. Cameraman gets way too excited over pro wrestler's abortion reference

  23. GG Allin featured on "Action news 7"

  24. Charles Manson - How you be?

  25. Strange late 80's discussion about GG Allin and the Dead Kennedys

  26. GG Allin dumps an entire can of beer over a girl's head in a hotel room after a show.

  27. Andre the Giant breaks furniture

  28. GG Allin gets his NYC concert shut down...and the cops show up (Rare documentary)

  29. GG Allin " My mind is a machine gun, my body the bullets, and the target is the audience."

  30. The late GG Allin has violent and disturbing mood swings (Rare documentary footage)

  31. HHH and Chyna interview from May 5, 1997 (local news channel)

  32. GG Allin's epic freestyle

  33. Candid behind the scenes footage of the Rock and Roll Terrorist GG Allin 1 month before his death

  34. GG Allin's last moments alive...taking drugs and fighting his audience DVLH

  35. Andre the Giant Vs. Stan Hansen Vs. Hulk Hogan rare wrestling footage from Japan DVLH

  36. GG Allin April 25, 1989 DVLH

  37. GG Allin's last video footage of his life (13 minutes on the streets of New York City) DVLH

  38. GG Allin tries to kiss a girl and gets in a fist fight with her (Live concert footage)

  39. 1988 news story on King Diamond and his influence on Heavy Metal fans DVLH

  40. Kate Upton dancing at basketball game DVLH

  41. Inside the mind of the late GG Allin (Rare interview footage)