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  1. Knee Pain | Partial Knee Replacement and other treatments

  2. Foods to Keep you Fit and Healthy

  3. Ask the Doctor | How to keep your home health, and is digital mammography better?

  4. Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer screenings

  5. Alternative Medicine; Traditional Chinese Medicine

  6. Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture

  7. Shoulder Pain | LifeStages TV

  8. Mammogram | LifeStages TV

  9. Health Care for Men | LifeStages TV

  10. Every Day Fitness | Chi Running

  11. Every Day Fitness | Alternative Fitness

  12. Every Day Fitness | Exercise Brain

  13. Every Day Fitness | Fitness Plateaus

  14. Every Day Fitness | Home Gym

  15. LifeStages TV | T'ai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation

  16. LifeStages TV | Stressbusting Foods

  17. LifeStages TV | Eating Healthy While Eating Out

  18. Indoor Air Pollution

  19. Quick Tips on How To Increase Brain Power

  20. Non Fat Diets: Can low fat foods make you fat?

  21. Barefoot running - do you need arch support?

  22. Six Tips for a better night's sleep

  23. Neck and Shoulder Stretches

  24. Uterine fibroids - what are they?

  25. Laughter Therapy: Health Benefits of Laughter

  26. Love Your Body - 12 Month Challenge

  27. Can a Neti-Pot Cleanse My Sinuses? | Ask the Doctor

  28. 5 Expert Workout Tips

  29. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Surgery

  30. Is Spinal Stenosis Causing Your Back Pain?

  31. X-STOP Method for Back Surgery

  32. How To Improve Your Posture

  33. Immunotherapy for Allergies | Ask the Doctor

  34. The Health Benefits of Exercise

  35. Weight Loss & Fitness Plateaus

  36. A Healthier Morning Routine

  37. Pilates: Many Health Benefits

  38. Increase Leg Strength for Health

  39. When to Have a Colon Cancer Screening

  40. Who's at Risk for Colon Cancer?

  41. Colon Cancer Prevention

  42. Prostate Cancer: What Women Should Know | Ask the Doctor

  43. Colon Cancer in Women

  44. Positive BRCA Options

  45. Mastectomy and Risk

  46. Positive BRCA Test

  47. Testing Positive for BRCA - Patient Story

  48. What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes? | Ask the Doctor

  49. Stress and Your Skin

  50. Cosmetic Surgery: How Much is Too Much? | Ask the Doctor

  51. 5 Tips for Healthy Skin

  52. Skin Cancer Prevention

  53. Genetic Risk For Breast Cancer | Ask the Doctor

  54. Two Friends Encounter Breast Cancer Together

  55. Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer

  56. Genetics & Breast Cancer Risk

  57. Mammograms are Saving Lives

  58. BRCA Treatment Options

  59. Vegetarian Nutrition | Getting Enough Protein | Ask the Doctor

  60. Iron Supplements: Should I Take Them? | Ask the Doctor

  61. What is Gluten?

  62. Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Changes

  63. Fresh vs. Frozen: Shopping for Fruit and Vegetables

  64. Let's Talk! Women and Wine

  65. Best Fish to Eat for Your Health and the Environment

  66. How Can I Curb Emotional Eating? | Ask the Doctor

  67. How Much Wine is Okay?

  68. Non Fat Diets: Can Low Fat Make You Fat?

  69. How Can I Control My Weight Without Dieting? | Ask the Doctor

  70. Metabolism: Healthy Eating Habits

  71. Vitamins: What You Should Know

  72. Reduce Stress with Healthy Diet

  73. Giving Back for Better Health

  74. Hair and Your Health

  75. Natural Home Remedies

  76. Does Belly Fat Prevent Bone Loss? | Ask the Doctor

  77. Chronic Inflammation | Impact on Inflammation on Your Body

  78. Restless Leg Syndrome | RLS Symptoms and Treatment

  79. Travel Health and Safety Tips

  80. Presbyopia: Signs and Symptoms

  81. Bed Bug Prevention

  82. Should I See a Chiropractor?

  83. What's Causing My Cold Hands and Feet? | Ask the Doctor

  84. Tips for Boosting Your Brain Function

  85. Tips for Talking with Your Pharmacist

  86. What Can I Do To Keep My Partner Healthy? | Ask the Doctor

  87. Advice to Quit Smoking | Ask the Doctor

  88. Digital Overload | No Electronics For a Day

  89. Holistic Health Assessment with Dr. Ron Cotterel

  90. Tingling and Numb Fingers | Ask the Doctor

  91. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Headaches

  92. Sandwich Generation Self-Care

  93. Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture

  94. Preventative Care in Men

  95. Stretching for Better Health

  96. Better Health: Burlesque Dancing

  97. Power Yoga for Better Health

  98. Get Fit Right At Your Desk

  99. Dance Your Way to Better Health

  100. Saving on Cost Of Personal Trainer

  101. Home Fitness Circuit

  102. Balance Training Exercises

  103. Arch Support for Running: Do I Need Arch Support?

  104. Increase Your Workout Intensity

  105. Mood-Boosting Yoga

  106. Dance Workout Tips

  107. Pilates Butterfly Exercises

  108. Yoga for Beginners: Sun Salutation

  109. Get Fit In 15 Minutes Per Day

  110. Core Strength Test

  111. Heart Disease Prevention

  112. Women and Heart Attacks

  113. What are Lipids and Triglycerides? | Ask the Doctor

  114. Peripheral Vascular Disease: PVD

  115. High Blood Pressure and Your Heart

  116. Is it Time to Have Your Blood Pressure Checked?

  117. What Causes Fluctuating Blood Pressure? | Ask the Doctor

  118. Hip Pain Relief for Active Women

  119. Knee Pain in Women

  120. Common Causes of Knee Pain

  121. Knee Injuries and Women

  122. Heart Disease Prevention

  123. Women and Heart Attacks

  124. What are Lipids and Triglycerides? | Ask the Doctor

  125. Peripheral Vascular Disease: PVD

  126. High Blood Pressure and Your Heart

  127. Is it Time to Have Your Blood Pressure Checked?

  128. What Causes Fluctuating Blood Pressure? | Ask the Doctor

  129. Hip Pain Relief for Active Women

  130. Knee Pain in Women

  131. Common Causes of Knee Pain

  132. Knee Injuries and Women

  133. Andropause: Changes in Aging Men

  134. Meno Fog | Memory and Menopause | Ask the Doctor

  135. Menopause Symptoms & Treatment

  136. How to Avoid Menopause Weight Gain | Ask the Doctor

  137. Can Bioidentical Hormones Help?

  138. What is Perimenopause? | Ask the Doctor

  139. What You Should Know About Bioidentical Hormones

  140. Coping with Hot Flashes and Night Sweats | Ask the Doctor

  141. Heart Health: Myths and Risks

  142. What Happens During a Colonoscopy?