1. Cover and Concealment - Marines Conduct Scout Sniper Training with...

  2. Multitasking: Marines take down IED's while under attack

  3. Marines make Miramar Air Show possible

  4. MarinesTV Headlines: Marines Practice Marksmanship at Sea

  5. Marines and Filipinos Train for Non-Lethal Edge in Combat

  6. News Update: Voting and Domestic Violence Awareness

  7. Ospreys arrive on Okinawa

  8. Marines Get Back to Amphibious Roots with Navy Equipment

  9. FAST Teams stand ready to protect U.S. Embassies

  10. Marines take on Cops, Firemen at Iron Man Endurance Challenge

  11. The "Ugly Angels" Deactivate (Part 3)

  12. Marines Bid Farewell to Enhanced Mojave Viper Training

  13. Marine Spouses Take Part in "Jane Wayne" Day

  14. Range coaches: The Key to "Every Marine is a Rifleman"

  15. Nationals Park Marine Corps Day

  16. DoD marks Absentee Voting Week

  17. Marine Demonstrates Three-Gun Scenario

  18. Supply Management Unit keeps supplies running in Helmand

  19. 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit integrates with Japanese during Fall Patrol

  20. Recon Marines Jump into Alaska

  21. Suicide Prevention is Top Priority for Top Leadership

  22. Dark Descent: Marines conduct Harrier night-landings on USS Bonhomme Richard

  23. Marine Combat Training: Shaping Warfighters

  24. Harriers join 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit at sea

  25. Retired Marine dedicates to cycling and continuing service

  26. Guarding Camp Hansen

  27. Marine Jets Destroyed, Damaged in Insurgent Attack

  28. Operation Tomodachi Registry Website details Radiation Levels

  29. Robot Pack Animal - It eats fuel instead of grass

  30. Marines lend hand in Afghan schools

  31. Support Marines keep bases running

  32. Marines and Sailors sing underway

  33. Wounded Sergeant Major gets home renovation

  34. Marine snipers sight in on Helmand

  35. Fighting the Fires

  36. Scout Snipers sight in on Helmand

  37. Wounded Warrior represents Marine Corps at Paralympic Games in London

  38. Marines show Japanese how to fire

  39. Marines show off equipment to Japanese during Forest Light

  40. Sharing tactics with the Japanese

  41. Cherry Point takes part in Atlantic Response

  42. Marine Forces Reserve Band visits Chicago

  43. Single Marines clean up California

  44. Iwakuni Marines combat hazardous materials

  45. Keeping air station safe from the water

  46. Helping poolees prepare for boot camp

  47. Amphibious vehicles prepare for exercise

  48. 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit conducts mock assault

  49. Marines put out the fires in Southern California

  50. San Diego Chargers practice at Miramar

  51. Pendleton families welcome home Marines

  52. Iwakuni Marines get new barracks

  53. Marine Shooter Returns to Roots

  54. Chaplain's assistant earns Martial Arts Instructor tab

  55. Hostile Town falls prey to 31st MEU

  56. Marines Fire AK-47 in Slow Motion

  57. Shell Ejecting from Pistol in Slow Motion

  58. Marine Fires 9mm Pistol in Slow Motion

  59. Marine Corps Martial Arts in Slow Motion

  60. Explosions by Breacher Marines in Slow Motion

  61. Iwakuni Field Meet pits Marines against each other

  62. Vietnam Vet takes part in sniper competition

  63. Marines search for hazardous materials

  64. Helicopter squadron supports infantry in Afghanistan

  65. Training with Koreans and Kiwis at RIMPAC

  66. "A Good Bunch of Blokes" says Aussie soldier

  67. Marines help Senegalese build base

  68. Joint forces assault Hawaii at RIMPAC

  69. The "Ugly Angels" Deactivate (Part 2)

  70. Marine Engineers Help Build a Boy Scout Camp in West Virginia

  71. Fast Rope Training in Okinawa

  72. Marine Junior Clinic gives youth strong marksmanship foundation

  73. Marines Fire Various Weapons — Javelin Thrust 2012

  74. Osprey pilot educates Brits at air show

  75. Marines train Senegalese forces in marksmanship

  76. Military's top shooters go head to head at Quantico, Va.

  77. Marine Bomb Squads Clear Afghan Battle-space

  78. Marine Mechanics replace Humvee engine in Korea

  79. MV-22 Ospreys now in Japan

  80. Sailors revere USS Jason Dunham

  81. Marines conduct mock urban raid against small guerrilla force

  82. Marines fling lead downrange, down under

  83. Marines face off against Canadians during urban training exercise

  84. A Flying Gas Station

  85. Marines from 3 nations blast targets at Rim of the Pacific 2012

  86. Delivering fuel in Afghanistan

  87. Marines tackle Martial Arts Instructor course in Iwakuni

  88. Maintaining communications at Javelin Thrust

  89. Law Enforcement Marines go infantry at Javelin Thrust

  90. Assault drill at Javelin Thrust

  91. Keeping the BITE in the Devil Dogs

  92. The "Ugly Angels" Deactivate (Part 1)

  93. Contact at Raspberry Creek - 50 Marines against a brigade

  94. Dry Rollover Egress Training

  95. Reserve Marines ready for Javelin Thrust

  96. In Their Words: Montford Point Marines

  97. Marines keep planes in the skies, out of danger

  98. RAW VIDEO: ANGLICO Jumps With British Commandos

  99. RAW VIDEO: Marines Fight Known Insurgents