1. back to school : 5min easy nail art!!!!

  2. quick primark haul!!!

  3. 5 min make up for school/work

  4. quick OOFD!!!!!

  5. haul from my trip and an but about harry potter deathly hallows!!!

  6. my oufit for my trip!!

  7. what i carry when i go on an trip

  8. whats in my make up bbag

  9. cute hairstyles for summer

  10. outfit of the day and a little make up haul

  11. to TheZen2580 thank you

  12. haul - make up , clothes and jewlary

  13. **HUGE GIVEAWAY** Nail Polish and Art Pens plus Makeup entry for TheZen2580

  14. haul + outfit of the day

  15. another update

  16. To TheZen2580 Betsey Johnson Bag giveaway

  17. To TheZen2580 nail polish , nail art ,lip gloss , lipstick giveaway

  18. this or that tag!!!!

  19. haul

  20. another haul

  21. outfit of the day!!!

  22. pink glitter lips

  23. giveaway entry for TheZen2580

  24. its not all make up about me

  25. dazziling nails

  26. mini update

  27. how to glam up your nails

  28. oufit of the day!!!

  29. easy , cute and great for school ( no heat needed)

  30. another whats in my bag for school

  31. outfit of the day

  32. oufit of the day!!!

  33. toe nail disign!!!

  34. to slade608 and my other people who inboxed me and to my subscribers!!!!!

  35. 3 in 1 vid 1. how to take ur make up off!! 2. back to school make up!! 3. oufit off the day

  36. outfit of the day

  37. quick vid to say hi

  38. oufit of the day and my robot dance

  39. updated wats in my bag

  40. outfit of the day!!!!

  41. how i take nail varnish of my toe nails

  42. how i take my nail paint off / how i put nail paint on!!!!

  43. this is an random vid

  44. haul ( make up)

  45. oufit of the day / how i paint my toe nails again (better)

  46. yellow nails check

  47. oufit of the day / hair for school easy takes 2 mins each one

  48. outfit of the day and how i paint my toe nails

  49. pink lips check!!!

  50. back to school hair styles!!!

  51. how i straiten my hair!!!

  52. nail polish collection

  53. all my make up

  54. whats in my bag!!!!

  55. Introduction/Back 2 School Nails