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Bytejacker - 10 BEST Free Indie Games of 2010!

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Uploaded on Dec 22, 2010

Anthony has moved! Catch him over on his new channel Rev3Games, where he discusses games (indie and otherwise) with Adam Sessler, Max Scoville, Tara Long and more: http://vid.io/xoJ
It's the Free Indie of the Year Awards extravaganza! Check out the 10 best free, independently-developed games of 2010!

#10: BitWorld: Windows/OS X, Dungeon Crawler, Ivan Safrin
Original appearance: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/072
Download: http://indiegam.es/hd132i

#9: rComplex: Windows, Platformer, Roger Hicks
Original Appearance: LINK

#8: Balloon in a Wasteland: Flash, Tower Defense, John Cooney
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/083
Download: http://indiegam.es/gmaBol

#7: Specter Spelunker Shrinks: Browser (Unity), Platformer, Ken Grafals
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/082
Download: http://indiegam.es/c6E9N0

#6: Sushi Cat: Flash, Arcade, Joey Betz
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/080
Download: http://indiegam.es/9BoWNh

#5: Give Up, Robot: Flash, Platformer, Matt Thorson
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/088
Download: http://indiegam.es/ikBbVV

#4: Hero Core: Windows, Action, Daniel Remar
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/087
Download: http://indiegam.es/bLOhKb

#3: Pax Britannica: Windows, RTS, No Fun Games
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/077
Download: http://indiegam.es/g0WmnD

#2: Devil's Tuning Fork: Windows, First Person Platformer, DePaul Game Elites
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/078
Download: http://indiegam.es/fy4fUG

FREE INDIE OF THE YEAR: Super Crate Box: Windows/OS X, Platformer, Vlambeer
Originally Appeared: http://www.bytejacker.com/episodes/105
Download: http://indiegam.es/dqWWfF


Spiny Norman -- "2-4-2 Gonna ride the monorail, Baby!," Across the milky tracks: http://www.iimusic.net/catalog/2010/0...

The J. Arthur Keenes Band -- "Catfish Lagoon," Pamplemousse: http://www.iimusic.net/catalog/2009/1...

Starship Amazing -- "This Belongs to Me," Ya'll Stop Bloggin' (upcoming): http://starshipamazing.com/

The Shortsleeves -- "Rabbit Feet," Rabbit Feet/Runner EP: http://theshortsleeves.bandcamp.com/


Be sure to check us out on twitter: @Bytejacker

And like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bytejacker

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