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  1. Fox News co-host exposes Fox News bias

  2. Fox News Admits its own Bias, Must See

  3. An embarrassed Fox News hits Wikipedia

  4. FOX ATTACKS: Iran

  5. John Bolton wants a US attack on Iran within Six Months

  6. Murdoch Admits He Tried to Shape Public Opinion on Iraq

  7. FOX ATTACKS: Iran

  8. Free Troy Stanley

  9. Fox News Jokes About Killing Obama - Full Segment

  10. Montel turns the tables on a Fox Morning Television show

  11. Kilmeade Storms Off FOX News Over Obma Bashing

  12. Murdoch of Fox News Admits Manipulating the News for Agenda

  13. Ingraham attacks O'Reilly and Cavuto on Fox News

  14. Ingraham attacks O'Reilly and Cavuto on Fox News

  15. [Deleted Video]

  16. FOX ATTACKS: Iran


  18. Firestorm Erupts Over Comparing McCain Cheating To Edwards

  19. [Deleted Video]

  20. Nearly unanimous vote for Obama = "split" on FOX

  21. Firestorm Erupts Over Comparing McCain Cheating To Edwards

  22. Fox- Gibbs Slaps Down Hannity Hard on Anti-Semitism

  23. Obama's Robert Gibbs accuses Hannity of being antisemetic

  24. Barack Obama beat McCain - Fox News can't deny it!

  25. Conservatives Revolt Against McCain

  26. Fox News' E.D. Hill Apologizes for "Terrorist Fist Jab"

  27. Megyn Kelly Grills Bill Burton over Handgun Ban Flap!

  28. Obama Spokesperon Calls Out FOX NEWS

  29. Fair and Balanced: Hemmer & Kelly Grill Both Campaigns!

  30. [Deleted Video]

  31. [Deleted Video]

  32. Megyn Kelly Drops The S Bomb.

  33. Angry Mob Attacks News Crew

  34. [Deleted Video]

  35. [Deleted Video]

  36. DNC Protests: Protesters confront Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins

  37. Fox News Reporter gets owned

  38. Protester spits on Fox News Radio microphone

  39. O'Reilly producer gets a taste of his own medicine

  40. Outfoxed: Fox News technique: cut their mic!

  41. Forsake Our Troops?

  42. Obama Spokesperon Calls Out FOX NEWS

  43. Sean Hannity reveals his hate for Barack Obama!!

  44. Obama Wrong America Not Christian Nation?

  45. [Deleted Video]

  46. [Deleted Video]

  47. Jesse Ventura Interview With Hannity On FOX May.18, 2009

  48. Glenn Beck Continues His Fake Crying Act

  49. FOX News "mistakenly" airs potentially illegal anti-Obama ad

  50. Shepard Smith Calls Out "More and More Frightening" Fox E-mailers

  51. SNL Weekend Update takes a shot at Fox News over Blagojevich Scandal

  52. Beck Guest: "Only chance" US has "as a country" is for Bin Laden to "detonate a major weapon"

  53. Neil Cavuto's interview of George Soros Part 1

  54. Neil Cavuto's interview of George Soros Part 2

  55. Neil Cavuto's interview of George Soros Part 2

  56. Neil Cavuto in screamathon with Ben Stein over our failed economy and how to repair it.

  57. Fox News' Reporting Equals What John Boehner Said

  58. [Deleted Video]

  59. [Deleted Video]

  60. Fmr. Fox News Commentator: Beck's 'Scary' Language was Factor in My Decision to Leave Fox

  61. Fox News Commentator Admits to Biased Reporting

  62. Barrasso: Senate Should Only Pass Health Care Bills With 70 Or 80 Votes

  63. Fox's Desperate Final Push to Kill Health Care Reform

  64. Rise Of The Conservative Media

  65. [Deleted Video]

  66. Fox Asks: Will Nuke Deal Leave US Defenseless... 'Until It's Too Late?'

  67. Michael Brown: Obama Wanted The Oil Spill To Happen

  68. edits out applause in Obama's West Point speech

  69. Bernie Goldberg SLAMS FOX News On Bill O'Reilly

  70. Pattern of Deception: Fox News' History of Teaming Up With the Disgraced Andrew Breitbart

  71. The End of Andrew Breitbart's Credibility


  73. Fox News Military Pundit Calls Bowe Bergdahl "A Liar"