1. Delays - Strymon El Capistan, Mad Professor Deep Blue, TC Flashback, DOD FX90

  2. Bobby D has a BJFe party with Roquero -- nearly all the BJF dirt pedals in one video!

  3. Bobby DeVito & The JOE POPP FET BOOST booster pedal

  4. Bobby DeVito & The Barber Electronics Dirt pedal BONANZA!

  5. Bobby DeVito & Modulation - Bigfoot Magnavibe, Foxrox Aquavibe, Ibanez CS-505 chorus

  6. Bobby DeVito & The Yamaha THR-10 modeling amplifier Reverend Eastsider S & Zexcoil pickups

  7. Basic Audio Fuzz Smorgasborg! Scarab, Zippy, and more -- 5 fuzz shootout

  8. Bobby DeVito demos the new Reverend Eastsider S model with ZEXCOIL Pickups!

  9. Zoom G3 Tour Of The Amp Models With Bobby Devito

  10. Zoom G3 Univibe Exploration With Bobby Devito

  11. Bobby Devito Demos Maxon RTO 700 Tube Overdrive

  12. Scarlett the cat resists the leash funny cat video

  13. Bearfoot FX BJFe Model H demoed with humbuckers by Bobby DeVito

  14. Wampler SLOstortion Demo low volume juicy Soldano style rhythm and lead tones Bobby DeVito

  15. Blakemore Octidrive Overdrive Octave Fuzz with Xotic XS-4 guitar VOX AC-15 amp

  16. Blakemore Deus ex Machina Fuzz HCFX pedal with Xotic XS-4 guitar VOX AC-15 amp

  17. Xotic BB Preamp vs BB Plus Preamp with Xotic XS4 guitar VOX AC-15 amp

  18. Xotic AC Booster vs AC Plus Booster with Xotic XS-4 guitar EP Booster

  19. TC Electronic Flashback Delay 2290 Toneprint analog digital Xotic XS-4 EP Booster

  20. Wampler SLOstortion Soldano SLO style Distortion pedal Xotic XS-4 guitar

  21. EWS Fuzzy Drive Fuzz Overdrive with modded Arion Chorus Xotic XS-4 guitar

  22. EWS modded Arion Chorus Vibe with Fuzzy Drive demo Xotic XS-4 guitar

  23. DVK Tech Silvertop & The MRS compressor univibe overdrive booster

  24. EWS Brute Drive versus Little Brute Drive with Xotic XS-4 guitar

  25. EWS Brute Drive with Xotic XS-4 guitar Marshall JCM800

  26. Xotic RC Booster with Xotic XS-4 guitar Marshall JCM800 amp

  27. Xotic EP Booster Preamp with Xotic XS-4 Guitar and Marshall JCM800

  28. Xotic BB Plus Preamp with Xotic XS-4 guitar and Marshall JCM800

  29. Xotic AC Plus Booster Xotic XS-4 Guitar Marshall JCM800 amp

  30. RC booster AC booster BB preamp Xotic pedals demo with Xotic XS-4 guitar

  31. Saguaro La Paz Guitar with Porter Pickups demo by Bobby DeVito

  32. Bobby DeVito demos Monsterpiece MKIII fuzz. Tonebender HCFX Pedal Party

  33. Caroline Wave Cannon pedal demo Bobby DeVito HCFX Pedal Party

  34. Bobby DeVito demos BLAKEMORE EFFECTS Deus ex Machina & Bi-Polar Drive HCFX PEDAL PARTY

  35. Basic Audio ZIPPY fuzz demoed by Bobby DeVito HCFX Pedal Party

  36. TWA Triskelion Harmonic Energizer Fuzz madness with Bobby DeVito HCFX PEDAL PARTY

  37. Strymon Timeline Delay - Travis checks it out HCFX PEDAL PARTY!

  38. HCFX Pedal Party - Travis rocks Blakemore Effects Deus Ex Machina & BI-Drive

  39. Bobby DeVito Soldano SLO 100 amp Super Lead Overdrive

  40. Jeff Prine ROCKS the Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion Bobby DeVito

  41. Jeff Prine on Schecter Telecaster SATURN model Scholz HJ-50 head

  42. Jeff Prine jams on Reverend Reeves Gabrels guitar chicken pickin PARADISE!

  43. Jeff Prine demos BJFe Baby Blue Overdrive, sounding GREAT

  44. George Scholz Pink FLoyd Gilmour custom JEDSON lap steel

  45. Bobby DeVito Schecter Dream MAchine MP Stone Grey Distortion Strat

  46. Bobby DeVito MP Stone Grey Distortion Schecter Tele George Scholz HJ-50 amp

  47. Bobby DeVito demo Mad Professor STONE GREY distortion Reverend guitar

  48. Jeff Prine with Les Paul and MP Stone Grey Distortion

  49. Funkabilly Play Boys War Pigs with Bobby DeVito Reverend REEVES GABRELS

  50. Bobby DeVito in studio Line 6 HD500 recording at The Power Station Reeves Gabrels Reverend

  51. Bobby Devito plays Richy Kicklighter Jungle Song with Line 6 HD500 Reverend Reeves Gabrels

  52. Bobby DeVito demo MIDFI Glitch Computer Reverend REEVES GABRELS model guitar

  53. Bobby DeVito demo MID FI CLARINOT Reverend REEVES GABRELS model guitar

  54. Bobby DeVito demo Mid Fi Pitch Pirate Reverend Reeves Gabrels guitar

  55. Bobby DeVito demo Reverend Reeves Gabrels guitar Wildwood Edition

  56. Bobby Devito demo Jack DeVille MOD ZERO chorus Flanger TZF action!

  57. Bobby DeVito demo 5E3 Tweed Deluxe amp build with Tyler Variax JTV-69

  58. Bobby DeVito song for Japan DIRT FLOOR by Chris Whitley WE ARE WITH YOU JAPAN

  59. Bobby DeVito freaks out with Line 6 HD500 ambient Floyd-gasm

  60. Bobby DeVito demo Line 6 Tyler Variax JTV-69 all sounds into clean amp

  61. Bobby DeVito Message For Japan -- We Are With You Japan!

  62. Bobby DeVito demo Tyler Variax JTV-69US HD500 pedalboard modeler DT-50 amp

  63. Bobby DeVito demo Line 6 Tyler Variax JTV-69US guitar HD500 DT-50

  64. Bobby DeVito demo Gibson ES-150D 1970 Ampeg Reverborocket 2 amp 1965

  65. Bobby Devito demo BJFe Model R Distortion BJFe DRD Dyna Red

  66. Bobby Devito demo BJFe Pink Purple Fuzz BJFE PPF Reverend Six Gun Guitar

  67. Bobby DeVito demo Skreddy Pink Flesh Fuzz Pink Floyd fuzz action!

  68. Chris Duarte solo Backroom Blues Bar Delray Beach 3/27/11

  69. Bearfoot FX BJFe Honeybee Overdrive Bobby DeVito Honey Bee OD HBOD

  70. Bearfoot FX DRD Dyna Red Bobby DeVito BJFe high gain distortion

  71. Reverend Six Gun Guitar demo Bobby DeVito

  72. Bobby Devito Xotic XS-4 guitar demo high gain EMMA PisdiYAUwot

  73. Xotic XS-4 Guitar Demo by Bobby DeVito Hiro Miura luthier SHOKUNIN !

  74. ANALOG ALIEN Fuzzbubble fuzz machine with PETE and JIMI sides!

  75. TWA Totally Wycked Audio LITTLE DIPPER filter!

  76. Premiere Builders Guild at NAMM B3 Guitar & Tone King amp with Dana Olsen

  77. Joerg Schaaf shows me the SPECTRALIS Synth, NAMM 2011

  78. Mad Professor STONE GREY Distortion demo NAMM 2011

  79. Lowden Guitar Demo with Thomas Leeb NAMM 2011

  80. Jack Deville Mod Zero Dark Echo and Buzzmaster pedals at NAMM 2011

  81. Mad Professor STONE GREY DISTORTION demo NAMM 2011

  82. BOSS TU-1000 tuner demo from NAMM 2011 for HCFX