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Chemistry Music Video 2: Big Sig Fig Gig

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Uploaded on Aug 29, 2009

This song explains how to determine the number of significant figures (measured digits) in a measurement, All music and lyrics copyright 2007, Mark Rosengarten. All rights reserved.


When you take a measurement
What makes it significant?
The numbers that you measure
Are the ones that you should treasure
When rounding answers off with math
Sig figs can be the easy path
How ever can you see
How many sig figs that there be?
Heres a way for you to tell
Its better than a magic spell
So pay attention to the words
And it wont seem quite as absurd!

If your measurement is smaller
Than the number ONE
Finding out the sig figs
Can be a lot of fun
Find the first non-zero
Thats on the leftward side
From that place on to the right,
Theyre all sig figs, what a ride!

(0.00350 has three sig figs, starting
from the 3 and going all the way to the end)

If your measurement is bigger
Than the number ONE
Start with the first digit
Your countings just begun
Go right to the last integer
Or a line over a zero
Or look for a decimal point
Youre a sig fig hero! _
1300 has two sig figs, 1300 has three
sig figs, 1300. has four sig figs)

In a number that is bigger
Than the number ONE
The zeros on the end
Could be place-holders, son!
If there is nothing on those zeros
To tell us different
Then the zeros are place holders
(I think thats what I meant!!!)

A line over a zero
Tells us where the sig figs stop
Unless its in the units place
(Then a decimal point youll pop)
And now its time to hear the rule
Please put on your wigs
Bigger than one with a decimal point
Theyre all sig figs!





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