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Dog rescue in central California (Gaia, Sydney, Matilda & Gabriella) - Please share.

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Published on Jul 24, 2012

To read the full story, please click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eldad75/...
If you would like to make a donation to Hope For Paws, please click here: http://www.hopeforpaws.org and if you would like to make a donation to the Bill Foundation, please click here: http://www.billfoundation.org
If you have any questions, please let me know ;-)

Last, but definitely not least - the music in this video is by the amazing Lindsey Stirling, and the names of the two pieces: Crystallize & Spontaneous Me. I just saw her LIVE at VIDCON, and it was just amazing!!! Please support this young artist and get her music on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/crys...


  1. 38

    A homeless dog living on the streets gets rescued, transformed and is now looking for a home.

  2. 39

    Hope For Paws & Bill Foundation celebrating a year of successful partnership.

  3. 40

    Donkey Rescue in Israel - If you liked the video, please share it.

  4. 41

    Dog Rescue - Night Mission: Perry. Please share so we can find him a home. Thanks.

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    Dog Rescue Mission: Parker. Please share and help us find his forever home.

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    Troy - video update (Make sure to check out the video of his rescue - link below).

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    Dog Rescue: Roadie, an abandoned pitbull. Please share.

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    Dog Rescue: Socrates. Hope For Paws & Bill Foundation. Music by Derek Luttrell (Please share)

  9. 46

    Rescuing a family of dogs with help from iPhone and You Tube. Please share.

  10. 47

    Troy - Extended version (for photos from his new home, join my FB page).

  11. 48

    German Shepherd rescued from the Los Angeles River - Please share.

  12. 49

    Abandoned dog rescued after being attacked by dogs or coyotes. Please share.

  13. 50

    Troy - a must see amazing Pit Bull Rescue - Please share.

  14. 51

    Rescuing a dog from life on the side of the road. Please share this video.

  15. 52

    Watson's eye surgery: Dog Cataract Surgery (no blood) - Please share.

  16. 53

    Dog rescue: Watson, the three legged dog - Please share and help us find him a home.

  17. 54

    Sky & Apollo rescued while the Endeavour space shuttle flies over us - a MUST SEE. Please share.

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    Dog rescue: Melody and Macy - Please share so we can find them a home. Thanks!

  19. 56

    Rescuing two abandoned dogs, Betty and Baby - Please share. Thanks!

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    Sonya, the Google maps stray dog rescue. Please share.

  21. Dog rescue in central California (Gaia, Sydney, Matilda & Gabriella) - Please share.

  22. 59

    iJustine & Hope For Paws

  23. 60

    Ultimate dog tease: Dog eating water - please share.

  24. 61

    Hope For Paws in Florida - Daisy, Dogue de Bordeaux rescue (French Mastiff) - Please share

  25. 62

    Please vote for Hope For Paws TODAY - May 19 to win a new rescue vehicle.

  26. 63

    Blind dog rescue: Fiona - Please SHARE on FB & Twitter and help us raise awareness. Thanks!

  27. 64

    Dog rescue on the 105 FWY on-ramp: Emma. (Please share).

  28. 65

    Rescuing 5 stray dogs!! (Tulip, Crystal, Cory, Monty & Blair)

  29. 66

    Hope For Paws on the Bonnie Hunt Show

  30. 67

    Dog Rescue in Watts, California: Kennedy.

  31. 68

    Dog Rescue: Dobie & The pups.

  32. 69

    Puppies and Kittens - The cutests ones in the world!! :-)

  33. 70

    Dog Rescue: Tiny Lulu; hit by a car.

  34. 71

    Dog rescue: Sweet Ben.

  35. 72

    Rescuing little Will - a dog with a broken leg

  36. 73

    A must see dog rescue: Cora. Please share and help this video go viral.

  37. 74

    Dog rescue: Duke, abandoned in downtown Los Angeles.

  38. 75

    Dog rescue: Sinatra - the abandoned dog.

  39. 76

    Dog rescue from Downtown L.A - Billy-G

  40. 77

    Please consider adopting a senior dog.

  41. 78

    Dog rescue: Levi.

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    Please vote for Chase and help us get her story published on the Reader's Digest book.

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    Rescuing a dog (Nili) from the desert. Please share and help us find her a home.

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    Dog rescue: Sara & Abby (Please share and help us find them a loving forever home)

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    Please help Irma find a home and share her video.

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    Kobe/Stitch - a 15 year old, one eyed dog - rescued! Please share and help us find him a home.

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    Dog rescue: Riley

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    Sadie is looking for a home. Please share her video. Thanks :-)

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    Rescuing cats in Israel - please share and help us save more lives. Thanks!

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    Donkey Rescue - Please Share on Facebook & Twitter.

  51. 88

    Please help the cats of the Holy Land and watch until the end.

  52. 89

    Kangaroos & Joeys in Israel (Gan Guru).

  53. 90

    Eddy, rescatado una hora antes de ser eutanizado. Porfavor comparte este video con todos tus amigos.

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    Cats drinking water from a faucet - Please adopt a cat from the shelter.

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    Dog rescue: Rocky & Libby - Please share and help find them a home.

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    Lion Rescue! (Please share this video and help us find this lion a home).

  57. 94

    Ewok - finally captured, and is now looking for a home.

  58. 95

    A Must see - Fiona update!!!

  59. 96

    Please help Sasha get to surgery THIS WEEK! ((URGENT))

  60. 97

    Jake - a Great Green Macaw is looking for a home.

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    Dog rescue: Mugsy, the American Bulldog looking for a home.

  62. 99

    Abandoned mom & puppies (Music by Camille and Kennerly) - Please share so we can find them homes

  63. 100

    Beautiful Sunset in Los Angeles.

  64. 101

    Brady is looking for a foster or a forever home. Please share.

  65. 102

    Desert Rosie - update!

  66. 103

    iCritterz - watch our videos, and win!!!

  67. 104

    Brady & Ginger - Please share.

  68. 105

    Cheeseburger Fund - Please Share. Thanks :-)

  69. 106

    Nala - Scared stray Pit Bull living in a ditch - rescued! Please share on facebook & twitter

  70. 107

    Bart - rescued after living as a stray near the freeway for 7 months!

  71. 108

    Stray Simba found a home just in time for the holidays :-)

  72. 109

    Hope For Paws - Recap

  73. 110

    Fiona can see now!!! Please share her amazing follow-up video. Thanks :-)

  74. 111

    Fiona is helping children and animals.

  75. 112

    Our Lives Have Gone To The Dogs; Second Edition!!! (By Audrey & Eldad Hagar)

  76. 113

    Please help Fiona see again. Surgery is urgently needed. Please share this video & Subscribe

  77. 114

    What would your dog do without you?? Don't drink and drive. Please drive safely!!

  78. 115

    Stanley & Luna - These two dogs WILL MAKE YOU SMILE! (we found them a home - TOGETHER!!)

  79. 116

    Rescuing the abandoned dogs: Emmy & Frasier (By Audrey & Eldad Hagar)

  80. 117

    Dog rescue in South Los-Angeles: a cute terrier & 2 pups

  81. 118

    Rocky - Update! Please share with your friends and subscribe! (available in HD!)

  82. 119

    Millie and Shadow update (by Eldad Hagar)

  83. 120

    Please help Sam find a home and share this video. Thanks!

  84. 121

    Dougie - rescued after being dumped on the streets (By Eldad Hagar)

  85. 122

    Rosie - rescued from the desert (By Eldad Hagar).

  86. 123

    In memory of the victims of September 11, 2001.

  87. 124

    Rocky, rescued today from life on the streets (video by Eldad Hagar)

  88. 125

    Cappuccino needs your help!!! URGENT!! (By Eldad Hagar)

  89. 126

    Rescuing 4 Pomeranians that were dumped on the streets. (By Eldad Hagar)

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    Kobe - a must see dog rescue!! Part 2 out of 2 (Please share this video)

  91. 128

    Rescuing dogs (a mom & her daughter) - Part 1 out of 2 (by Eldad Hagar)

  92. 129

    The cutest cats in the world - Muffin & Mousey (available in HD1080 - by Eldad Hagar)

  93. 130

    Rescuing kittens from under a house - Please subscribe! (By Eldad Hagar)

  94. 131

    Rescuing a stray pregnant dog + Rehabilitation by Marilyn. (video by Eldad Hagar)

  95. 132

    Dog rescue: Dustin, the abandoned dog. (By Eldad Hagar)

  96. 133

    Please consider becoming a foster parent today - Please SUBSCRIBE (By Eldad Hagar)

  97. 134

    Dog rescue: Delila - stray dog in South Central Los Angeles. (By Eldad Hagar)

  98. 135

    Marilyn FOUND a home :-) (video by Audrey & Eldad Hagar)

  99. 136

    Dog rescue: Millie and Shadow - please subscribe (By Eldad Hagar)

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