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EPA JACKSON Says No Water Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing

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Published on Apr 30, 2012

Lisa Jackson tells Fox News on Friday that there have been no cases of drinking water contamination from hydraulic fracturing


  1. 147

    Manchin Praises Inhofe for Pilots Bill of Rights

  2. 148

    Inhofe's Pilots Bill of Rights Passes Senate

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    Inhofe on Highway Bill

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    Inhofe on Obamacare Ruling - Senate Floor

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    Inhofe Reacts to Obamacare Ruling

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    Inhofe Sends Regards to UN Rio Conference

  7. 153

    Opening Statement of Darren Smith of Devon Energy Before the Senate EPW Committee

  8. 154

    Inhofe Welcomes Darren Smith of Devon Before EPW Committee to Discuss Hydraulic Fracturing

  9. 155

    Inhofe Responds to Obama Veto Threat of Resolution that Would Stop Obama-EPA War on Coal

  10. 156

    Obama Killed Clean Air Legislation in 2005 "I was the deciding vote"

  11. 157

    Inhofe Witnesses Testify Against LOST

  12. 158

    Inhofe: LOST Creates International Tax Authority

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    Inhofe Responds to Armendariz Bailing From House Hearing

  14. 160

    Video Shines Light on Obama-EPA Green "Way of Life" Agenda

  15. 161

    Top Obama EPA Official: Obama Coal Regs Will Be "Painful Every Step of the Way"

  16. 162

    Inhofe Presses Admin on Law of the Sea

  17. 163

    Fox News: White House Putting Green Energy Ahead of Defense

  18. 164

    Inhofe Outlines Plan to Stop Obama From Imposing Costly Green Agenda on Department of Defense

  19. 165

    Inhofe Highlights Increasing Concern with EPA Water Overreach

  20. 166

    Inhofe EPA "Crucify" Oversight Continues, Introduces Bill To Hold Local EPA Reps Accountable

  21. EPA JACKSON Says No Water Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing

  22. 168

    Inhofe Discusses Latest Developments of EPA "Crucify Them" Strategy on Kudlow

  23. 169

    White House Asked About EPA Crucify Agenda

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    Inhofe Questions Defense Nominees

  25. 171

    Inhofe Responds to EPA Apology For Using The Word "Crucify" on Fox and Friends

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    Inhofe to Investigate EPA's "Crucify Them" Strategy

  27. 173

    EPA Official: EPAs "philosophy" is to "crucify" and "make examples" of US energy producers

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    Hearing on LRA

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    Inhofe and FWS Director Ashe Discuss Prairie Chicken and NAWCA Bill

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    Inhofe Kony 2012 Msg to Students

  31. 177

    Senator Inhofe Q & A on Kony

  32. 178

    Fox News: EPA's New Climate Regulations Target Coal

  33. 179

    Inhofe Questions Army Modernization

  34. 180

    Inhofe Asks LRA Operation Questions

  35. 181

    Inhofe Asks Officials About Obama's "Flexibility" Comment

  36. 182

    Tulsa University Receives High Praise

  37. 183

    Inhofe Vows To Halt Obama EPA Global Warming Regs

  38. 184

    Inhofe: Menendez Tax Bill Continues Obama's War on Fossil Fuels

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    Inhofe Responds to Obama Cushing, Oklahoma Visit

  40. 186

    Boxer-Inhofe Spar over Obama Support of Oil Gas and Coal

  41. 187

    As Obama takes credit for pipeline in Cushing, Inhofe slams EPA anti-fossil fuel agenda

  42. 188

    Inhofe Questions Navy on TRICARE and Alt-Fuel

  43. 189

    Kony 2012 News Coverage

  44. 190

    Inhofe Questions Odierno & McHugh

  45. 191

    CNN Spotlight on Cushing, Oklahoma

  46. 192

    Inhofe Questions on AFRICOM and EUCOM

  47. 193

    Obama Energy Sec. Chu Grilled by Sensenbrenner Over Gas Price Comments

  48. 194

    Obama Sec. of Energy Chu Admits Obama Administration Not Working to Lower Gas Prices

  49. 195

    Inhofe Questions Intel Officials on Iran

  50. 196

    Inhofe Raises Casualty Report Issue with Pentagon

  51. 197

    Inhofe Presses Pentagon Leaders on Defense Cuts

  52. 198

    Inhofe: Obama Budget Irresponsible

  53. 199

    Inhofe Defends Religious Liberty

  54. 200

    Inhofe Questions Nominees on LOST and Water Issues

  55. 201

    Inhofe Welcomes Congressional Action on Highway Bill

  56. 202

    Watch: Inhofe Against Cutting Military

  57. 203

    Inhofe Opposes Defense Cuts

  58. 204

    Opposing Obama's Debt Limit Increase

  59. 205

    Highlights - Inhofe Reacts to State of the Union

  60. 206

    Inhofe Responds to Obama 2012 State of the Union

  61. 207

    KJRH: Inhofe & Troops Wish Happy New Year

  62. 208

    45th OK National Guard in Afghanistan wishes Grove Valley Elementary School a Happy New Year

  63. 209

    Inhofe & Troops in Afghanistan Wish Happy New Year

  64. 210

    Inhofe Decries NDAA Process - Depots Impacted

  65. 211

    Chairman Jaczko's Office Works To Undermine Public Confidence in NRC

  66. 212

    Inhofe & Sullivan Demand Answers from U.S. Postal Service

  67. 213

    Inhofe Calls On Senate To Pass BBA

  68. 214

    Inhofe's Christmas Message to Nation's Troops

  69. 215

    Inhofe Blasts EPA Announcement on Hydraulic Fracturing, Calls it Irresponsible.mp4

  70. 216

    Inhofe to UN Climate Conference in Durban: Kyoto Process is Dead

  71. 217

    Keystone Pipeline Provides Jobs

  72. 218

    Inhofe: Keystone Bill Means Jobs for Oklahoma, Nation

  73. 219

    Vet Benefits - Inhofe and Nelson Work Together

  74. 220

    Inhofe Amendments to the NDAA

  75. 221

    Brad Carson Hearing 3

  76. 222

    Brad Carson Hearing 2

  77. 223

    Brad Carson Hearing 1

  78. 224

    Inhofe Calls for Investigation into Alleged Human Rights Violations Sanctioned by UNFCCC

  79. 225

    Fox News: EPW Bipartisan Highway Bill Advances with Unanimous Support

  80. 226

    Inhofe Commends Veterans, Soldiers

  81. 227

    Harrison Ford Endorses Inhofe's Pilots Bill of Rights

  82. 228

    Inhofe on Farm and Ranch Over Regulation (GIPSA)

  83. 229

    OKC Mayor Cornett Testifies Before Senate About Brownfields Program.

  84. 230

    Inhofe Welcomes OKC Mayor Cornett Before EPW to Discuss Brownfields

  85. 231

    Senate Democrats: Never Mind Global Warming, Its Extreme Weather

  86. 232

    Inhofe Sets LRA Record Straight

  87. 233

    FoxNews Coverage of LRA Announcement

  88. 234

    Inhofe Honors Fallen 45th Soldier

  89. 235

    Inhofe Questions Afghan Strategy

  90. 236

    Inhofe Introduces Storm Shelter Tax Relief Act

  91. 237

    Media Coverage of Storm Shelter Act

  92. 238

    Senator Boxer Thanks Inhofe - Sports Oklahoma Sooners Jersey

  93. 239

    Inhofe Questions Dr. Carter

  94. 240

    FWS Director Dan Ashe in Oklahoma Speaking about Lesser Praire Chicken

  95. 241

    Inhofe: Obama Record on Infrastructure "Abysmal"

  96. 242

    Inhofe: Oklahoma ESA Forums on Prairie Chicken Successful

  97. 243

    9/11 Anniversary - Inhofe Address on Terrorism

  98. 244

    "NO" On Debt Compromise

  99. 245

    Inhofe on Boehner Plan and Debt

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