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  26. Canadians accuse government of election frauds

  27. India to invest in building North-South corridor in Iran

  28. No plans for US to halt assassination drone attacks in Pakistan

  29. Ukrainians protest on independence anniversary

  30. UNASUR Representatives to Attend Venezuelan Elections

  31. Class gap hardens for Argentina's' growing poor

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  59. Russian, China oppose military intervention in Syria

  60. Defense Ministry Holds Military Training Show at Camp Fuji

  61. UN Security Council discuss Syria in closed session

  62. US: Eight kids die in hot cars in one week

  63. Nigeria affected by fuel protests

  64. Egypt opens Rafah crossing for 34 hours

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  66. Ukrainian Muslims popularizing Islamic teachings

  67. Army deploys in north Lebanon after deadly clashes

  68. Rigg's family cries for justice after his death in UK police custody

  69. Bank employees go on strike in India

  70. Violence against Palestinian journalists on the rise

  71. Three Ugandan ministers before court over corruption allegations

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  74. Thai government adopts new rules against money laundering

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