1. Oksana Pasian Musical Theater class at PPAS, performing at

  2. Karina Pasian live performance of Contigo En La Distancia, D.R. Tv show De Extremo A Extremo.

  3. Los Gambinos DeX Pasian and Chris Hierro in concert, R.D.

  4. Karina Pasian re-enacting her video It's Whatever in D.R. Tv show De Jochy.

  5. Karina Pasian Live Performing Can't Find The Words In D.R.

  6. Karina Pasian Performing Live in D.R. When You're In Love

  7. Karina Pasian Live performance of 16 @ War in D.R.

  8. Oksana Pasián performs "I Love You I Do " from Dream Girls

  9. Coldplay " YELLOW"- live cover by Karina Pasian

  10. Oksana Pasian performs Her Own Song " Friends Forever"

  11. Brandon David Pasian killing The piano.

  12. Karina Pasian - O Holy Night

  13. Karina Pasian - Fall in Love Again NEW SINGLE

  14. Karina Pasian - When You're in Love OFFICIAL VIDEO

  15. Taylor Swift " We're Never Ever.." Live cover by Oksana Pasian

  16. Karina Pasian performs " Winner " at Reel Works Benefit in

  17. karina Pasian performs Slow Motion at Reel Works Benefit

  18. Karina Pasian - Loving You (Unplugged)

  19. Karina Pasian - Perfectly Different - OFFICIAL ACOUSTIC SESSION

  20. Karina Pasian - Loving You - Live on DR Television

  21. los Gambinos performing " Mafioso" at Lincoln H. S.

  22. Los Gambinos Live performing at Lincoln H.S.

  23. Los Gambinos Live performing "Mentirosa"

  24. Karina Pasian - When You're in Love (Unplugged)

  25. Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston " When You Believe " cover by Karina Pasian and Oksana Pasian.

  26. Karina Pasián live Jam Session in D.R. " CHEEK TO CHEEK "

  27. Karina Pasián Jam session in D.R. " At Last"

  28. Karina Pasián Live Jam session in DR " Contigo En La Distancia"

  29. Karina Pasián Live in D.R. Jam Session (Por Amor)

  30. Karina Pasián Live in D.R. (At Last)

  31. Los Gambinos Live in D.R. TV show Divertido Con Jochy

  32. Karina Pasián performs Loving You in D.R. Tv show Divertido

  33. The Gambinos Live In Concert In D.R.

  34. Karina Pasián performing at Late Night with Alfonso Quinon

  35. The Gambinos perform in Divertido Con Jochy ( (snippet)

  36. The Gambinos Live In Concert In D.R. (Promise)

  37. Los Gambinos Live Concert in D.R.

  38. Karina Pasian Live in D.R. ( Tu Me Haces Falta)

  39. Karina Pasian live in Concert in D.R.(L.O.V.E.)

  40. Karina Pasian Live In Concert in D.R. ( Orange Colored Skie

  41. Karina Pasian Live In Concert In The Dominican Republic

  42. Karina Pasian Live In Concert in The Dominican Republic

  43. Baby Reading( 18 month Karina Pasian baby brother Brandon)


  45. Oksana Pasian - Domino (Cover)

  46. Karina Pasian - It's Whatever OFFICIAL VIDEO

  47. Selena's " no me queda mas"- cover by Oksana Pasián

  48. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Karina Pasian Cover)

  49. Karina Pasian- Loving You, Live acoustic Cover

  50. Karina Pasian " Perfectly Different " live acoustic version

  51. Karina Pasian - When You're in Love (Live)

  52. When You're In Love live - Karina Pasian

  53. Last To Know, Dead End live - Karina Pasian

  54. Just Another Melody live - Karina Pasian

  55. Karina Pasian - It's Whatever

  56. Karina Pasian's 1 year old brother playing drums

  57. Karina Pasian - When You're in Love *SNIPPET*

  58. Karina Pasian - Last to Know *SNIPPET*

  59. Karina Pasian - Dead End *SNIPPET*

  60. Karina Pasian - Another Melody *SNIPPET*

  61. Karina Pasian - Christmas Song

  62. NEW SINGLE Karina Pasian - I Love You So

  63. The One That Got Away cover by Oksana Pasian

  64. Karina Pasian Lil' Bro Brandon practicing his piano skills

  65. Karina Pasian - "Loving you" (Cover) LIVE

  66. Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (Karina Pasian Cover)

  67. Karina Pasian Lil sis Celeste performs her original song.

  68. Perfect - Pink cover by Oksana

  69. Karina Pasian 1 year old baby brother playing the piano!!!

  70. Karina Pasian 10 month old baby brother making beat

  71. Barry Eastmond and Tomer Adaddi improvise Chick Correa.

  72. Karina Pasian in the studio with Tomer and Barry

  73. Karina Pasian in the studio with Tomer Adaddi and Barry Eastmond

  74. Karina Pasian performs the National Anthem at NY's Attorney

  75. Karina Pasian performs Slow Motion at her HS (PPAS) Gala.

  76. Karina Pasian rehearsing Nocturne by Chopin

  77. At Your Best - Aaliyah (Karina Pasian Cover)

  78. DeX! Ft. Karina Pasian performing live Shoot Me Down

  79. Oksana performing Firework by Katy Perry

  80. Team Karina Shoutout!!

  81. Yellow - Coldplay (Karina Pasian Cover)

  82. You're The One (Bloopers)

  83. You're The One - Dondria (Karina Pasian Cover)

  84. Santa Baby (Karina Pasian Cover)

  85. Choux Pastry Heart - Corinne Bailey Rae (Karina Pasian Cover)

  86. Harel Skaat and Karina Pasian - Milim (Words) - Duet

  87. Trainwreck - Oksana Pasian (Demi Lovato cover)

  88. Beyoncé - "Halo" LIVE by Karina Pasian in concert, intro by Harel Skaat.

  89. Harel Skaat and Karina Pasian duet " Words " " MILIM " with Tomer Adaddi, composer.

  90. The Only Exception - Paramore (Oksana Pasian)

  91. Corinne Bailey Rae - Karina Pasian - Another Rainy Day (cover)

  92. Karina Pasian Performing live Baby Baby in Akron, Ohio.

  93. Karina Pasian performs 16 @ war in Akron, Ohio

  94. Love is You - Chrisette Michele cover by Karina Pasian

  95. Karina Pasian covers BEAutiful by Steph Jones

  96. Karina Pasian covers SWV " WEAK " live in Akron, Oh.s

  97. Karina Pasian performs 90's Baby in Akron, Ohio

  98. Karina Pasian and her sister Oksana Pasian perform Aly and AJ " On The Ride " in Akron, Ohio.

  99. Dex featuring his sister Karina Pasian perform Shoot Me Down in Akron, Ohio.