1. Israel Files UN Complaint over Iran Hate Speech on Al-Quds Day: Ahmadinejad's Anti-Semitic Rant

  2. Israel Ranks 6th in World Healthcare Survey: Bloomberg Poll Reports High Israeli Health Status

  3. Berlin Zoo's Male Panda Bao Bao Dies: Zoo Says Death Was Peaceful

  4. Guinness World Records Adds China Dances: 'Farmers' Dance' and 'Long Drum Dance'

  5. London Zoo Weighs All Animals: Mammals, Birds, Insects Put on Scales to Check Weight

  6. Germany Charges Rabbi David Goldberg over Circumcisions after Cologne Ruling: Yona Metzger Visits

  7. Muammar Gaddafi Supporters Face Hostile Militia: Residents Forced to Desert Town of Tawargha

  8. Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Hosts Weapons Exhibition in Tehran: Shows New Ballistic Missiles

  9. US Golf Club Augusta National Allows First Women: Condoleezza Rice, Darla Moore Join Club

  10. Firefighters Combat Fires in Northwest Spain: Flames Probably Started Intentionally

  11. New 'Facekini' in China Keeps Skin White at Beach: Inspired by Burqini Muslim Modesty Swimsuit

  12. Israelis in Long Lines for Free Gas Masks at Jerusalem Malls: Syria, Iran Chemical Weapons Fears

  13. Japan Holds Military Drill at Mount Fuji: JSDF Shows Off Artillery, Aircraft, 790 Vehicles

  14. Olympic Rings Removed from London's Tower Bridge after the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

  15. 800 Female Wrestlers Compete in Mongolia Horse Racing Festival: North China's Tongliao City

  16. Heat Wave in China's Xinjiang Uygur Region Draws Therapy Lovers for Sand Cures

  17. Israeli President Shimon Peres Angers Prime Minister Netanyahu, Government: Did he Overstep?

  18. Facebook Bans Hezbollah's Media Arm Al-Manar: US-labeled Terror Org Spreads Extremism Online

  19. Jewish Businessman Ardi Goldman Invests in Frankfurt: Visions Successful Despite City Limitations

  20. 'Pro Deutschland' Protests Against Muslim Salafists in Berlin: Sunni Islam, Sharia Law Incite

  21. NASA's Curiosity Rover Uses Israeli Cryogenic Cooler: Ricor Systems made Mars rover 'Cryocoolers'

  22. 'Friends of the IDF' Sue and Win against Racist Shangri-La Hotel Owner: Tehmina Adaya Guilty

  23. Argentine Village Hosts Bloodless Bullfighting: Casabindo's Bullfight in Andes Mountains

  24. Anger over Singer Lipa Schmeltzer in IDF Uniform: Hassidic Singer Upsets Haredi Jews

  25. Hezbollah Running 'Theme Park' for Militants in Lebanon: Mleeta 'Resistance Museum'

  26. Berlin Zoo Celebrates New Baby Elephant: Mother Pangpha Gives Birth to Calf Anchali

  27. Clothing Chain H&M Unveils David Beckham Statues in Manhattan, New York: Soccer meets Bodywear

  28. Jewish National Fund Marks 110 Years: Chairman Efi Stenzler Thanks European Jewish Union

  29. Shefa Yamim Co Finds Moissanite in Carmel Hills near Haifa, Israel: Diamonds Expected Nearby

  30. US Military Experimental X-51A Waverider Breaks Up in Test Flight over Pacific Ocean

  31. Israelis near Gaza, Egypt Border Live in Fear of Terror Attacks: JN1 Visits Kerem Shalom Kibbutz

  32. German Pianist Performs on Great Wall of China: Stefan Aaron's Orange Piano Tour

  33. United Arab Emirates Creates 'Marriage Fund' after Universities Show 60% of Women Unmarried

  34. JCC Maccabi Games 'Jewish Olympics' Kick Off with Minute's Silence for Munich Athletes, New York

  35. First Jewish School in Germany Starts 46th Year: Frankfurt's Lichtigfeld School Opens

  36. London's Arsenal Sells Robin van Persie to Manchester United: Dutch Striker Voted Best Player

  37. Amsterdam Names Bridge after Savior of Jewish Children in Holocaust: 'Pieter Meerburg Bridge'

  38. Kurds, Christians Get Along in Liberated Syrian City of Dirk despite Christian Support of Assad

  39. Australia Court Denies Extradition of Holocaust War Criminal Charles Zentai to Budapest, Hungary

  40. Burmese Python in Florida Breaks World Record: Huge Python Population in Everglades National Park

  41. The Palestinian Propaganda War against Israel: Deligitimizing Israel, Indoctrinating Youth

  42. Jewish US Gold Medalist Aly Raisman Lights Up Empire State Building after Olympic Games Wins

  43. Kosher Supermarket Opens in Frankfurt, Germany: Rimon Supermarket Sells Only Kosher Products

  44. Egypt, Israel Cooperate after Sinai Terrorist Attack Kills 16 Egyptian Border Guards

  45. Mohammed Mursi Fires Top Generals, Defies Military: Israeli Ambassador Eli Shaked on Peace Treaty

  46. Jewish American Aly Raisman Wins Gold at Olympics for Floor Exercise: Video from London 2012

  47. Jewish Groups in Canada Condemn Al-Quds Day Rally: Ontario OKs Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Rally

  48. Muslim Disney Employee Sues over Religious Discrimination: Disney Won't Allow Hijab Head Scarf

  49. Islamic Sect Keeps 27 Children in Underground Basement in Tatarstan, Russia: Police Raid Compound

  50. Jewish Groups Remember 'Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee' at Gravesite in Moscow's Donskoy Cemetery

  51. Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's Will Forbids TV Advertising: Beastie Boys Rapper's Will Read in Court

  52. Israel's IDF Tests Cell Phone Text Message Alerts: Home Front Command's 'Mobile Alerts System'

  53. Prosecutors Investigate Italian 'Hitler Wine': Jewish Tourists Discover Adolf Hitler-Branded Wine

  54. BBC Chose Israeli Technology for Live Footage at Olympic Games: 'LiveU' Technology from Israel

  55. More Bikers in London after Britain's Olympic Cycling Medals: 'Boris Bikes' Great for Tourists

  56. Wave Surfing Championship at Munich Airport: Surfers Rode 'Stationary Wave' in German Airport

  57. Dalmatian Dog Adopts Black-Spotted Lamb at farm in Australia: 'Zoe' Cares for Sheep in Need

  58. 2013 World Maccabiah Games Tryouts Begin in United States: Jewish Athletes to Compete in Israel

  59. Glasses for Haredi Men to Blur Vision, Obscure Women: Tel Aviv Reacts to Un-Orthodox Gimmick

  60. Mount Tongariro Volcano Erupts in New Zealand: Eruption Spreads Ash on 'Lord of the Rings' Site

  61. Brazil Finds New Way to Advertise Nail Polish: Nail Fashion Week's Fingernail Catwalk

  62. Egypt Seals Gaza Smuggling Tunnels after Terrorists Kill 16 Border Guards: Islamist Crackdown

  63. Weak Euro Zone Economies Impact Bank of Israel: European Central Bank Promises to Support Euro

  64. Syrian Refugees Flee to Turkey from Aleppo, Idlip: Red Crescent Aids Refugees in Turkish Camps

  65. Turkey Deploys Military to Syrian Border as Fighting in Aleppo Worsens: Crackdown on Rebels

  66. Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wants Tougher Gun Laws in Wake of Sikh Shooting in Wisconsin

  67. Traditional Croation Sword Dance Festival on Korcula Island: Annual Moreska Dance for 400 Years

  68. Hillary Clinton Dancing with Minister in Johannesburg, South Africa: US Secretary of State Dances

  69. Tel Aviv's High Number of Single Men and Women: Young Adults Waiting Longer to Marry

  70. Neo-Nazi 'Golden Dawn' Party Attacks Pakistani Suspect in Attempted Murder of Greek Girl

  71. IDF Strikes Terrorists Driving Armored Vehicles into Israel after Attack Killing 16 Egypt Soldiers

  72. 90,000 Orthodox Jews Fill a New Jersey Stadium to Celebrate Talmud Reading, Daf Yomi Tradition

  73. Israeli Banks to Cooperate with US Prosecutors on Tax Evasion Charges Againt US Citizens

  74. Former Mossad Director Danny Yatom on Chance of Strike on Iran's Nuclear Facilities

  75. Social Justice Protestors Clash in Tel Aviv: Protest Leaders, Yair Lapid Accused of Politicizing

  76. Leather Fashion Week in Bogota Columbia: 26th International Footwear and Leather Show

  77. Virginia Couple's Booming Kosher Whiskey Distillery: Warehouse Tour of the Harris' Business

  78. Experts say Olympic Terrorism Fears are Unfounded: Tight Security Makes Olympics Attack Unlikely

  79. Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade Tests Holy City's Conservative Roots: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Upset

  80. Mike Tyson Hits Broadway with 'Undisputed Truth': Iconic Boxer Resonates with New York, Brooklyn

  81. Anti-Israel Bias in German, European Media: Journalist Sacha Stawsi on Media's Anti-Semitism

  82. Renovation of Oldest Los Angeles Synagogue: Wilshire Boulevard Temple gets Hollywood Makeover

  83. Wine Festival at Israel Museum's Sculpture Garden: Wines from Golan Heights, Shilo Wineries

  84. 40,000 Graves at Old Jewish Cemetery in Frankfurt, Germany: Museum Documents Jewish History

  85. Mitt Romney Courts Large Evangelical Voter Base with Israel Visit, But Mormon Faith an Issue

  86. No Gold Medals Yet for Israeli Olympic Delegation: Israelis Support their 12 Olympic Athletes

  87. Peres, Lapid Can't Touch Netanyahu on Facebook: Israeli Politicians Jealous of Social Media Likes

  88. Jews, Israelis Observe Tisha B'Av: When Jerusalem's Jewish Temple on Temple Mount was Ruined

  89. Mitt Romney's Israel Fundraising Draws Flak: Sheldon Adelson Pays Up, Palestinians Cry 'Racist'

  90. Anti-Israeli Advertising at New York Train Stations: 'Maps' Show Palestinian Land Lost to Israel

  91. Belgian Jews Still Shocked after Toulouse, Burgas Bombing: Jewish Community Wants More Security

  92. US State Department's World Religious Freedom Index: Trouble in Europe, Anti-Semitism on Rise

  93. 2012 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival mixes Musicals with Serious Films across the Bay Area

  94. Belgium Jewish Museum Recreates Beth Israel Shul to Raise Awareness of Judaism, Molenbeek Legacy

  95. Arab-Owned Man City Soccer Team May Sign Israeli Midfielder Nir Biton, Player for FC Ashdod

  96. Syrian Olympic Committee Head Denied Visa to England: Gen. Mowaffak Joumaa too close to Assad

  97. Egypt's Celebrity Kidnapping TV Show 'Comedy': Ramz 'Desert Fox' Jalal Plays a Convincing Terrorist

  98. Israeli Minister Limor Livnat Gives Minute's Silence for Munich Victims: IOC's Rogge Refused

  99. New York Jewish Population's Views on President Election: Obama Wins, Orthodox Like Mitt Romney