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M60 Armored Vehicle Launched MICLIC (AVLM)

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Uploaded on Sep 9, 2008

The M-60 AVLM (Armored Vehicle Launched MICLIC) began as a field modification of a standard M-60 AVLB. The bridge is removed from the vehicle, the bridge deployment machinery retracted, and the line charge machinery of a standard M-58A3 MICLIC (Mine-Clearing Line Charge) trailer mounted on top of the hull at the rear. This allows a mine-clearing solution much more mobile than a trailer while carrying the ability for follow-up shots, as well as allowing the engineers to be better protected than in a truck, HMMWV, or even APC towing a trailer. The MICLIC launcher carries two line charges; a further four are carried on the vehicle for follow-up shots, but the crew must leave armor protection to load these charges. The line charge is fired from the AVLM, and starting 20 meters from the AVLM, a 107-meter long line of C4 charges are laid straight ahead. Each meter of the charge contains 7.44 kg of C4, for a burst radius of 40 and a concussion value of 11. Any mines in this radius may be set off, causing their own explosions if they do. Once all sympathetic detonations have occurred, the AVLM, other vehicles, and personnel may proceed through the cleared area (hoping all the mines have been set off). In practice, the AVLM is usually followed by a tank or engineer vehicle equipped with a mine plow, roller, or flail, as the MICLIC typically fails to clear up to 50% of the mines in a lane.

The AVLM was a field modification first used during the 1991 Gulf War, and there were never any purpose-built AVLMs, though it was a common modification, and kits were built to allow the modification. The AVLM modification may be accomplished by 4 personnel with appropriate skills and equipment; normally, at least one person on the team must have the Mechanic or Combat Engineer skill, and must pass an Average test. The modification can be done in 2 hours by those four persons if they have a MICLIC trailer, basic tools, and a crane, whether ground or vehicle-mounted.


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