1. Shanghai Fashion Week 2013 Spring/Summer

  2. Israeli Americans for Romney campaigning hard

  3. Turkey pianist Islam insult Fazil Say trial

  4. Tanzania Zanzibar Islamist rioting kills cop

  5. Ex-leader Aryeh Deri rejoins ultra-Orthodox leadership

  6. Jewish life in Algeria

  7. Israelis react to Romney and Obama debate

  8. Worries over extremist influence in Tunisia

  9. Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane debut

  10. Rihanna shot for Vogue by Annie Leibovitz

  11. Mitt Romney has 'binders full of women'

  12. Gay boxer Orlando Cruz seeking knockout punch

  13. Gaza extremism up says top Israeli official

  14. Pro-Israel campaign ads urge tough stance on Iran

  15. Megan Fox announces birth of son Noah

  16. Cyclist Lance Armstrong dropped by sponsors

  17. Human Rights Watch calls for Gaddafi enquiry

  18. Hungary Roma protest against Jobbik abuse

  19. Peres accepts credentials from new Egyptian ambassador

  20. Bangladeshi tried to blow up NYC federal bank

  21. USA: video shows alleged beating in synagogue

  22. Missing Lichtenstein returned after 42 years

  23. Israel: leaders wait for Iran sanction bite

  24. Eid Holiday Shopping Report

  25. USA anti-Jihad public transport billboard ads

  26. UK: IAEA chief outlines Iran concerns

  27. Memorial held for Chris Stevens US envoy to Libya

  28. New Jewish cultural centre opens in Ukrainian city

  29. Israeli court orders release of Gaza food report

  30. Syrian refugees in Turkey surpass 100,000

  31. Pakistan: Taliban threats after girl shot

  32. New London 'Hollywood Costume' exhibit opens

  33. Obama and Romney clash in NY Presidential debate

  34. Egypt: constitution proposals called 'disastrous'

  35. US says Hezbollah and Iran supporting Assad

  36. Israel: Moshe Dayan's grave desecrated

  37. Top Islamic diplomat urges new blasphemy laws

  38. Nigeria Boko Haram attack kills 24

  39. Questions remain about Hezbollah drone incursion

  40. Israel raises threat of Iranian made spy drones

  41. Jewish actress Sarah Silverman attacked by Rabbi

  42. China slams Western sanctions against Iran

  43. Hebrew University Jewish population stats

  44. Malala Yousafzai flow to Birmingham UK for treatment

  45. Guantanamo Bay 9/11 terror suspects in court

  46. Fate of Aleppo's Great Synagogue uncertain

  47. Subway advertisements provoke debate and arrests

  48. Pakistan police station attacked killing six

  49. EU increases trade sanctions against Iran

  50. Brazil FM, senior Israeli officials discuss Iran

  51. Usain Bolt in Jamaica in an Olympic ceremony

  52. France Islamist terror ring probe new arrest

  53. Sweden Nobel prize economics awarded to Roth & Shapley

  54. Record-breaking skydive by Felix Baumgartner

  55. Israel at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

  56. NYPD beat Jewish man

  57. American icon: Space Shuttle Endeavour in LA en route to Califorrnia Science Center

  58. Gilad Shalit anniversary: Hamas leaders call for more IDF hostages as bargaining chips

  59. Battling BBC bias: new media watchdog sets out to highlight anti-Israeli reporting

  60. Pakistan Women's Football League continues to expand despite Sharia obstacles

  61. Gaza rocket attacks: Israel hits back at terror groups in Hamas-held Gaza Strip

  62. Israeli elections: Netanyahu expected to cement position in January 2013 vote

  63. Conspiracy theory graffiti: antisemitic art in London's formerly Jewish East End

  64. Kangaroos in the snow: Australians feel the chill as rare snowfall causes Sydney chaos

  65. Egypt reopens Pyramids: tourism hit by Arab Spring and anti-Western YouTube protests

  66. France's Mali terror fears: separatist Sharia state could serve as Al Qaeda safe haven

  67. Pakistan prays for Malala: iconic schoolgirl shot by Taliban hailed as 'true face of Pakistan'

  68. Gilad Shalit one year on: former Hamas prisoner gives first interview to Israel's Channel 10

  69. USS Eisenhower patrols Strait of Hormuz: Tehran has threatened blockade over sanctions

  70. French Islamist terror raids: are recent arrests merely the tip of the iceberg?

  71. Jewish Population Surging in Germany despite Rising Anti-Semitism, Circumcision Debate

  72. European Union to Impose Product Labels for Boycott of Israeli Goods from West Bank Territories

  73. Jewish Winners of Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Physics: Robert Lefkowitz and Serge Haroche Awarded

  74. German Draft Bill to Make Circumcision Legal after Cologne Court's 'Bodily Harm' Ruling

  75. Pope Benedict Adds Arabic as Official Language: Vatican Reaches out to Middle East Christians

  76. Indian designers mix old and new at latest Indian Fashion Week

  77. Libya 9/11 terror attack: Obama facing awkward questions over White House response

  78. Uganda celebrates 50 years of independence: African leaders including Egypt's Morsi attend

  79. US Army's 170th Infantry Brigade prepares to leave Germany's Baumholder Base

  80. Germany's Palestinian Diaspora Asks for Statehood Support: JN1 Talks to Refugees in Frankfurt

  81. Jewish High Holiday Period Ends as Mortar Bombs Hit Southern Israel

  82. Taliban: Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala 'a symbol of Western culture who must be killed'

  83. New Yorkers React to 2012 Presidential Debate: Romney, Obama Battle for Americans' Votes

  84. Media silence over Gaza rocket attacks: Israelis slam lack of international condemnation

  85. Gaza Has Fired 50 Rockets as High Holidays Ended: Rockets Hit Israeli Kibbutz in Eshkol Area

  86. European Jewish Parliament Discusses Boycott on Israeli Cultural Events: BBC, Habima Theatre

  87. Israel Deploys Patriot Battery after Drone Shot Down: IDF Believes Iran, Hezbollah Responsible

  88. French Jew Serge Haroche Wins Nobel Prize in Physics: Ceremony to be Held in Stockholm

  89. Expo Pakistan 2012 Shows Off Pakistani Fashion: Designers, TDAP Rake Millions in Foreign Orders

  90. Kunis vs Refaeli: Jewish ladies named as world's hottest by Esquire and Maxim magazines

  91. Jewish anger as Swedish police claim latest anti-semitic Malmo attack was not hate crime

  92. New Delhi's Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2013 Collections Debut in India

  93. Palestinian Oktoberfest: tourists flock to West Bank for Taybeh beer festival near Ramallah

  94. Anti-Semitic Artwork Removed in London: 'Freedom for Humanity' Mural from Kalen Ockerman

  95. Al-Qaeda Group Bombed French Kosher Grocery Store: Police Raids after DNA Match on Grenade

  96. David Blaine's Electricity Stunt in New York City: Magician Electrocutes in Tesla Coil Lightning

  97. Tunisia Gets Financial Aid from European Union: Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali Visits Brussels

  98. Legacy of London 2012 Olympics in Newnham: JN1 Asks Residents

  99. Italy Paper Reports France Killed Muammar Gaddafi: 'Nicolas Sarkozy Sent Agent to Kill Gaddafi'