1. Big changes on the Horizon!

  2. The Illuminati Killed Paul Walker.

  3. GTA 5 and the advancement of Human Consciousness.

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  5. Hurricane Sandy. Due to the Lack of Chemtrails.


  7. Banks are being delivered from evil.

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  10. The Oil for Gold Trade. Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

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  13. F#@K OFF DRAKE.

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  19. www.JonnyDontPlay.com is LIVE!

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  24. Greece is Peace! Kony 2012 - Illuminati Code!

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  26. February is Poppin'! Illuminati are Ending!



  29. Don't believe the hype! It's a Massive PsyOp. Part # 3.

  30. Don't believe the hype! It's a Massive PsyOp. Part #2.

  31. Don't believe the hype! It's a Massive PsyOp. Part #1.

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  33. Lindsey "Liar Boy" Williams, at it again!

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  40. DC-Denver Quake.Biden-China.NYSE-Oil-Gold-Silver.ALL CONNECTED! Part 1.

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  42. Many Questions. Many Answers. Markets. Disasters.

  43. Today - An American Paradigm Shift.

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  56. Egypt. Dawn of a New Era.

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  67. Lindsey Williams and Illuminati secret language

  68. Webbot update. Tipping point is active.(2)

  69. Economic collapse is a GOOD THING.

  70. Forget Santa! Max Keiser's coming to town!

  71. Get some food. Store some water. Buy a Glock.

  72. Crash JP Morgan! Let the games begin!

  73. Webbot is right. Tipping point is on.