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  1. LAMR Episode 1: Hooray for Boobies!

  2. Large Angry Man Rant: Coming Soon!

  3. LAMR 1.5: Bad movie placement, and even worse haircuts.

  4. LAMR Episode 2: F*#k Global Warming.

  5. LAMR Episode 3: Celebreality News @10!

  6. LAMR Episode 4: Corporation Station

  7. LAMR Episode 4.5: We don't need no stinkin' drama.

  8. LAMR Episode 5: Youtube and You!

  9. LAMR Episode 6: Selling Out

  10. LAMR Episode 7: No More Race Card

  11. LAMR Episode 8: Bad Gastric Tippers

  12. LAMR: Economic Meltdown

  13. LAMR: Happy Hour for Hitler's Grandmother

  14. LAMR: LHC Destroys Earth...Again.

  15. Dear President Obama...

  16. DJ Khaled Lookalike in a White Bentley

  17. When Chimpanzees Attack!

  18. Octomom is a Tool.

  19. How to get famous on the Internet.

  20. LAMR: Good Job Timmy!

  21. LAMR: Insert race here

  22. Swine Flu Panic!

  23. Swine Flu Panic [...again]

  24. Man throws baby out of car

  25. So long, Octomom!

  26. Michael Phelps is my [threesome] role model.

  27. Donald Rumsfeld loves his Bible.

  28. Indiana teachers get discipline lawsuit immunity.

  29. [100th video] Poking fun is how I roll.

  30. North Korea ends armistice with South.

  31. China blocks Twitter.

  32. 10 Illegal Immigrants die in SUV rollover.

  33. Adam Lambert comes out of the closet.

  34. Man attempts suicide with a sword and steering wheel.

  35. PETA attacks Obama for fly swatting.

  36. North Korea and Baghdad and Iran, Oh My.

  37. Fans commit suicide over Michael Jackson's death.

  38. Police taser a Texas pastor.

  39. Sarah Palin Resigns.

  40. Pope Benedict XVI Calls for a "New World Order"

  41. Jenny Slate's F-Bomb won't get her fired.

  42. Roman Polanski has supporters?

  43. Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.

  44. Falcon Heene is...BALLOON BOY!!!1

  45. Heene Family says they're 'Under Siege'

  46. Michael Jackson enjoyed public urination.

  47. Tragic shooting at Fort Hood

  48. Shaniya Davis found dead.

  49. 2012 is garbage.

  50. 1200 Limos at a climate summit?

  51. Jay Leno isn't funny.

  52. Hot food is hot.

  53. Kids these days...

  54. Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Air

  55. Yet another celebrity death. [Corey Haim]

  56. Health Care Reform passes in the House.